How to Replace Door Lock Cylinder 03-05 Honda Civic

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for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet. Hi, I'm Mike from 1A Auto. I hope this how-to video helps you out, and
next time you need parts for your vehicle, think of Thanks. In this video, we're going to show you door
lock cylinder replacement. This is a 2003 Honda Civic and this is the
same for various body styles, 2003 to 2005 Civic. Items you'll need include: a new door lock
cylinder or cylinders from, flat blade screwdrivers both large and small, Phillips
screwdriver, 10 millimeter socket ratchet or wrench, a bent tip pick tool, and needle
nose pliers. 10 millimeter wrench, loosen the negative
battery cable terminal and disconnect the negative battery cable. Start out, there's a screw in here and two
screws behind here. To get this screw, you pull up on this trap
door. Pry the top and pull down to expose two Philips
screws here. All right, you pry up on the front of this
panel, pull it up and out, and on the harness there's a little tab. Press the tab to disconnect. Then up on the door handle, pull out, there's
a little clip right here. Push the clip off. Pull the lock up and out. Two screws, one here and one here. Remove those. Unplug. Now we're going to remove this top quarter
turn. Let it hang to the side, and then there are
clips that go into the door that you need to release all the way around. You want to put your fingers in underneath
and pull firmly. This door panel's been apart before, so it
came apart pretty easily, but you want to release them on the bottom and then up top
here. Up top here, and then the panel should pull
up off the window ledge and off. There are two plugs that hold your water shield
on here, and there's one here. You can see somebody's already ripped the
shield around that. You want to avoid doing that. Needle nosed pliers, just grab hold in the
middle and avoid stretching it or tearing it. 10 millimeter socket, ratchet and extension,
and we'll fast-forward as I remove those two bolts. With those bolts out, the window lifts right
up and out. Remove the 10 millimeter bolt that holds the
bottom of the window track. Then reach in behind, pull the window track
down slightly, and you should be able to move it out of the way. We'll move the clip that holds the latch rod. Use a flat blade screwdriver to start it,
and then you can probably reach up in there with your thumb. You may need the
flat blade screwdriver again to come in here and pry the rod out. There are two 10 millimeter nuts: one here
and one over here. Best way to get to this one is with an extension
right through here. We do want to loosen up those two nuts first. We'll just loosen them up, and then we want
to push down from the top. You can just see the top of the clip peeking
up right there. You're going to use your screwdriver and push
down on the clip a little bit. You get the clip to move, and then you're
going to come in with your bent tip all in the bottom and pull the clip down. Push down on the clip from the top. Bring in your bent tip from the
bottom and if the stars align correctly, pull it down and then reach the screwdriver up
in there and pry out. You can push the lock right out. Remove the two 10 millimeter nuts the rest
of the way. The plate will come out. The clip's hanging down, so just pull the
clip off or out, and then your handle comes right out. Bring your locks on out with a flat blade
screwdriver, there's a little white clip here. The original lock cylinder from the vehicle
and the new one. Like I said, it's an OE replacement, so obviously
everything's going to be exactly the same, and this is going to install in your vehicle
just like the original. You will have to add a key to your key ring
in order to get into your door. Re-installation is just a reverse of the procedure. You can see we're just installing our original
lock, there's nothing wrong with it. Put it on, put the clip over. Set it down, put it inside through the door
handle. To reinstall the handle, put it up in place. Provide some upward pressure and put it right
in. Put the plate back up in place
and start the nuts on. Take the lock, push it back in place, and
make sure it clicks. Reinstall the latch rod, put the clip down. If necessary, always bring in a screwdriver
from the top. Tighten up the two 10 millimeter nuts, and
we'll fast-forward as I do that. Put this back in place. Put your channel back in place and it should
slide right up and in and replace the 10 millimeter bolt tight. Window back in. Put the front down in and then tilt it backwards. Bring the front up, make sure it goes into
the weather strip in the front, and make sure it goes correctly into the back and it slides
nice and easy. Put the 2 bolts back in that mount the window
to the regulator. I just load them into the socket first and
then carefully put them in. If you drop them down, it's pretty easy to
reach in there. We can fast-forward as we tighten those up. Okay, battery connected, key on, just do a
quick test with the window in place. Everything's working well. Put your water shield back in place. Pull the harnesses through there and use your
two push clips, one in the front here. We use a little extra duct tape to hold it
up. I'm not going to take the push clip, I'm just
going to pinch the shield in there, push the clip in, and then secure it around the edges. Make sure this is out of the way, bring your
panel up. Make sure the small harness goes through your
door handle hole, and then the larger harness needs to go through the power windows. Lift it up. Make sure that the harness for the speaker
doesn't get caught. Push it towards the window and down onto the
ledge starting in the front. Get your lock to come through. Make sure your lock comes through, push it
down on the window ledge and it should be right in place and reinstall the clips. This clip right here has been put in incorrectly
too many times, so I have to actually guide it into the hole. There's the hole. Reinstall your upper trim panel here. Reinstall the two screws for the door pull. We'll fast-forward as I do that. Reconnect your power window switch and then
the back goes down in first in place. Then reconnect your door lock switch. Put the latch rod back in place then spin
the clip around, push it in. Put that back in place. Just fast-forward as we put those fasteners
back in place, then put that trim panel back in place. Put this last screw back in place, then flip
the trap door down. Reconnect your negative battery cable and
tighten with a 10 millimeter wrench. Thanks for tuning in. We hope this video helped you out. Next time you need parts for your car, please
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28 thoughts on “How to Replace Door Lock Cylinder 03-05 Honda Civic

