How to Master Simple Ballroom Dancing

100 thoughts on “How to Master Simple Ballroom Dancing

  1. Starting with reverse turns is evil. If you do the box the other way round (right foot forwards, left foot back) it's easier. You will then turn clockwise in step 13, which is way easier.

  2. As a ballroom dancer, i find this really funny yet so informative at the same time. It may not be the best and detailed dancing tutorial on youtube but if you're never dancing before, well this is for you.

  3. I came because of Ballroom e Youkoso…I know all these already even though I've never Ballroom danced before xD

    Thanks Ballroom e Youkoso <3

  4. Ballroom e youkoso!
    That was literally what the anime told me. Joined a ballroom class now.
    P.S: This video is gold X'D

  5. You will need a partner… looks around room then at guitar then at stuffed animal then at sister hm well k then

  6. Howcast: But damnit, you still need to learn how to ballroom dance!

    Me: 😂🤣 Just like what I need to do before my formal dance coming up on April 28, 2018 and it’s already April 15, 2018!

  7. After I had watched this video, I grabbed the pillow and started dancing with it lol. I really want to learn ballroom dancing so bad!!

  8. It’s turn to the LEFT not to the RIGHT as is said in the video. And both partners take Heel Leads for the forward step on 1. This girl incorrectly demonstrates the step like it’s a toe lead. My God, I wish people were LEARN how to do things correctly before they set themselves up as authorities and try to teach it.

  9. As a dance teacher, this was painful to watch. Go take lessons, learning to feel dancong from a video wont work

  10. It is really hard to get it intuitively when there is 4/4 music playing in the background 😛 I think this is especially confusing for some people

  11. Is this an american thing? or why do they step clockwise and rotate counter clockwise? Here in germany, we step counter clockwise and rotate clockwise!

  12. This is very helpful, the tutorial is easy to follow to, that I'm able to get a hang of it. Just need more practice to make it perfect.

  13. Gfs doing ballroom dancing in college and I wanna surprise her so here I am doing this for when she comes back😂😂💯

  14. "BALLROOM EXPRESSIONS" by Tim Stark. Royalty Free music for dancers making videos, just give song/artist credit. All 18 songs for under $10. Perfect tempos for instruction or practice. Find on itunes, amazon etc. Listen here free

  15. Ayeeeee life rocks……………………. I have this thing at my school for only city grade this year (sadly I’m in fifth) and their making us do ballroom for PE instead……………… Se have to partner up with the opposite gender ;-;

  16. When you are a Junior Ballroom dancer youself and compete in Blackpool, and you are best friends with a goldstar junior… :3

  17. I will try to do this by the end of the year so hopefully my PE coach will allow me to pick a partner. I don’t want to be paired with a guy and have to dance with him(I’m a Lesbian)


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