How to Socialize Your Homeschooled Child

how to socialize your homeschooled child your homeschool child will have plenty of opportunities to interact with children their own age if you follow these tips you will need a homeschool support group team sports academic competitions art or performing arts classes children's clubs a library volunteer work a teaching co-op and summer camp step 1 search online to find a homeschool support group in your area so your children can connect with other kids who are being taught at home and you can connect with other parents step 2 encourage your children to participate in local team sports not only will they meet other children their age but studies show they will be less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol step 3 look for academic competitions your child might enjoy like spelling and geography B's math leagues and science clubs edit Sigma Alpha is an honor society for home schoolers who are not eligible for membership in the National Honor Society step 4 encourage them in the arts have them join a choir take a dance class participate in local theatre or sign up for art lessons step 5 enroll them in clubs like the boy or girl scouts the 4-h club or a religious youth check out the local library which offers reading out loud events as well as other classes step 6 urge them to volunteer their time at a local nursing home Hospital soup kitchen or animal shelter step 7 form or join a teaching co-op with other parents who homeschool each parent agrees to teach their specialty to all the children allowing the kids to study some subjects in a group setting step 8 send your children to summer camp both day and sleepover camp will provide your children with plenty of opportunities to make friends did you know some 2.9 percent of school-aged Americans over a million are home-schooled you

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  1. hey hey! Have you studied – Rimehma Homeschooling System (do a google search)? Ive heard some super things about it and my BF got excellent results with it.

  2. I myself being homeschooled all my life is very hard cause I have zero freinds and I'm fat but I know in 8 or 9 years i can like get into any collage I want! Woooooo hoooooooo!

  3. After my whole life of being homeschooled in a foreign country as the only white person, I am doing well in college, socially and academically. I am so glad I was homeschooled.

  4. I am homeschooled. In a special test that I take every two years, my latest one having been this year, I got gradings in the tested subjects saying that my grade level equivalents(how good I am) were between 12.5 and 13.8th grade levels. I'd be in 8th grade now if I was in public school.
    You, Sir/Madam, do not seem to know (or do not care) much about correct capitalization and spelling and also seem to have a foul mouth. Did public school teach you these wonderful things?

  5. @Qsdd0 I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make that mistake. Homeschooling 4 kids sucks up my time for re-reading my comments. I just like to look up homeschooling stuff on youtube for encouragement during lunch break.

  6. @MultiRump Since you cannot correctly form a proper sentence or spell, please sent your child to public school. I am confident in my abilities to teach my children better than your public school teachers taught you.

  7. Very clever and informative. As a mentor/coach for homeschooling parents, I have some creative ideas for Academic Competition. Make the children become the leaders and teach the lessons. Watch their enthusiasm and motivation for learning grow. I invite you to check out my channel.

  8. i <3 beeing homeschooled & i have a close relationship with a certin guy and he gos to school one time a boy though i was going to be socially awkward becuse i'm homeschooled i was deeply ofended but he was only in the 6th grade so i cloundent get that mad XD. yay for Homeschoolers!!!!

  9. You know, it's really funny, I get most of these things at Public School. The only thing missing is Summer Camp.

  10. @TheNakedWombat No actually. Most people would go on strike if they worked under the same conditions they have in schools. Schools are only brainwashing camps for political control. They don't teach anything any more but how to do as the government tells you, taught by bullies. Go to school, get beaten, stabbed or shot because that's real life. Twit.

  11. @TheNakedWombat Pretty much. Do you think that you don't have to shut up and listen when you have a job? That you won't have to deal with unruly co-workers or boss? There are just some unpleasant realities about life, and school is probably the best way to give kids an opportunity to adapt and learn how to handle those situations.

  12. @Elamdri Ahh yes, school socialisation such as sitting still with mouth shut for hours on end and then, violent bullying in the school yard. Yep, a real preparation for the real world.

  13. @sunrayemomi I guess that's fine, but personally I think kids need to learn those "awful social dynamics" if they're going to be successful at life. We live in a world where we have a ultra-competitive job market and we have a recession so jobs are scarce. It's a survival of the fittest world, and if your kids don't realize that then they're going to end up lunch.

