hey Danny right here thanks for joining us this week I'd like to help you try and hit your driver dead straight it's a really big ask isn't it but they're just free things that you need to learn you need to learn how to hit the ball at the middle of the face on a regular basis if you're hitting out the heel or the toe it will make a massive difference to not any distance you're gonna hit the shot but also the type of spin and accuracy that you get the second thing you need to learn is how do you square the club face up if your quad face is closing constantly through impact that's gonna affect the way the ball sets off yeah and clearly if you open out through impact it's gonna affect where the ball sets off so how do you can you learn to feel square yep there's one thing understanding what to do but how do you learn to feel it we're going to cover that today the third of vinyl thing is swing path where do you swing if you're swinging this way the clearly that and the targets there it's gonna be difficult to hit set the ball off straight vice-versa if you're swinging over here and the target is here it's gonna affect your accuracy too so we're going to cover those three things sentence of contact how do you square the club face up how do you feel all these things and how do you change the path so you can start to hit those balls dead straight before we do that if you're new to the channel this is one of your first videos it's consider subscribing if you press up subscribe button and the bell you get to receive videos just like this one every single week so I can come and help you improve your games so where do we start well let's start with what I think was one of the most crucial things learning to hit the center of the face on a regular basis clearly if you hit the center you're going to have more distance but it also has a huge impact on direction so you need to identify right at the start where are you actually striking the ball on the face or most people most top players know but most amateurs really have they struggle to feel it so what we do we grab some I've got this doctorin active spray powder okay so the foot spray base foot spray powder but it gives you an idea of where you're striking so you just get some form spray powder spray it on the face it leads like a powdery coating as you can see here and what I'm gonna do now is I'm just going to simply hit a shot for you and we're gonna start to identify where I'm actually strike the ball on the club face so let's have a look what we got here that felt for me a little bit on the neck and here we go have a look at this so what can you see a little bit out of the neck of the golf club now I wouldn't jump on that and change it at all but imagine now we just left the powder on there and we just spent a bit of time hitting some shots that's my first shot of the day so you might find this about your point need to warm up first before you start spraying the powder on the face but once you've got warmed up and you start to kind of identify if you start seeing a consistency of pattern okay I fell a bit butter there we go yes or exploded the middle of face so but most times I sight I finally a lot of my clients is that pretty consistent they're generally down one side of the golf but maybe it's a neck of the golf club or the toe the Gothel so what I'll give you once you've discovered it which one you are all you got to do then is literally grab a ball grab another tee and what I want you to do is put a tee in the ground and there's a couple of things you do here so let's say you're a next strike right which most people who slice the ball will be next likes strikers what you do put a tee peg just outside this golf ball here and just feel like what you're gonna do now is you're gonna try and hit the golf ball off the toe of the club now the chances of hitting it off the toe and pretty slim if you're on next strike you're gonna find difficult to quickly move it from neck to toe but if you try you'll start to move the strike pattern more towards here so just put a tee peg on the outside of that golf ball here we're gonna make a swing and we're going to strike to try and get towards the toe of the golf club and your body is an incredible problem-solver so it kind of works out the answers these two questions so I'm gonna try and hit it much more towards a toe of the club there we go okay and that's the game now what you might find is what if your if you are a heel striker you take that tea come to the second tee out of the ground no problem don't worry about it whatsoever just simply again peg another ball up trust that your body's likes again for your body it's a problem solver as your body workout how are you going to start to hit that tee without hitting that see clearly you can also do the same for your toe strike is just simply angle the slightly different here just angle the tee slightly downwards because gotta cater for the fact that you've got the shaft there as well and same principle here just make a swing backwards and forwards and just avoid the tee on this side there we go okay so as simple as that is that's a very first thing that you want to do identify the strike and then simply put a tee peg either side of the club depending whether you're a toe striker or a heel strike it would really really help so the second thing we're gonna work out is learn to help you square the club face up now the chances are that you're either a somebody who slices the ball or cuts the ball all use somebody who draws the ball and hooks the ball now if we want to hit the ball dead straight you need to learn to square the club face up first now what does that mean now this could be a little confusing so let me explain if you're a slicer of the golf ball you'll tend to swing out to win now for right handers that means you're swinging out here to the left-hand side for a hole cut you're gonna be sweating it swinging more this way and bringing it around here so the question is if we want to hit the ball dead straight watch this if I'm swinging this direction here I want the club face now completely straight and square to this path so the very first thing I want to do is fix the face I don't want to fix the path first so most people when they're trying to kind of fix they're out to indoor slices they try to swing and then try to do this motion here trying to swing towards a target far far too difficult the problem is if you haven't fixed the face imagine this if you haven't fixed the face of club so your face is wide open and then you start swinging this goodbye ball that is going to go so far now to the right of target so the very first thing you need to do is fix the face before you fix anything else so we've got sentence of contact and then look we're not gonna fix the out to win now we're going to simply come out to win but we're going