How To Replace An Exhaust System On A 1998 Honda Civic

I am welcome video my gym magar guy today we have a Honda it's a Honda Civic it's an older one that's things like a 97 or 98 Civic and as you can guess we're going to be changing the muffler we're actually going to change the muffler and we're going to change the pipe directly in front of it I'm going to bring you in there I'm going to show you why we're going to change that front pipe and obviously you know why we're going to be changing the muffler the actual the outer casing at least read it and it's pretty noisy as you can guess alright let me bring in now let me show you how to replace the rest of the exhaust i'm going to attempt to do this which is some basic hand tools normally I'll get in there with the torch and I'll just burn everything off but I'm going to try to show you how to do it because at home I know you don't have a torch to do this so alright let me bring you up there I'll show you what it looks like and then what we're going to do okay this is the rest of the exhaust system here and as you can see right there it's right in the way and up on top is a very very slight exhaust leak the same thing up in here that no exhaust leak goes right in the way and that is what the flange looks like here so what we're going to do first is we're going to remove these bolts right here first before we do anything so this should be fairly easy because it's nothing bolt here so even if this was to snap off it really doesn't matter but now if you were at home and you had this on here you had to remove it and it was rusty and you couldn't get it though if you can just take a hacksaw and cut it right here I normally would do with a torch but I will do it by hand and show you how it's done all right let's get set up when we get some tools and let's get started okay now the best possible case is that these bolts will snap off when I try to remove them but we'll see how it goes that's exactly what we want it to happen because we're throwing these away anyway same enough yet hopefully it'll snap off now if you you're not going to reuse these just so you know whenever you change these up here change the spring bolts they're not that expensive it'll save you a headache in the long run all right this was unreal as much as I wanted it to break it's coming off and that's what your spring ball looks like we're not going to use it's going right in the garbage okay you know this pipe is loose and now if you see in the back we're going to remove that hanger bracket right here push this piece off here and we'll get out now we're going to just take this wolf if you're changing these obviously throw it away if not I'm going to reuse them and I will go in the back Oh we'll take them off in the back there we're just going to hold that up out of our way and that will go to the back and continue in the back okay now this is the back of the car obviously and we're going to separate it right here to normal you know we just cut this with the torch to what I got to send that back for a warranty for this customer all right so you just hold it we're going to change these spring balls to just to go now obviously you want these two great makes a little easier but again I'm not going to raise either now we're not going to use this evil we're going to use new ones and you're going to take this off now when you take this off be careful does that prototype is going to be loose if you hoping for denominator and we just have this hanger right here holding it just take that take this bike off and we'll get rid of it okay now we're not going to put that pipe in the front on yet but we are gonna take off the rest of the exhaust system up in here what happens is up on the 8th here this little and we need to take off so the way you can do it is you can be then struggle with a little bit or you can do it like I do with a big bar with media doesn't push you off we all going to use these over again so we're just going to take these off for now and you're going to take this other one off here to the side walk and off that you let yourself feel awful when it comes off this is gonna take this take this out all right now I'm going to go up front and I'll show you how we got to correct the problem on the front where the gaskets go on okay now whenever you change the exhaust you have to change the doughnut right up inside here so I'm going to try to get this off if we can in one piece I doubt it but see how it goes okay and that's the donut now we're just going to clean this up a little bit right up in here with a scraper now you can use anything you have to scrape it you could use a razor blade you could use a scraper you could use anything you have just to clean off some of this rust in here because you have to get that new gasket the new donut back on that all right now grab on the doughnut don't miss your slides on just like this okay grab on dual exhaust pipe those frame bolts okay these are the spring bolts though I'm telling you about makes the job a lot easier so let's get that pipe and hang that pipe see if you can watch me doing yeah hopefully you can see it like this hopefully you clear that light now we'll put the pipe off your just temporarily we're going to hang it in the back on that hair type really came out back here put that in first and we're going to put our pipe back up here we're in the hanger in the bathroom I don't think I we got to put a hanging rope over here and when we do that is we're going to put the hanger the insulator here onto the pipe itself and then we're going to put it back on here for a cable and now we have my pipe pretty much coming right there and then we're going to put our bolts right back in here and again we're not going to tighten anything up we're just going to secure it up quarterly for now right now we're just going to let that sit and now we're going to go to the back and we're going to hang that muffler okay now remember in the back we took the we took the rubber insulators off up here first so what we're going to do just temporarily we're going to put this back on here where it came off same thing here and the reason you're putting these on first I'll show you you see how this is hooked here if that's hooked you're not gonna be able to get this up there and get it on correctly so we're going to put this piece on first because up here it just slides on like that and this one goes on same way like that I'll bring you up there I'll show you why you see how it has that little piece right there when I was a little dog but that's best way this slides over the top all right next thing we're going to do is we're going to put that that pipe back together there again you're always using them Dona never use the old donut over you put it on here and actually this one feels too big so I think they gave me the wrong one let me just call up the boss to it just to make sure pull the right back okay if you can believe it the porch door assures me that this is the correct one that one so we'll see when we put it together all right we're going to use our new spring balls of course remember you're not tightening it up yet I know you know this but I'm going to second anyway you're going to tighten these up after we get everything hung and the way you do exhaust systems just you know just you know whenever you hang an exhaust system after you hang the exhaust what you have to do well what you should do is always start in the front and tighten from front to rear don't tighten back here and then work forward start in the front work to the back we get up to how we're going to tighten up that front I'm not going to bring you up there because I think you know what I'm going to do up there tightening that bolt up so let me just tighten that up and we'll come right back you and the last thing we're going to do is we're going to tighten up that part right there and last one that's it all right let's go up there we're going to walk through this real quick just to make sure okay bolts in the front the tight gasket inside there is new we cleaned it up before you put it together we put our hanger back on right here we also put our hanger on back there we put the new gasket in there the donut we put the new spring ball kit on and last but not least we hung the new hanger you must flip back on the old hangers and that's it we're good to go all right we're going to lower it down start it up and out the door all right as always thanks for watching any questions or comments you send me an e-mail I'll be more than happy to talk to anybody about anything as always thanks for watching see you on the next one

