How to install Wii U USB Helper to download games and install it with WUP Installer Mod Y

45 thoughts on “How to install Wii U USB Helper to download games and install it with WUP Installer Mod Y

  1. 2:20 where is writted "Install/Splatoon [Title]". Do I have to put the [Title] in the folder or not?
    And once I have installed it, can I delete it?

  2. Look on reddit and you will find the decimated download links.
    Fuck, i'll just link you guys.

  3. Good day, who here installed Youtube app for Wii U using Wii U USB Helper?
    If yes, do you still have the WUP files for it?

  4. I keep getting this error 0xFFFBF3E2 whenever I try to install the game/update/dlc. I've looked at many forums and I have done the sigpatch and everything. I know what I'm doing but here I'm just stuck. I can't find an answer anywhere. It says "Confirm complete WUP files are in the folder. Try power down". No matter what I try it just doesn't seem to work at all.

  5. yeah thnx that worked, but i have done everything and installed mario kart 8 from gpu2x installer and it shows up on the home screen, but when i start it it wil 9 out of 10 times crash after 10 seconds. what do i have to do? plsss answeer i would really appreciate it. And btw my wii i won t read my freecom 320 gb hard drive. whyy???

  6. sthetix. the wii u usb helper has been taken offline right, so i tried funkiiu and that worked. could you make a tutorial for funkiiu?

  7. Please upload the instaled programm files, because the author discontinued it, it cant be downloaded with the installer anymore.

  8. So it's still the same "copy to one sd card, then install it to another sd card inside wiiu"?
    Still not possible to install to sd from pc?

  9. does it work with 5.5.2,if it does not work can you make a tutorial that show how to download game for wii u 5.5.2?

  10. bro cara masukin game zelda breath of the wild gmn yh? kebanyakan update, atau misalnya ada update pilih yg paling tinggi aj versi nya? wii u gw kebetulan 32gb.

  11. Wii U USB Helper isnt working it says "The remote server returned an error. (500) Internal Server Error." Do you know why sthetix?

  12. How do I change Eshop title ownership? I don't wanna have to run homebrew every time I wanna play a game

  13. thanks for your great work , i have a question , i want to buy a wii u and i want to use mocha cfw in it, as you know mocha always stopped working when turning off the console, well i wanted to know if i install these games with mocha cfw and then i turned off the console, will the games be playable in the regular cfw after that? thanks, sorry for this long question

  14. So I tried downloading the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, LEGO,Just Dance, and Mighty Switch Force games onto my Wii U and they all get rejected saying I'm missing a file or one of the files is corrupted or something to that liking. I've done it the same way with every other game on there and they've downloaded and installed just fine. I DO have CBHC running, so the CFW isn't the issue. Am I doing something else wrong? Halp plz .-.

  15. Is there a way that I can do this with a multiple partitioned drive? I use part of my hdd to play wii games and gc games but because of that the wii u cant read the hdd format so I can't install wii u games to it. Is there any way around this?

  16. If I was to download a game like Smash and put it on my Wii U from this program, would I be able to still dump the game on my computer and implement mods on it? Or will it not work at all?

  17. But then in order to use the games of this program I need to have a cfw? Because my wii u do not have cfw and I enter the homebrew through the browser

  18. I have a External 3.5 HDD that i formatted to store my back up games. If i plug it to PC can it detect a WIIU formatted external HDD so i can transfer it directly to my external HDD ? Installing a 259GB and counting* Games is a huge task for copy,install,delete scenario

    I want a similar function like WBFS Manager for the WII

    Normal Installation

    Im looking for

  19. Can you use a USB Hard drive or do the games have to be on the same SD as the homebrew software? and what formate for the hard drive?

  20. When I start this, I'm prompted to provide a "ticket", if I refuse, the app closes. But this shit doesn't work, why the fuck do you need to insert BOTH a Wii U and 3DS title key??? And using the alternative method doesn't work either (copypasting URL), since THERE'S NO OK BUTTON!!! What a fucking piece of shit software.

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