to keep the club face completely square on that path so this should basically get a ball that goes straight left of target but it should be straight and there we go so that both come over the top my path yes is incorrect but the ball is flown dead straight to the left of target do not move on at all from this point don't move on to path here until you start hitting the ball dead straight but left that means now you're squaring the club face up beautifully to the path that you're swinging on for those of you who hooked the golf ball the same is true I'm not going to do it here because of the trees in the way but for those of you hook the ball it's the same principle what you're going to do is is the hookers get stuck in here rather than a sense at this stage flip right and get the collar face closing you're going to learn to hit the ball straight to the right so you kind of learn the feel of what is square so yes you'll hit a few blocks this is what you're doing the range feel square that's stage number two then we then start working on path so third and final thing is swing path so many people are struggle to get it right but let me explain so the difference between those of you who slice in those uhyou hooks so the people who slice have an overactive upper body and an underactive lower body so they tend to be overactive here and underactive here the hookers that tend to be more you better players they tend to have an overactive lower body and an underactive upper body so I'm gonna give you in a sense drills now to kind of solve both of those problematic or you're a slicer so very first thing we want to have this four slices we want to have in a sense more activity down here less activity up here so grab a golf ball in your lead hand my left hand and what I'm going to do here is this I'm gonna turn the golf ball to face the tag so my laid her arm now is twisted the zwei and what I'm going to do this gives you the feeling now this motion they're okay for cuz for most slices they are twisting this way yeah so I've twisted it back I want you do make it back swing and all we're gonna do now is this we're gonna throw the ball down towards the ground and basically we're gonna just throw the ball actually just slightly behind where the ball would normally be at impact and we're going to throw it backwards at the back of our hand here now as that happens you can see here my body now hasn't in a sense rotated nowhere near and if we come on throwing it at the back of my hand so it's a great feeling of innocence getting a sense that the upper body is not active on nowhere near as active through the swing let's have another look at that so taking the ball lead hand turn it to face the target making a backswing here and I'm simply just going to throw the ball backwards not is this that was this is in the golf swing throwing it backwards to look at the difference it would create in that Martian this lead shoulder here isn't being massively active and neither is the right a second exercise for the exact same thing here is grab a broom this horrible old broom can be very very useful have a look at this so we want in a sense to get this lower I said open path the body less active for slicers right so watch this I want you to just make a swing then get the broom back here and start to sweep the floor straight through sweep before now as you know is this watch this the handle is a head and it's going upwards what's what's that doing to the lead shoulder it's going upwards too what do all over-the-top us to swing people swing out to win they come this way this lead shoulder goes around and the right shoulder comes out this is a great feeling of sweeping the floor but also getting that sensation here of what the body is supposed to do in the golf swing if you slice if you hook you're going to need to get the almost the opposite you're way too active with your lower part so what you need to do instead is you need to get the sensor in here when you're swinging that your upper part of the body is far more active through the swing so you're going to stabilize the lower section and you almost want to feel what slicers do too much of you want to get yourself set yeah and rotate the body harder to the lesser you're feeling not not this motion you're actually feeling this Martian those things will start to change your path so let's summarize we have covered a lot but hitting a driver straight is no mean feat so Kate's going to take a bit of time so what have we done we want to teach you how to hit the center of the clubface a very first thing you need to do is figure out where are you hitting in the clubface don't rush into this hit warm up before you practice then spray the face see if you have a consistency most people do then most people are either towards the neck towards this toe or maybe you're down this down in the center whatever find out where it is if it's off the neck use the tees put the tee on the toe side so that in a sense it's forcing you here to hit more towards the center of the club remember your your body is a great problem solver it will work out an answer to this thing same obviously if you're a hockey and move the tee on the other side of the other golf club second thing what we need to be looking at here is getting you squared up the cuff a squared up don't change the path so if you if you slice the ball you will be coming generally out to win so we want to start off with it sounds a bit crazy but we want to start off hitting straight but straight left at least then you've got the clubface the balls not having any Bend it's going dead straight but it's kind of squared up and swinging this direction if you're hooking the golf ball we know you swing too much to the right see me to learn the square the club face up this way doesn't matter if it goes right initially at least you can now feel the clubface square that stage number two stage number three then you've got a sense swing path and we've got the the broom-handle drill here which gives you the sense that you're kind of sweeping out the left shoulders coming up for slices you've got the back handed drill for slices as well here see how the back end and for those of you who hooked you got a stable stabilize your legs and use much much more of that upper body through the impact area do it in stages I've thrown a lot at you in this session just so you've got something to practice but just do it one at a time at a range session start with senator Sanders face then squareness on their swing path I hope you enjoy this video if you do give it a thumbs up and maybe share it with somebody who you think can benefit from some of this information and of course lucky if it was one of your first videos consider pressing that subscribe button and the bell so I can look after you next week but until next week have a great golfing week