39 thoughts on “How To Replace An Exhaust System On A 1998 Honda Civic

  1. Many thanks for taking the time to make and post the vid. It is VERY clear, informative and helpful. I especially appreciate the fact that you did the work from the perspective of the garden-variety home mechanic (hand tools). After seeing your vid, I'm pretty confident that I can do the work myself and save some serious $$$. Thanks again, sir!

  2. How important is it too I new spring bolts instead of reusing the ones already on the vehicle? Are they easy to find? Is there a lot of variety in them to choose from?

    My muffler just rusted through and I can't afford getting a ship to replace it, so I went and found one at a local pick and pull and am going to try to do it myself. Thank you so much for the video

  3. Great video. I drive a '98 Honda civic EX coupe. I went over a dip in the highway the other day and now I have a piece of the exhaust system hanging down under my car and almost touching the road. It sounds like I need a new muffler now, too. However, upon inspection underneath the car it looks like the muffler is fine. The thing I can't figure out is: what is the muffler looking cylinder that is now hanging down off the bottom of the car and almost touching the ground? It's part of the exhaust system but it is after the EX catalytic converter (which was put under the car just behind the front wheels) and before the muffler. It kind of looks like the slightly larger pipe area you point out in this location on the vehicle in the video, but it is a much larger cylindrical piece on mine. Any idea what I'm looking at? I presume that my problem is some hangers failed dropping the exhaust B pipe and maybe cracking the pipe at some point other than the muffler? That's why I'm getting the much larger sound like the muffler is broken?

  4. tried doing this and the bolts were really stuck, i soaked them in penetrating oil. any tips what to do next?

  5. Looks pretty painless. Just wish I had a vehicle lift. I think I can get by with stands and ramps . Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jim, over 96% of diy DO NOT nor can afford a car lift.
    Please make a video when you only have 50cm clearance as using jack stands or no jack?

    Thank you for taking your time out to share with us.

  7. Hey Jim I have a 1998 honda civic that is really loud. The muffler looks bigger than normal so I think someone tried doing some modification. If i replace the muffler with a standard one do you think that would fix the noise problem or should I do the whole exhaust system?

    Thanks for the video

  8. It seems like I always get the wrong gaskets when I replace an exhaust system. They must have someone just throwing anything they feel like into the bags. Nice job anyway, Jim. I love that intro! I was gonna say something about Trump and his wall but I changed my mind….LoL.

  9. Great video Jim.. Have you done front suspension control arms on a 2007+ CRV yet..?? Had mine in at the shop having it's annual saftey inspection and they advised that the rear bushings on the arms, both sides are perishing.. :-/

  10. Hey jim look over at eric south maine auto he is doing a jeep and has your shirt on thats nice of him. its today 3/14/2016

  11. That rear donut looked wrong to me too, even after you tightened the bolts. Did it do the job or did you change it off camera?

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