How To Holistic, a Holistic Approach to Curing Joint Pain!

welcome to Tokyo holistic I'm until tonight and my name is Gary Porter and out of Lisbon we're gonna show you how to take black magic and make it your magic okay Gary we're gonna be showing you how to make a potion for a joint pain so the first ingredient in making our good you okay buddy next up white girls hell and the ashes of the other grain we're gonna mix these up and put them back into the alright so far so so we want to mix it up a little bit all right we did a good bit of mix in there Oh next up is just our big foundation so the last part of this potion is the incantation are you ready Oh guys we made our bullshit and we're ready to go fly so you want to take your rock and you're on your potion once it's mixed up a little bit you want to apply to the affected area you close some jumping jacks I am omitting some time

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