  1. okay, I love that tip of throwing the ball backwards with the left hand…that tip increased my swing speed massively

  2. Really great video Danny…cant fix it all at once, need to pinpoint the different areas that need work and how to find out the issues, good stuff man, thanks!

  3. Another great video Danny. I was at the range yesterday and pretty consistently hitting driver and 3W straight but right of target. I have a swing analyzer on my glove that says my hands were slightly coming over the top but the club plane was significantly inside to out (not sure how those two are possible together!?!). Any thoughts or suggestions? Cheers!

  4. No one would ever expect to hit a homerun in baseball directly over center field every time. Why do we expect that in golf? In baseball anywhere within 45º is perfectly acceptable.
    I see people getting angry when they hit a golf shot 5º or 10º off line.
    "Excuse me! That's pretty damn good! You hit it well. It went far but didn't land in the center of the fairway and you're angry about it?" No one can hit any club dead straight every time. That's why it's a game of skill. That's what makes it fun. Moe Norman excluded.

  5. Danny, I have developed a horrible push shot with my 5 wood off the tee.

    Help would be much appreciated!

    I've tried the normal advice of ball position, and tried some drills to swing outside in or whichever way shkusl fix it 😁 just doesn't seem to work atm.


  6. You missed a very important thing when you were using the broom. When you're dragging the handle and the broom is well behind you – THE BACK OF YOUR LEFT HAND WAS PARALLEL TO THE TARGET LINE. If you were to have the common weak golf grip that sweeping action is nearly physically impossible.
    I find most OTT-ers grip is much too weak which causes the to use that extra OTT motion to attempt to square the clubface. They believe the have to "shut the face," manually for some reason. NO! If you're holding the grip properly there is no need at all to "close the face," it will happen naturally.
    Also, OTT-ers have a massive fear of the ball going right. They do everything they can think of to prevent it … which is what causes it. The most common cause of OTT and the ball going right is a premature manual closing of the clubface. They think that if they shut it early, surely it'll be shut when it gets to the ball … but no. What actually happens is the club closes too soon, the toe gets ahead of the shaft while there's still force being applied to the handle, the engineering of the club and physics causes the club to reopen as it nears the ball resulting in a high right shot. The clubface can only close once during the swing and does so slowly and smoothly. OTT-er's clubfaces close twice – one (manually) before impact and one (naturally) after impact but the ball is struck right in between those to while the club is resetting itself from the premature closure.
    Cure for OTT: try to hit ball with the clubface wide open and make no attempt to close it. Expect that ball to go dead right, but it won't. When the club is swung at speed it is designed to square itself up as well as the physical limitations of the human body force your arm to rotate slightly to prevent injury. Sounds crazy, I know, but the only way to truly cure an OTT swing is to PROVE YOURSELF WRONG!

  7. I have watched and followed maybe 100000 how-to-hit- straight nstruction videos and for some reason I am still seeking these videos……..

  8. Sorry Danny, bit late to this one excellent video ,lot for me to work on there. Unfortunately got my driver out of the bag yesterday to tee off and the shaft was broken. Going to have to get a new one fitted. Until then I'm guessing these tips will work just as well with a 3 wood? P.S won a competition Saturday got trimmed from 21 handicap to 19 so your video's are helping 👍

  9. This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about "intro golf" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Keniden Benilliam Release – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my buddy got great results with it.

  10. Absolutely great tips every week, unfortunately I’m still struggling ricing true impact and hitting behind the ball 😭
    57.year male from Bangkok practicing twice a week, it’s hard to change what you have been doing wrong for 10.years 😭

  11. Enjoy your videos they are very helpful. But gave this one a thumbs down because you don't explain how to square the clubface .
    Do you 'feel' it or manufacture with,for example, a flat left wrist ? ( something I have tried without success!

  12. How to hit the driver straight every time? Maybe PGA tour pros could learn something since they don’t even do that.

  13. Do you advocate a stronger grip to mitigate a slice on the driver? Can you straighten your drive by changing your grip?

  14. This video was absolutely fantastic , especially as I HOOK the ball !! Great understanding and fantastic drills, The brushstrokes drill is ace, and I don’t suppose you can get me an epic driver can you to practice these drills like you do and left-handed please 😂,

  15. I like the broom idea. That really helps keeping the hands in front of the ball and promoting proper rotation. What is the purple shaft you always have in your driver?

  16. Great video Danny, accuracy off the tee is so critical and more golfers need to spend the time getting this right. Great advice for all handicap levels. Got to make more videos like this, cheers!

  17. great tips, they were a huge eye opener for me as a constant slicer. I will definitely use this a the range.

  18. I’m having a problem with being a spray hitter. I’m a lefty. My drive miss is going straight left. Not a slice, straight ball flight from tee to the left rough. Say about 10 to 20 degrees off centre. Or my ball flight is a tight hook, low ball flight to the right rough.

  19. Backhand with golf ball an entirely new feeling for me. To get that with golf swing seems the left arm rotation is not released too early in downswing- is that reasonable?

  20. Hi Danny,
    following the drills in your other videos about hitting the ball straight I have now acquired a reputation at my golf club as somebody to avoid in match play as I hit everything straight down the middle.
    Problem is I only show clubhead speed of 76 mph on Trackman with a driver, so distance is a problem.
    Any ideas on ways to increase my clubhead speed?
    I’m 77 with my fair share of injuries but still very competitive.
    Keep the videos coming, first thing I do every Saturday morning is look to see what you have posted.

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