How to PLAN, SCHEDULE, and AUTOMATE your Instagram posts! (Create CONSISTENT Content in your SLEEP!)

Welcome back, everyone. Welcome back to my channel. Now let me ask you a question. Have you ever struggled to think about a caption
or maybe scrambled last minute to put something together for Instagram just for the sake of
posting and staying consistent? Well, if you’ve encountered any of these problems,
then this video is perfect for you. This video is a sequel or a part two to the
video that I posted last Wednesday, and in this video I would have taught you, step-by-step,
how to actually batch create content, how you can actually create a whole month’s worth
of content for Instagram in just one day and one day only. So if you haven’t seen that video, definitely
click here to watch it. If you did watch the video, then you would
have known near the end of the video I mentioned that I would actually teach you guys how I
plan and schedule an entire month’s worth of content on my Instagram feed. Because in that video, yes, I would have taught
you how to create the content, but I didn’t actually explain how to schedule it, automate
it and plan it. That’s why in today’s video, I’m actually
going to teach you, behind the scenes, on how I do that. This includes how my actual workflow looks
like so that it’s a seamless process of going from planning to actually execution, and also
how I organize my hashtags and all those little things that come with an Instagram post. Now my amazing photographer, Swana, actually
sent me the photos for our February issue just a couple of nights ago. What I thought would be cool is if I actually
bring you guys along with me, and we’re going to plan all my February content together. Would that being said, I’ve got my laptop
ready and I’ve got my phone ready, so let’s get started. All right guys. So I am now reviewing Swana’s photos. We use an app called Pixieset to share photos
amongst each other, but the photos turned out super well, and I cannot believe that
we actually did all of this in one day. So I am very impressed. What I’m going to do is, I’m actually going
to download these photos onto my computer. All right, so I’ve kind of narrowed down the
ones that I’ve liked. Now what I’m going to do is, I’m actually
going to air drop these photos to my phone, and the reason why I choose to airdrop is
because I don’t want to lose out on the image quality. After I’ve transferred the photos from my
computer onto my phone, the next thing that I want to do is actually do a little bit of
touching up. I know that Swana already edited a lot of
the photos, but I have a couple tricks up my sleeve to make them just a little bit better. To start off I’m going to share with you guys
my current Instagram feed, so you can see the overall picture. As you can see I don’t really have a theme,
but I do like to have some color stand out here and there. What I’m going to show you guys is the two
apps that I use primarily for editing. I don’t like to over-complicate things. I only use VSCOcam and Facetune. Now, first I’m going to use VSCOcam, and one
of my favorite features is the HSL. What the HSL is, is it allows you to actually
skew some of the colors that are inside the photo, so as you can see in this photo, I’m
trying to change the colors of the leaves and make them brighter, so that they stand
out more in my feed. You can play around with it and actually change
up the hue, saturation and lightness. Honestly, this is one of my favorite tools
within VSCOcam, and I use it all the time to manipulate my colors. The one thing that is really important is
because the photos aren’t really fit for Instagram, I’m using the sizing tool and changing it
to a four by five ratio, so that it is perfect for Instagram. Now quickly, I’m just going to show you the
before and after. Like I said, there’s not really huge changes,
just the color of the leaves. The next thing that I’m going to do is, I’m
going to save the photo and then open up Facetune to edit it even more. Something that I really want to show you with
Facetune is the whitening tool, which is one of my favorite tools, and I know that a lot
of people aren’t really maximizing this tool. A lot of people use the whitening tool to
whiten their teeth, but what I actually do is I use it to whiten my backgrounds. I know a lot of people always wonder how influencers
or content creators get their feed to look so white and so bright. Now I’m showing you this is how they do it. It’s really about using this tool to whiten
and brighten the things that are in your background or any particular items in your photo. Here’s just a fast forward version of me doing
this. I do have to mention that Facetune is an app
that you have to pay for it, but I personally think that it is well worth the money. It is so advanced in terms of what you can
do with it. Here, as you can see, I’m just showing you
the before and after. Next up, what I want to show you is a tool
called Face, and this is kind of where you can manipulate certain parts of your face,
make them bigger or smaller. While I really, really love this photo, I
don’t really love the angle. So what I’m going to do is, I’m actually going
to make my jaw just a little bit smaller. Here is the before and after of that. With Facetune, there are so many different
things that you can do. I’m really only scratching the surface, but
that’s kind of the only two minor edits that I’m really doing to the photo. Again, here is the before and after so that
you can see the difference. Now what I’m going to do is, I’m going to
start editing for all the other photos. I will be right back with the next tip. After I finished touching up some of my photos,
the next thing that I’m going to do is actually use a scheduling app. You can use any scheduling app to do this. There’s an app called Preview. There’s an app called Planoly, UNUM and Later. I’ve actually used all of them, and I don’t
really have problems with any of them, but I do prefer using Later. I used to use Preview and I really, really,
really loved Preview a lot. I highly recommend it, but the reason why
I opted for Later at the end of the day is because I realized that they actually have
a desktop version of the app. Especially if you do a lot of work on the
computer or if you write long form captions, it’s easier to do it on your desktop than
doing it on your mobile phone. In a bit, I’m actually going to share my screen
again and show you how exactly I plan it. While I do that and also going to explain
the benefits and the feature of Later and why I like it so much. All right. First things first, since we were editing
the photos on my phone, I’m going to use the Later app on my phone to upload my photos
really quick. Okay, as you can see, the reason why I really
like Later is the fact that there is a desktop application, which makes things a lot easier. All you have to do is really go on your web
browser and do, or, I’m not sure, and all the photos that I previously
uploaded onto my phone now show up on my desktop. The beautiful thing about Later is that when
I hit, I can see things from a week perspective. I can see things from a month perspective,
and I can also see things under Preview, which allows me to understand exactly what my entire
feed looks like. Here you’ll notice that this is my existing
feed, and here on this side are all the pictures that I’ve uploaded from my phone. If you are new to Later, something that I
really want to show you that’s super cool is the fact that you can auto schedule. So if you actually try to drag a photo inside,
you’ll be able to actually set your time slots for when your posts go out. For instance, for me, I post three times a
week. I like to post on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays.
