How To Pose in Photos | 5 Easy Group Photo Poses

posing in crude photos is really a life skill you need in 2019 okay maybe that's a little dramatic but now more than ever people always want to take photos and it is kind of awkward if you don't know how to pose and group photos it can look and feel really awkward trust me I've been there but today we're gonna go over a few tips to make it less awkward to pose and group photos the first tip is to try and be in the middle of the photo because then you don't even have to worry about what your arms are doing they have to so it's like impossible it's a little awkward if you're in the middle but really know how when I'm in the middle I don't have to do anything at all with my arms there's just no way that you can mess this up if you can't be in the middle of what I usually do is hold on to something like the bag that I'm wearing a cup of coffee or you can always put a hand on your hip another tip is to make sure you avoid the dreaded hover hand this is the most awkward looking thing in photos like this is the worst so when you're taking a photo with one other person be sure to actually have your hand on them so it's not awkwardly just hanging in the air another tip is to get closer almost all the time we tend to leave more space than is needed for photos and it looks awkward and like you don't really like that person very much it's probably not gonna feel that natural but you always want to stand closer than you think you should for it to look normal here's a very exaggerated version of standing too far and here you can see it looks a lot better now we'll go over some actual pose ideas a good one for two people is to have each person pointing in a slightly different direction and then grab your sunglasses I always recommend taking a burst of photos and move slightly in each shot so you're able to get the shot that you really really like having the legs going in different directions gives it a cool leading line to the photo and grabbing your sunglasses just makes it so you have something to do with your hands and you don't feel awkward while you're taking the photo here's another one for two or three people just get some bubble gum and blow a bubble the just makes it look really nonchalant and has a nostalgic and sort of summery feel to the photo it does take a while to get the timing right on this one another pose idea for two people is to have each person holding one arm up in the air with this pose it looks best to do a really wide shot and it looks cool if you're at like a music festival some kind of monument or you're traveling and my favorite thing to do if I'm the photographer and I'm posing a group of three or four people for a photo is to have them walk forward and fake laugh or real laugh but most people are gonna fake laugh people always feel a little uncomfortable doing this but if you take a burst of photos you get a really nice looking candid photo that you just you can't pose like you really can't fake walking forward because it looks sort of awkward so this is a great one if you're the photographer posing people or if you and a group of friends want some photos also if you guys want to learn more about photography in general I recommend skill Sheriff this video is sponsored by skill share and if you guys have never heard of skill share it's an online learning community for creators it has more than 25,000 classes and design business photography and more as you can see they have a ton of different classes for photography I recommend this iPhone photography course because it'll teach you the basics and how to shoot better composition so I actually have had a skill show membership for a while that I pay for myself the ones that I do are on coding and design I find the skill share courses are just so much more extensive and actually teaching something than tutorials that you find elsewhere on the internet that's why I like it and I think it's worth paying for it's ten dollars a month so it's really not like a crazy amount so if you guys want a two month free trial I have a link that down below go check it out because that is an amazing deal and yeah I hope that you guys enjoyed this video comment down below if you have any other tips on how to pose in group photos and yeah I will see you in my next video bye

24 thoughts on “How To Pose in Photos | 5 Easy Group Photo Poses

  1. no hand/arms on middle subject is fcking horrible get ur shit together and learn smth abt it.
    iPhone photographer giving tips omfg

  2. I simply cannot take in how the western world has become so relentlessly and narcissistically shallow and self absorbed that 'how to pose' gets a 4 minute instructional video and a thousand+ likes. What are we devolving into? The end of the world isn't quite here but you can see it from here.

  3. love love these ideas!! I know how awkward it can be for gals to get in on a group pic and not know what to do with themselves!! LOL, love all of your tips! and Skillshare is awesome, been on it for a few years now, just gotta find time to get onto all the classes i want xD

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