How to Set App and Game Limits on Windows 10 and Xbox One

[MUSIC]>>Today, families spend a
lot of time behind screens, and while gaming is an amazing
activity for you and your family, you also need the tools to decide what limitations you
want to put in place. Partnering with Microsoft
Family Groups to create App and Game Limits will make this process
easier for the whole family. How to set App and Game Limits First, make sure you have
a Family Group created. Then go to, find the Child Account you
want to set limits for, and select App and Game Limits. Here you can see a list
of the apps and games installed across all
of their devices. Find the App or Game you’d
like to set a limit for, you’ll be able to set a time limit
and schedule for that app or game across all devices
for weekdays and weekends. When your child opens
the app or game, they’ll know right away how
much time they have remaining. They’ll also know when
their time is running low. When time’s up, they’ll no
longer be able to use the app or game on any of their
devices including Xbox One, Windows 10, and Android
via Microsoft Launcher. If you want to give them more time, say after their homework
is done for the day, they can send you a message. It’s easy to approve
any requests from via email or through Microsoft Launcher
on Android phones. Now you’re all set to
help your family make the best decisions around
their screen time habits. [XBOX SOUND].

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