How to Haze a Coyote

Coyotes are a native species to Wisconsin and an important part of our environment, but we may not be used to seeing them in our backyards and neighborhoods. Their adaptability has allowed them to move into urban areas where they may be seen regularly. Seeing a coyote isn’t necessarily a bad thing and in many cases they are enjoyable to watch from a safe distance. However, on occasion, changes in coyote behavior may mean that a specific individual is getting used to human presence. If this is happening in your community, action is necessary to cause coyotes to fear humans. With a healthy fear of humans, coyotes and humans can co-exist peacefully. To ensure that coyotes avoid people when they see us, you, and everyone in your community, needs to make them feel uncomfortable. There is a simple, safe way to do this. It’s called hazing. But it only works if everyone in your community gets involved! [music] It’s important to know that the coyote is more afraid of you than you are of it! Face the coyote and stand your ground. Stand tall and raise your arms. In your loudest, firmest voice, yell at the coyote to “go away!” “Get out of here, go, go!” Use noisemakers, like pennies in a soda can, or a whistle. Throw sticks, rocks, or other objects in the direction of the coyote. But do not throw food. And do not throw any of these objects directly at the animal Squirt the coyote with a hose. Using these methods should create fear of humans in coyotes and they should leave the area. If they don’t leave the area after repeated attempts to scare them away, please call Animal Services at Public Health Madison and Dane County. Here are some important safety tips while hazing a coyote: If children are present, keep them next to you. If your pet is small (less than 20 pounds), pick it up and hold it in your arms. If your pet is larger than 20 pounds, keep it on a leash and next to you. And a very important note: Do NOT haze a coyote if it is injured or sick. Also, do not haze a coyote if it is with pups, or near a den with pups. Instead you should leave the area These methods work both for coyote encounters in your yard, or while walking your pets on a leash. Hazing coyotes only works if everyone does it, and does it regularly. So please share this video and encourage everyone in your area to haze any coyote they see. On-going, repeated hazing is one of the best ways to make sure that coyotes remain fearful of us, and this fear of us will result in a peaceful co-existence between coyotes, humans, and domestic animals.

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