How to Make Money on YouTube with Influencer Marketing — 3 Tips

so you want to be an online influencer awesome in this video I'm gonna share three current tips and trends about influencer marketing and why it matters to you coming up hey what's up guys sean here with think media TV helping you go further faster in media and on this channel we do tech gear reviews and tips and strategy videos just like this one so if you're new here consider subscribing so first of all what is influencer marketing well this definition says a non-professional approach to marketing in which brands focus their efforts on opinion leaders as opposed to direct target market touch points so what does that even mean well basically you know influencers are on Instagram they're on YouTube they could be on any social media platform they can be bloggers and there are opinion leaders so people who've built an influencer in a particular niche and when brands do deals with them they usually compensate them to talk about a product talk about a service talk about software because they are influencers in that space right and if you're watching this video you already know that but the thing is that influencer marketing continues to grow at a rapid pace and I think that it directly affects you if you want to build your influence income and impact on line and so three quick things that you need to know about influencer marketing and these actually come from some Forbes articles that I will link up in the description number one influencer marketing will explode in 2017 and beyond a recent survey revealed that 84% of marketers plan to execute at least one influencer marketing campaign in the next 12 months what does that mean that means that more and more brands are becoming aware of the potential to do influencer marketing eight out of ten brands whether in the beauty space the tech space whether in fishing whether in you know running men's health women's health you know any of these categories they're planning to work with influencers and that trend continues to grow so that means if you've got a youtube channel Instagram account a blog a Facebook page there are brands that understand this and they are looking for influencers to work with 8 have 10 brands now and that's a term that we've been seeing and that's why we're saying that there's never been a better time to build your influence online there's never been a better time to start a YouTube channel in a specific area to turn your creativity into a career and to profit from your passion number 2 another thing that Forbes said is that the influencer marketing Gold Rush is coming so similar to number one that just means that there is money flowing into this place and so you know if you're subscribed to think media TV that probably is one of your passions how do I you know really monetize my YouTube channel not just with YouTube ads but in creative ways and again I can't overemphasize that this space is going to just explode in the next three to five years and that there's still a massive land grab happening that means if you put in the hustle you position yourself you brand yourself well you put out good content you build up an audience that there is a gold rush coming your way from brands and there's tons and tons of opportunities and number three is really cool coming from Forbes com micro influencers will be the new influencers what does that mean it means that you don't need to have a massive audience you don't need to have a million followers or a million subscribers in fact micro influencers are even going to experience a little bit of preferential opportunity because of the stats around their influence studies show that 82% of people are likely to follow a micro influencers recommendation so what does that mean it means that brands are looking to work with smaller influencers that just have an intimate connection with their audience that have built trust and again that don't need to have these mega massive following that the important thing that they do have is real depth with their audience they're just putting out quality content adding a lot of value being transparent becoming someone that is known liked and trusted by their audience so what does all this mean it means that if you want to turn your passion into profit an influencer that this is a great time to grow your influence on social media grow it on YouTube grow it on new and emerging platforms and actually if you want to learn more about how to specifically grow your influence on YouTube and how to monetize it and what are the secrets and the things that are really working today you could register for an upcoming YouTube masterclass that I'm doing it's totally free at learn youtube today com I'm actually gonna be breaking down five specific strategies that we applied this past year that completely grew think media TV some of our other projects and basically showing you my youtube playbook for everything that I apply in this space and how it was able to go part-time you know have a side income and eventually be a full-time youtuber an influencer if you will just to use the the term of this video and and really be able to turn my creativity into a career so check that out at learn youtube today calm question of the day what topic or niche are you in maybe you already have a YouTube channel or if you are gonna start one what topic or niche would you start it about let me know in the comments section so thanks so much for checking out this video definitely subscribe for more videos just like this hit that like button if this video added value to you and if you want to register for that upcoming YouTube masterclass just go to learn youtube today calm until next time think media TV is helping you go further faster in media keep crushing it and we will talk soon below please prepare the notes super super green um and that's because there's not enough soil like if you see how much proportion this is grown out of the soil like it doesn't it doesn't get the proper amount of nutrients same thing in this I need to get more soil

21 thoughts on “How to Make Money on YouTube with Influencer Marketing — 3 Tips

  1. My niche is edu-entertainment for kids and toddlers😊I would like to see more content about this topic (including YouTube Kids). Thank you very much, I learn a lot in your channel!

  2. Awesome video! I'm into the fragrance niche (both for women and men) for the Spanish speaking community!

  3. The term "influencer" is used by marketing companies to inflate the fragile egos of stupid youtubers and instagram models so they can sell products. It's so sad that there are people out there who actually think it's a real job.

  4. I am like the friend-next-door who gives off-beat recommendations to try out new things – in learning, creativity, movies, travel, and in general sharing some off-beat ideas.

  5. honestly the way you talk at the end with the bloopers is more real to me than how you speak throughout the actual video. Love your channel

  6. I have only 3200 Subs and got approved yesterday. I have had an Amazon Associate account for a few years but just recently actively promoting it. Channel has already been earning money for about 8 months. I guess the content on your web page/blog and here on Youtube, also make a difference. Thanks for this video. Subscribed and thumbs up!

  7. QUESTION : Hey Sean!I have a question for you,so,if people use my affiliate links I'll receive a small commission,but if I give the link to my family members,would that be legal and if I myself use those links,I also might save up a lot of money by doing that,what do you think?

  8. fastest way to grow your audience reach is to collaborate with other influencers. exchange of services or products or just simply exchange of interests. you can do this on social media marketing platforms. phlanx is currently on top of my list.

  9. So nice video bro👍🏻🌈 for me , in my YouTube experience, I started my channel before about 1 year and a half ، but alhamdulellah I hit the 10000 subscribe and 600000 views before just a few weeks , I didn't even imagine that I can reach those numbers so fast like this 😭💓 my channel is about art – diys – and some tips in your art life or in your general life 👌🏻❤️ hope you like it 💕🌈

  10. First! Your bloopers were priceless! Thanks for those!
    Second, I reach out to YouTube influencers and no single one has gotten back to me. I have such a unique product for them, it would make freaking awesome video content. I am hoping to formulate a campaign, but it seems like they are a bit stuffy.
    Is there a YouTube or influencer agency that I can contact who can contact them where they will actually get back to me?

  11. This video is inspiration to us all. lets hope I get over 20 subs to then put these tips into action. My question is – building a following but from the very beginning, I'm 2 weeks in wonder what is a way to boost my subs to get more engagement without using personal social media accounts… keep business and friends separate. would paid options be a good idea?

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