How to leverage Influencer Marketing?

hi i'm taylor street from social beat and you're watching critical bites today in this video we will be showing you foolproof tips on how a plan can capitalize on influencer marketing but before that do subscribe to our channel and hit the bell notification button to stay updated with all our latest videos in recent years there has been a shift towards digital marketing in advertisers are spending most of their money on social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram and on top of these platforms we have influencers you might be wondering who is an influencer and influencers are those who possess social clout and credibility and have an extraordinary ability to sway opinions in their favor but how can brands capitalize on influencer marketing here are five tips to go viral on the social media platforms using influencer marketing tip 1 have a clear objective in mind by working on the influencer campaign do know what you are trying to reach out to the audience for for example if you are in FMCG plan that objectives could be either brand awareness or creating awareness about the product launch that is happening in the market the next step is to understand the target audience understanding the target audience is a key part of an influencer marketing campaign because it helps us to understand what kind of information are the consuming on the digital world and accordingly plan a communication strategy as well as the communication that is going out to them define your target audience while working on the influencer marketing campaign we need to understand our target audience really well majorly for two reasons one is to understand what are the clans moving on the digital platforms and where we can find them secondly while shortlisting are influencers for a campaign we can reach out to influencers who have the same kind of target audience as the blind is looking out for step 3 we need to understand what exactly are we expecting out of our influences this is a key part of the camp of an influencer campaign because this helps us to understand what we are expecting out of an influencer and it also helps us to correlate and collaborate with an influencer because he himself understands his target audience well and helps us to create the pride kind of content for the right kind of TT we are an equipment step two we have all the first three steps in place now it's time to just work backwards and have a campaign in sync with all our target audience objective and the influencers in place for us tip to find the right influencers for your campaign as discussed earlier the first steps are to understand objectives and the target audience for the campaign now since we have them in place it's time to reach out to the right kind of influences on the right platforms Before we jump into how do we reach out to them we need to identify the influencers as per the following that they have on their profiles we also need to understand the kind of demographics of the people are following them and check if it is in sync with the objectives that we have set for our campaign influences can be classified into two categories one being micro influencers the other of being macro influencers micro influences and micro influencers are basically distinguished from each other on the type of following and the number of following that they have let's talk about micro influencers micro influencers have the niche audience the followers are generally concentrated for one single region and have a single common interest that binds them together on the other hand we have macro influencers macro influencers have a very large audience as compared to a micro influencer the best part of having a month macro influencer in for your campaign is because of the kind of following that he has on his profile he can reach out instantly to a larger audience and they can be used for short term campaigns as well previously we worked with Karen kingda who has over 1 lakh Instagram followers we collaborated with him for a beer for one of her beer brands and he helped us to reach out to a larger audience in a very short span of time the videos that I created for the brand helped us reach out to a larger audience in the regions of Delhi and Bangalore specifically because of the kind of following he has on his profile depending on the objectives of your campaign you can choose a macro influencer or a micro and cleanser but just the tip from our end it is always better to have a mixed bag of a few Mac influences and a micro influences to create a compact understand the value you're providing to the influencer and what you are getting in return at times micro influencers micro thought on a barter system but I kind smack you influencers generally do not like working on a barter system at this moment we need to think of the right incentives that we can give to them for a camping tip 3 identify the right platforms to reach out to your audience for example if you are in FMCG be on Instagram and Facebook might be a good option to look at if you are in real estate plan pull a building the blower's is the best way to reach out to your target audience also having Instagram as one of the platforms for your campaign will help you to amplify the reach of the blog's as well for one of our real estate clients were one of the Giants in Bangalore we used a mixed bag approach we reached out to a few bloggers who blog about the launch of the projects and we promoted the same on Instagram which helped us to amplify the reach the most important tip is to choose the platforms that are in sync with the goals that we accept tip 4 stop looking for quick wins and rather concentrate on a long-term relationship with the influencers for example for one of our FMCG brands we had a long-term relationship with a few influencers as the brand on the regular basis kept launching products these influencers helped us with reviewing the product and also coming down for an influencer meet the relationship that we built with these influencers actually helped us to create a lot better and authentic content on for the social media platforms don't expect results overnight whenever we launch a campaign we expect to see results overnight but when it comes to influencer marketing it doesn't work the same thing when the campaign is launched it just reaches out to the right audience but to convert them it requires time and also effort as discussed earlier for one of our FMCG brands we kept engaging with a number of influencers which in the long run helped us to create a larger audience base for the brand hip 5 measure the outcome as we attract objectives in the beginning we need to keep measuring whatever we have achieved till date and check if it is in sync with the objectives that was said but if our objective was to create SEO backlinks or get reviews for a product the following matrices should be measured number one viewership number two site traffic and number three subscribers that have increased on average these are few tried and tested methods that have worked for maternity offer blacks in the comment section below to let us know that if you would be opting for influencer marketing for one of your campaigns to sum it up influencer marketing is worth the gamble if you found this video interesting please like share and subscribe see you guys next time bye bye hey guys we're the team behind digital bytes we hope you found this video informative if you have any suggestions or topics that you want us to cover please comment below don't forget to hit subscribe thank you

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  1. Just make sure that the influencers you collaborate with are legitimate. If not and you find them questionable, give them a run through via auditing tools such as influencer auditor

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