How to link your Facebook Donate button to your fundraising campaign

hi I'm Katrina and I am a customer success or a Pyrrhic give gab today I'm going to be showing you how to connect your Facebook donate button to your gift gab donation form this is important because when you're using a donation platform like give gab you want to be sure that you're collecting all the donation information and donor information in one place then you can spend more time stewarding your donors rather than reconciling reports from multiple sources to get started you'll want to head to your nonprofits Facebook page you'll then want to hover over to the call-to-action button if you haven't made any changes to it previously it should say send message when you hover over it you'll see the options test button or edit button you'll want to click Edit button in the first step you'll see options such as book with you contact you learn more about your business or shop with you – or make a donation you'll want to select the donate button and then click Next the second step is connecting the donate button it to your donation form so you'll click website link and then you'll head to your give gaved donation page and head to the donate button which will populate this form here you'll then want to copy this link and paste it into the website link field in your Facebook donation button once you click Save it'll say that you've configured your donation button and you can select finish you're then all set let's test it out to see what it'll look like for one of your supporters again hover over that call-to-action button that now says donate and select test button you'll receive a prompt that lets you know that you're heading to another website and as soon as you click continue you'll be redirected to your give gap donation form thank you for joining me for this tutorial today I hope that it helps to fuel your fundraising success if you have any questions whatsoever don't hesitate to head to give capcom and use the little blue chat bubble at the bottom right hand corner of the screen

12 thoughts on “How to link your Facebook Donate button to your fundraising campaign

  1. looks like it is not workink for Ukraine… Could you please advice if it is still working for everyone?

  2. i also changed the template and category to ngo, still its not showing donation button. what should be done to have donation button? Thanks

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