How to Post Ads in Facebook Groups

okay guys on this video I'm going to share with you a great method it is absolutely free this is called the Facebook group posting advertising method ok so simply all you want to do is you want to go to Facebook of course okay and you're going to want to open a new Facebook account okay this is because yeah a lot of times you might be a member of different business groups um that you're involved with and you don't want to post into those groups so just to make it simple you're going to want to just open up a brand new account okay it's a free account of course and just use it for marketing okay add friends in there that are just marketers and then just add groups okay there's literally hundreds and hundreds of different groups you can join like for example you know I'm in you know a bunch of groups advertise your business make money from home okay so all kinds of different groups okay so to find these groups you just go up here in the search bar and you type in something like yup make money from home okay you click on search okay what happens is Facebook is going to give you a bunch of groups that you can join okay I've already join these two groups but if I didn't I'll just click on there no it'll just still join me it'll add me to the group okay so now once you've added some groups I would suggest maybe 10 or 15 groups a day okay you don't want to get too crazy Facebook doesn't like you doing too many things in excess okay so ten fifteen fifteen groups a day is fine okay now once you have a bunch of groups you can start posting okay so you're going to want to grab your link okay in this example I'm going to use my sales page link okay I'm just going to grab that copy okay I would suggest using a capture page because you're going to want to build a list okay but for this example I'm just going to use my sales page okay so you grab your your sales page link okay you're going to go back to Facebook okay you're going to go to your groups you're going to right click and then open left click and open in a new tab okay then go down to settle one open in a new tab third one opening a new tab you're going to want to do about ten at a time okay so now once you've gotten ten groups up in the top you just want to go to your first group and you're going to want to just go into the area here right click and you're going to paste that that link that URL and what's going to happen is Facebook is going to pull an image from your famiry URL it'll actually put a pic about two or three different images okay so you can just quickly pick the image you want okay and then you just go to the next one okay so same thing right click paste okay and you go to the third group okay right click paste okay then do that for all ten groups okay so then you go back to your first group okay now you're going to need some text okay so you go grab your text wherever you have your text um you just copy your text right click copy go back to your first group okay now you're going to go on go to the back of your URL okay left click hold it down highlight it right click and paste your text okay so this has four lines of text okay actually like using five lines and on the fifth line I'm just going to put click on image to learn more okay and then I'm just going to actually copy that ad instead and then you just go to your next group you know back it out so you're going to back it out and post okay third group back it out and then post okay and then so on and so on and so on okay so then you can go back to your first group which I didn't post to okay but you can just check out your your ads okay as you can see that ads posted my next ad is posted my next ad is posted and so on and so on and so on okay now what this ad does is when you click on the image someone clicks on the image it'll take them to a new website it will take them to your sales page or obviously it could be your capture page okay now there is another type of ad that you could run okay it has text and it has an image okay but what happens is was is when they cook the image it open up right inside of Facebook okay um I use a piece of software it's called Sochi vids okay I already have a bunch of campaigns here inside Sochi vids so I'm just going to grab my link and I'll show you what this does okay so I'll just grab the link copy it and I'm going to go back into Facebook I can go back up into the area here right click I'm just going to paste that link now what Facebook does it'll pull that image and the image has a play button ok so again you can just back that out ok delete it and then you could you know write something in there you know make money from home whatever ok post it now what happens is is when someone sees this you know they see a play button okay they're interested they click on the play button the the video will open up right inside a Facebook okay which is really neat ok now you can do what's even cooler is you can have a bunch of different features show up ok like for example I have a feature here that's that there's a button click here to get started so if someone watches this video they like what they see they can click on that it'll take them right to my sales page or capture page ok and then they sign up you get referral ok um or you can have what's even better is you can have an opt-in form show up down here so when someone watches this you can have a set time that an opt-in form will show up ok so it might say to learn more you know fill out form for more information so then they fill out their email so you're capturing their email you're building your list right inside of Facebook ok which is really nice ok because a lot of times Facebook you know they want to keep you inside of Facebook they don't want it to send you away ok so and a lot of people they don't like clicking on links ok like if you go down to some of these other um these other ads ok if you have a link here ok a lot of people they don't want to click on a link because they don't know if it's spam they don't know if it's you know if it's going to have a virus okay but if you have a video right inside of Facebook that can play and it opens up an opt-in form okay chances are even get more signups you can get more leads you can get more referrals okay so this software's is a is a good to add add to your collection use this a lot again I believe it's like 20 or 25 bucks for the software um now that's the manual method of posting you can it's pretty fast I mean you could probably post you know 10 ads in like you know a few minutes right so I would suggest you know you posted as many ads as you can each day okay and be consistent that's the main thing about this type of advertising is just be consistent you might not get any any leads for a couple days but then you might get a few leads the next day you might get you know no leads a fourth day but you might get five leads next day you got to be consistent with this okay it's going to pay off I mean it is free advertising you're not paying for this advertising so just do it okay it's simple um you know it doesn't take long you can do this manually you know in about you know – half an hour a day you know pick 10 minutes in the morning pick 10 minutes in the evening you know and post you know 100 ads 50 hundred ads a day okay very very simple okay now I'm going to show you um an auto poster this is called the Facebook groups poster okay I usually run this in the evening okay I'm not going to run this now because it slows down my computer you know when I have some you know the screencast software playing so what the software does is you simply just add your your links and your text and your groups and this will post your group post your ads into the groups automatically okay so you can set this up in five minutes and it'll post 200 ads throughout the night okay so this will save you a lot of time okay um you'll use the software again you can use the software every day okay this software I believe it's $49 but again you'll use it all you know quite a bit okay so that's the Facebook group posting method I don't really think that there's anything else more to say it's very simple very easy to do anybody could do this if you have any questions feel to get back to me or get back to your sponsor and you know we'll help you out okay so until the next video you guys have an awesome day

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  1. Great video 👍 tutorial but I have never heard of posting to fast on FB I got an error link says they can't share my link because it goes against FB community standards posting to fast??

  2. I was wondering how to post a story from my pc i can not find the option to add a story to a group like my phone does

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  4. Would you want to join groups with large amounts of Members in them? say 3000 plus? How many groups would you join a day so you cant get in trouble

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  6. Would you not get banned from the groups for spamming? Surely there is a better way to ‘break yourself in’ to a group??? Obviously i am referring to company or brand posts in groups here

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  8. Hello Stuart Grunert thanks a lot for your video, it sure added value to me. Pls how can i purchase Socivids Software and FB Group Poster? Pls help me

  9. Will it make any difference if the FB account is a business or personal account to post the multiple adds in the FB group.?

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  11. FollowingLike automatically post on all Facebook groups.

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