How to Read X-rays of the Lumbar Spine (Lower Back) | Spine Surgeon Colorado

we’re going to look at x-rays and how they
represent the lumbar spine in general x-rays are taken on a front
to back or back to front view and on a side view the x-ray front to back view is this
one and you can see how that is relatively comparable to the model where you have the vertebra lining up you see the vertebra lining up you have the sacrum down in this area here’s the sacrum the sacrum of course is connected to the
pelvis through the sacroiliac joints on either side you can see the vertebra lineup straight
and actually you can follow the ribs up on either side as they go into the
thoraic spine up in this area on the side view you again can see the
vertebra lining up one on top of another you cannot see the disc because there’s
no bone in the disc but you can t get a good idea of what the
disc looks like by the height and by the boney reaction to the disc you can see the facets in back here and you can see the spinous processes
projecting out the back of the spine in this area

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  1. There was considerable narrowing between the 5th lumbar and the 1st sacral vertebra. The images were poorly collimated, resulting in twice the dose of a well performed proceedure. A CT scan gives 20 times the dose but allows visualization of each vertebra and its disc and the nerve leaving the spinal chord or chorda aquina.

  2. You made it blunt, direct, short and sweet. You don't know how many hours of life are wasted on facebook/youtube. Your efficiency is appealing.

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