because of that I’m going to delete Tuesday. I’m going to delete Thursday. I’m going to delete Friday, and I’m going
to delete Saturday. So Sundays and Mondays and Wednesdays, I generally
like to post around the same time, at 6:30 PM, because for me I feel like that’s when
most people are on Instagram, right before dinner and right after work, if it’s a weekday. I’m going to set those times. Now what you’ll notice right after is that
once you set these times, when you start dragging photos into your feed, it’s going to automatically
schedule it for you, so you don’t have to go to each photo and schedule. Now that I’ve fixed my scheduling dates, what
I’m going to do is, I’m going to start dragging the photos into the preview mode, so that
I can start planning my feed. I’m just going to drag everything inside. I’ll be right back, and I will start planning
my feed, and you guys can watch me do it in fast forward mode. Okay, so I finally finished organizing my
feed. Now what I’m going to do is, I’m going to
hit Save Changes, and what you’ll notice is because I did the quick schedule, once I save
all these changes, it’s going to automatically schedule everything out. Here, you’ll notice that because I post three
times a week, my first post is going to come out on February 3rd, so on and so forth, all
the way until March. I actually have extra, which is fine by me. What you’ll notice is that this honestly saves
so much time. If you’ve got to this point of the video in
our journey together of planning my feed for February, you have learned how I do minor
touch ups for my photos, and you would have learned what apps I use to look at my feed
holistically and see what picture goes where. Now that all of that is covered, the next
thing that you want to do, or that we’re going to do, is actually create the captions and
actually do the full workflow. All right, so now that you’ve kind of planned
out your feed, you have your post schedule ready, what you want to do is now plan your
captions for every single photo, as well as the hashtags, the tags, and the locations. Before I jump into that, I also want to mention
some cool features about Later. Did you know that on Later you can also schedule
your stories. This is a really cool thing that I actually
didn’t even notice until now. I definitely wanted to highlight that, especially
if you are a busy entrepreneur who uses content creation as a part of your business. This is gold. But anyways, we are now going to schedule
the feed. Oh, I’m sorry. we already scheduled it. Now we’re going to actually create the contents
of the feed. You’ll notice that I kind of changed up my
schedule. Instead of Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, I’m
now going to do Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday. Anyways, I’m actually going to show you an
example. Once you actually click on the photo that
you want to schedule, you then have the option to write your caption. Now this is kind of where you’re going to
write your caption for all of your photos, but not only this, I also have something called
Saved Captions, and if you actually looked at my video called Instagram Hacks, what I
recommend is to always have hashtag groups. Here, when you actually click Saved Hashtags,
this is where I’ve saved all of my hashtag groups, and when I actually click on it, it’ll
automatically show the hashtags. Something that’s also great about Later is
that if you have a business Instagram, what you can do is you can do auto publish. What that means, unlike other apps where they
send you a notification and you still have to manually post your post, here you can actually
submit auto publish, if you have a business account, and Later we’ll actually do it for
you. This is really, really helpful, especially
if you are really busy or you are posting at 6:00 AM or really late in the night, and
you can’t be bothered to wake up to actually post, this is really helpful. On top of this, if you’ve actually chosen
Auto Post, what you can do is you can automatically tag people. This is also really, really helpful. Again, you don’t have to manually do it. For instance, if I wanted to choose, or sorry,
if I wanted to tag Girl Boss in this photo, then I can. I’ve already tagged Girl Boss, enter, save
user tag, done. That’s something that I can keep doing throughout
my photo. This is another great tool that Later has. If you choose to auto publish, you can also
set the location. I’m from Vancouver, so here you go. I’ll set the location. I’ll save it, and then we are done. This is something that you are going to do
for every single post that you do for the month. That’s it guys. I hope you guys had a lot of fun planning
February content with me for my Instagram and definitely got a lot of shit done, so
I was really happy with that, and why not share with you guys how exactly I do it. Again, I really hope you guys found value
in it, and if you haven’t downloaded this guide already, on how to grow your Instagram
account organically, then definitely download it. I’ll include it in the PDF … Oh God, I can’t
talk. I’ll include it, the link, in my description
box below and in my comment section so that you don’t miss out. As always, guys, thank you so much for watching. I hope you guys have a great day, great week
and a great life, and I’ll see you next time. Bye guys.

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