How to Link Facebook Groups to Your Group

hey guys last week's Facebook rolled out some really amazing things for that admins of Facebook groups Margalo Coburg got together with 300 of the top groups on Facebook the admins and they discussed and they roll down these really amazing things five things to be exact today I wanna talk about one so some of the things that they came up with were group insight scheduling post remove member clean up membership request filtering and what I want to share today is the group to group linking now what I do know is that all of these features they're rolling out so if you don't have one or any of these things just hold tight you will eventually so let me minimize myself and I will show you exactly how to link groups and why it's important so we're on our team page and the really great thing about linking other existing groups to your current group is a lot of times especially for us to rec sellers we have leaders that break off of us and create their own groups and their own team so you want to make sure to bring everybody back to the same page or offer new consultants who join your teams in your downline to have an opportunity to join their upline team so here is how you Lake a group to an existing group you can see on my team's page if you click on these three dots and then right down here where it says link existing group that it's going to come up with groups that you manage and then groups that you're a part of so I really want my team to join the simulcast that I was a part of this last spring so I'm going to click link so once you've chosen the group that you want to link this top of this going to show up saying that the group has success believe in linked and asked if you want to tell your group members why they should join this group you can either write a post and it's going to show up on your group's timeline or you can skip it I didn't write anything with the groups that were down here below so I'm just going to skip but you'll see these are all of the groups right here that are recommended by me the admin and there you have it all of the groups that I have suggested for my team are listed out for all of and this is even visible on mobile too which is really really nice so like I mentioned the really good benefit about having these groups linked as it shows your team or whoever is in this group of yours what other groups they need to be a part of why you feel these groups would be successful for them if you are in direct sales you are most likely a part of other groups that are companies specific so maybe its group about how to have successful home parties or Facebook parties or fundraising or how to make samples of your product or event setup those are type of groups that you would want to link as well as upline and even downline group set you might be a part of so hopefully this helps give any questions make sure you put it down low in the comments and then once Facebook starts rolling out all these other cool things for admins of groups then I will shoot some videos for you guys make sure you thumbs up subscribe more videos and I'll see you guys next time bye

15 thoughts on “How to Link Facebook Groups to Your Group

  1. Thank you for this video! I can't see the linked (recommended) group on the main discussion page like I see with yours. Is there a way to change settings so that it is immediately viewable by members? Or do I need to link to more groups or something do you think?


  3. What's the advantage of linking my 2 groups. I want to be more focused on the new one. The old one I will not be active in.

  4. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Would you suggest linking an online party/Hostess group to your VIP group page?

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