How to improve your mental wellbeing in the workplace

my name's Hugh Van kallenberg and I'm the founding director of the resilience project the resilience project is a program for schools for corporate groups or sporting clubs and the whole idea is to provide people with really positive mental health strategies the resilience project started really off the back of a trip that I had to India where I went lived in a school community and I remember meeting this kids who had there's no running water in the community there's no electricity there's no beds everyone sleeps on the dirt floor but there were just the happiest kids and I couldn't help but think about my little sister Georgia who has battled for quite a long time with mental illness and I was wondering how is it that a girl has got everything like so many of us here in Australia finds it so hard to be happy yet there's kids living out on the street just never stop smiling so I came back to Melbourne and became I suppose quite fascinated in the topic of well-being and mental health and went back and studied the observations that I made from this community over in India and put it together into a program which as I said there's mentally for primary school kids initially but it's really ballooned out now into into the wider community which is really exciting so mental well-being in the workplaces is really really important we know that when peoples are struggling and through traumatic events or maybe they're experiencing a mental illness started it's harder to focus it's harder to be enthusiastic it's it's often hard to be present when you're someone who's committed to being more focused be more energetic being more present you really are making yourself more available team member we all have different we're all sit somewhere differently on the mental health spectrum some people are struggling some people in a good place the important thing is that we're always working on it because the more we improve our mental health the more we improve our ability to to function in a workplace in efficient and and collaborative life we have three key strategies that we recommend number one is gratitude number two empathy number three mindfulness really nice acronym and Jim if you're trying to remember them gratitude to practice gratitude at the end of there you just record three things they went well through during the day it's as simple as that that makes sure that you have someone who's better scamming the world for the positives rather being seduced by the negatives that improves your our well-being significantly so that's our first strategy number two empathy empathy is when you feel or someone else feels the more in pathetic you are the more likely you are to act in a kind way and the newer science behind kindness is amazing you do kind of think surround the people your brain releases a hormone called called oxytocin and it makes you feel good we know it's like to be in the workplace high-pressure deadlines all that kind of stuff but when you have a focus around doing things for other people it's a really really good way of relieving the tension on yourself and actually think somebody's looking at for other people that's our second key strategy and the third one is mindfulness people hear a lot about mindfulness these days if the ability to be present and the ability to be calm those two things in a workplace are huge maybe you could try five minutes during the day if you find yourself a little bit stressed at the workplace find a quiet space headphones in press play

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