  1. Great demonstration but I think I’m going to leave it the way it is. Soon as I saw the window come out and the door handle removed, I changed my mind.

  2. I just have some feedback for this video. The hardest part of this repair is the removal and replacement of the of the lock cylinder. No image is shown of the retaining clip for the barrel. Your arm is blocking most of the detail of its removal. The shape of that clip is a wire in the shape of a U or Greek Omega. The bottom of the U is barely visible under the barrel, and removing it is possble using a straight awl or pick. The reverse procedure is nearly imposible to do for barrel install. You are saying, "just pop it back in". Are you implying that we install the clip first? Thanks for the rest of the video, which was good. No need to remove the window at all on the Odyssey.

  3. Ok, good video BUT… skipped how to get the tricky to remove clip back on- what you do is put the clip in place BEFORE you reinstall door handle- then you just push the lock cylinder through it once the handle is bolted back in

  4. Just want to thank y’all for this video. Saved my butt tonight, and for that, I’m forever in your debt. 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻

  5. You need to tell the people to index the slots when installing the actual keyed lock into the door handle or theyll break the part where the spring clip goes on the door handle like i just about did

  6. I just replaced mine today and I did not have to remove the window at all. All I had to do was open the door panel and take out those 2 1mm bolts and I could easily get to the lock cylinder. A long as you can remove that spring that keeps it in place, you can replace it. This is too much work for such a small fix.

  7. Nice video until you get to part where you remove the spring clip from the back of the cylinder, not easy, and you don't show the clip so we know what we are trying to remove, and also, you don't tell how you get that clip back on when reinstalling the cylinder, this was the hardest part of the whole job, and you just ignored it.

  8. Great video, concise and to the point. It looks kind of tricky though. I have a 2003 CRV and the driver's door lock tumblers are sticky and worn out. Any idea on how much a replacement would cost from a shop?

  9. Does the window need to be removed on a 2004 Civic LX 4 door? The Honda Service Bulletin 03-068 says to raise the glass fully.

  10. Thx for the video – replaced the lock cylinder on a 2005 Civic 4-door. I can report it is straight forward and doable by mortals.

  11. hi friend. my odyssey 2003 do not open the lock with my remote control of the slide door of the left side. how can I fix it.?can you give me some instructions please.

  12. Very good to-the-point instruction without meandering or sidetracking. When videos are made for a business, they are usually more focused than videos made by volunteer do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Thanks for the helpful video.

  13. good video, but…..i hoped it explained how hard it is to replace that U shape pin back into the cylinder after u install it into its place, that was real hard.

  14. 2003 Civic 4 door LX, old key no longer would work. My car looks different than this video, but close enough for the steps shown to be the same.
    I replaced the defective cylinder lock tonight without removing the glass. it was rolled all the way up. Also, I only loosened the two bolts holding the door handle, but in hind sight, I'm not sure I had to do that either. I used a nail that I bent over 95 degrees to make a hook like tool. I had to pry the retainer spring from the right side (towards the front of the car) first and only partially down, when far enough down, the old cylinder almost fell out. Once removed, I just pushed the retainer spring back up in place and then popped the new cylinder lock in until it snapped.

    Good video, thanks, it helped me get past some things that would have taken longer to figure out.

  15. Thank you for posting this tutorial! We followed the steps, got a little caught up on how to disconnect that clip so the handle could come out, but managed to remove it. Everything from that point on was super easy. We also decided not to remove the window, which worked out πŸ™‚ Thanks again!

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