  14. @Elamdri – I don't WANT my kids "socialized" – children in public school learn the social dynamics they do in order to thrive in a potentially threatening environment. That's not socializing, that's survival of the fittest. Any healthy HSer would take a look at this video and roll their eyes, because homeschooling isn't about the concern of how to socialize, it's about (among a miriad of other concerns) how to avoid the awful social dynamics that are pervasive in certain educational venues. 🙂

  15. @miazagora Just because there are some examples of very successful homeschool people, im sure there are wayyy more examples of very successful government schooled people as well. After all, im sure a large % of society is government schooled, and that a very high 90s% of everyone everwhere in all job environments came from government education systems. I dont know the stats for sure, im just guessing. I would be curious to know though the % of successful Homes vs % successful publics

  16. I have homeschooled my children for eight years. They aren't socially awkward and aren't involved in nearly all of those things mentioned in the video. You really don't need all of those things in order to homeschool. It's nice to have a co-op, but I've gone without one before. Chances are, most homeschoolers know other homeschoolers, or at least are involved in their local church or community group. I doubt most government-schooled kids are that involved in outside activities.

  17. @OriginMSD I'm truly sorry about your mom. However, you are no expert in either homeschooling or child development. Not all or even a majority of homeschooling parents are abusive. There are many abused children that go through the system without ever being "helped" and without anyone knowing. There are many "socially awkward" people in government and private schools as well. Your situation is atypical of most people – no matter where they go to school.

  18. @SpartanElite095 You put "SIC" in brackets when you quote from a source that has some sort of error, but it wouldn't be a direct quote if you corrected it. Look it up in the dictionary.

  19. @Balgore8 Homeschooling has been around a lot longer than government schools. There are very successful people – entertainers, big business owners, scientists – that were homeschooled. Socially awkward people will not become social butterflies just by putting them in government school – – in fact, quite the opposite is more likely to happen. Homeschoolers are not socially awkward because they're homeschooled. Just like all government-schooled kids aren't bullies or gang members.

  20. @miazagora I'm not interested in having an argument either. But when I wrote that comment 10 months ago I was still in my situation, which after seeing therapy I'm beginning to understand was an abusive one because of how my mom was raising me. I got away from it and now I see that homeschoolers feel like they're on the defense. I'm sorry, I understand now. But please understand there are some home lives that simply can't support homeschooling. I agree it has merit, but it's not universal.

  21. @miazagora My mom suffered from schizophrenia and my dad was mostly at work. I told you, it's case by case. Homeschooling could work out wonderfully for many people, but not for me and for many others as well. I'm very grateful for my dad's best efforts and what my mom was able to do despite her condition.

    Are there any other questions?

  22. @miazagora His name is Gavin, has been homeschooled for several years due to some learning deficiency in English or something. What does (SIC) mean?

  23. @miazagora obviously you aren't taught logic if you think that no public school students don't also have high GPAs and Diplomas. In fact, I personally have a diploma and literally had a 4.0 GPA all through college. Believe me or not, I dont really care. My point remains true. Regardless of what either side accomplishes or doesn't accomplish, being socially retarded will get home-schoolers no where. Have fun even working at Walmart if you don't know how to talk to people.

  24. @Balgore8 Have fun working for the guy with the high GPA and "fancy piece of paper". Logic and rhetoric aren't taught in government school. Obviously.

  25. @OriginMSD Spoken like a self-centered, ungrateful person who think's too much of their own intellectual ability. Would like to get your parents' viewpoint.

  26. Um, whether homeschooled or going to public school, kids still need a lot of these extracurricular activites, because I don't see how sitting in a classroom all day with bullies and then spending a few minutes in mayhem at recess is going to give you a healthy social life.
    This video is pointless. It assumes Homeschool parents are really that stupid that they don't know that human beings need to be involved in lots of activities with other people to be healthy.

  27. homeschooling is so much better! The students in our class take up our class time by making the teacher angry and the ones that don't listen take up our class time by asking questions. At homeschol you can go at a faster pace.

  28. @moonlady3000 Agreed. I'm happy with being homeschooled and the only thing public school has ever given me is a feeling of being more ignored and isolated than I feel now.

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