100 thoughts on “How To Know if a Girl Likes You – 10 Signs She’s Interested

  1. Connected to this comment is wither or not these are true because I am a girl (go to the coments on this) I mean this in no way rude to the maker of this vid

  2. This is the REALITY , Be yourself ( that means realistic confidence and being secure in who you are ) and whomever you meet make sure that they too have the same traits because insecure people usually gravitate toward this type of person. And insecurity and low self esteem is a nightmare in a relationship. So when a lady does what some of these comments have described , BEWARE a real, confident and good self esteem lady will always be on equal ground with you and not acting like some have described.

  3. see how I show my interest in a woman I don't use subconscious movements or videos. I consciously sit my ads right here waiting for her. she knows in here so there's no mistake on where I stand.

  4. Nobody loves me. Today I asked my girlfriend why u didn't leave me? She answered I kept contact with her for this reason. So it's clear she also doesn't love me just time pass only. So please stop game. I m not for this world so I don't get any love only for lost & sacrifice for choice of them.

  5. "Feet pointing towards you" – Well, where else would they point if the two of you were having a conversation?

  6. a large bank account will usually make her like you,,,,the vast majority are gold diggers so works pretty easy,,,,

  7. She came with me a trip after we met up and she paid the bill and she went home soon but she told she have work
    After we talking in phone more then 1 hours
    My question what to do know ?? She interested on me?? I don't know

  8. I also think if a girl shares personal things it still doesnt mean she likes you in a romantic way. She might see you as a close friend you know.

  9. There Is one cute girl at work, she is smiling all the time to all guys and all the time, when any guy including me entering a room she looks at us and smile, but all that just for a moment, is that mean she could be single and she likes every guy, like I like every girl and look at every girl like she look at every guy, she is new at work, maybe she smiling because she is happy and want to look happy at work?

  10. Hey guys, I noticed all these signs but I never had a deep conversation with her . Yesterday one of my friends approached her and dropped an intrigue ping I felt like she was impressed by him . I'm concerned about my next step. Should I approach her the next time I see her ? Probably it's going to be after 2 weeks since we took a vacation . I shouldn't have told you this but it seems like I need some help !

  11. The problem really is that women dont take the hint. Like " Beat it!" Go dig for gold somewhere else! Go try to divorce rape the other guy! I think with my big head not the little head.

  12. People don't touch people that they don't like? Not true. I've thrown several punches at some guys I didnt like over the years. Was well worth it.

  13. My crush lives near me and we were friends on Facebook between 2011- September 2018 because she unfriended me and I don't know why, maybe I said or did something she didn't like but I really don't know what, anyway, she works at a clinic where I go for blood tests. In May when I was about to pay I gave her the money and touched in her finger and she gave me the impression she didn't like, every time I see her on my street she is driving, she used to ignore me but lately she has been looking at me, last week she looked at me more than usual, is that good or bad?

  14. She makes my heart go doki doki… my body feels like it’s on fire when I’m around her, it’s hard to look straight Into her eyes ☀️ I’m not even sure if she likes me..

  15. It's confusing to get looked at for the first fucking time at 43 when you're a nonce by some person you never saw in your neighbourhood that wouldn't piss on you in your experience. The way you are a stranger so the dynamics of this interaction when someone notices you is it is a person that never saw you before and is receptive where nobody else has been. But they don't know you. If they did know you, did they know you three or so years ago? Mind you you've been preoccuppied for a good while.

  16. I have a quick question ladies, so I am cashier and see of course ppl, women all the time I get alot of attention because I am handsome just curious tho, when I make eye contact with a woman and she looks through me what does that mean? Does it mean she interested in me? Just curious?

  17. For me I like the closed off ones because I like a challenge and if she's worth it I'll pursue. Remember one thing however easy it is for you to get your girl that's how easy it's gonna be for any other guy

  18. If I hang out for hours on end with a girl about 5 times in a week, how do I know if she may want to take the relationship sexual?

  19. I hd a conversation with this girl and another friend of mine, like half the time i made eye contact with her she looked away, she smiled at me a few times during the discussion though and still spoke to me until i had to go and didn't look at her phone. When my friend spoke to her, she didn't look away. Help?

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