How to Replace a Radiator Fan 01-05 Honda Civic

brought to you by 1a auto calm your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet hi I'm Michael want a auto I hope this how-to video helps you out and next time you need parts for your vehicle think of 1a auto calm thanks in this video we're going to show you how to replace your radiator fan which is the passenger side fan this is a 2003 Honda Civic same for 2001 to 2005 civic items you'll need our new radiator friend from 1a auto calm 10 millimeter wrench or socket ratchet extensions Phillips and flathead screwdrivers standard pliers and penetrating oil ten millimeter wrench loosen your negative battery cable first pull it up and off and remove it I've got a larger wrench to hold on to the bolt from this side and then loosen it up and disconnect your positive cable second pull it off and just kind of push them down so they don't come back and hit the battery ten millimeter bolt to remove here and then 10 millimeter nut here and we're lucky enough I did spray it down but the way it was put together is actually just a hook at the bottom so you can unhook that and pull the retainer up and off and then this little protective cover comes up and off as well and now you can lift your battery up and out remove the rest of your battery retainer and there's a ten millimeter bolt holding the reservoir right here remove the bolt with your socket and ratchet an extension lift it up and out and just unclip the hose as you go okay it's just a little wire clip sometimes you can actually just use your fingers pull it off towards the bottle and then pair of pliers will help you just break this hose loose and twist and pull it off we're going to remove this 10 millimeter bolt to remove the ground strap and get out of the way then use pliers to pinch the clamp remove this hose pull it up out of the way and then there's two ten millimeter bolts that hold the fan assembly one here and then one back over here and then you want to disconnect the connection as well just a tab here to press sometimes you pull this it should slide down and off but press the connector and disconnect 10 millimeter socket with a ratchet extension pair of pliers squeeze the clamp pull it back twist the hose to break it free pull it off you may want to have a drip pan underneath just to make sure no coolant comes out entertaining floor and now we'll remove the two bolts that hold the fan anything that you can do to give yourself a little more space which one thing is disconnect this coolant temperature sensor just has a tab on the side that's the tab we pull it off I just hold the hose up out of the way the fan pulls up and then you can slide it some to the side I have to reach down and push your lower hose a little bit it's just a kind of a matter of working it out original part from the vehicle the apart from 1a auto you can see they're exactly the same just pull this cover off and slide it on to the new one and it's ready to install two pegs on the bottom here go down into holes here pull the coolant hose up and your lead up and our way put your fan down in kind of diagonally just a matter of get a push on the lower hose a little bit and continue to feed it down in and then this upper corner you just have to get around the brace so you get this around just move it out a little bit a little bit of force push it in behind and then it kind of goes down in make sure this hose that goes to the coolant bottles out of the way and then you just have to kind of lift it up and try to feel for you can kind of reach down there feel one of the pegs feel for the hole and get it to slide down in place and once you do that the hole should line up pretty well with the holes in the radiator to mount and connect the connector and then this bolt goes in and ten millimeter socket ratchet and the extension tighten them up plugging the coolant sensor put your hose back on base up the clamp strap back in place you may not need to take off the ground strap but ours is in kind of rough shape so we didn't want to hurt it anymore clip the clip in place hose down on again a lot of times you can just use your fingers on this clip sometimes you might want to use the pair pliers lower it down in place clip the hose in as you go they're down in clip this and up here the tab here on your bottle and that tab goes down into a slot right here look please depend on your bolt battery in place this down hook goes down we install your 10 millimeter bolt type it up or you connect your positive cable first and your negative cable tighten up tight thanks for tuning in we hope this video helped you out next time you need parts for your car please visit 1a auto comm also check out our other helpful how-to as well as diagnosis videos

15 thoughts on “How to Replace a Radiator Fan 01-05 Honda Civic

  1. I have a 01 civic dx. I just successfully put in the cooling fan with the help of you guys. You saved me 450$ and it took me an hours work. I am truly grateful.

  2. I found it unnecessary to drain any coolant on my 01 civic coupe. Just disconnected the top hose and wiggled out the old fan. Thanks for the videos, you've saved me so much money and time with your guidance.

  3. My civic is constantly over heating it only cools down on the freeway if I have the heater on it was plenty of coolant and I changed the thermostat .. could it be the fan ? Or another problem entirely

  4. Can you tell me where you purchased your fan? I need this exact fan and have not been able to locate one. I have found the other side cooling fan but not the one you have.

  5. I'm about to have to do this on my 02 civic. I've done a complete brake job on it before with no help so I feel pretty confident, but watching this video makes me feel a lot more at ease.

  6. Excellent video, and a good part especially considering the OEM item is over $350. For those willing to go deeply into repairs, when these fans quit it's often just the motor brushes. A replacement set is about $4.

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