How to handle ETHICAL issues in the CSA Exam

hi guys are shortly about ethical cases now escalators are designed to be challenging they do make us think that make us worse a little bit there's lot of information coming in often from lots of different sources but it will compute that into online who's already winning a hundred-mile-an-hour s cookies are very very difficult sometimes but a few core things I think can make your life a lot easier than these types of cases kind of our almond our GP and a medical educator and how's the video we'll give me some time let's get started now especially just like in any other CSC case understand the core issues of the case are so important as no difference with an ethical case now in an ethical case there's very different issues what you're probably thinking about so things like your competence things like confidentiality things like the right to be involved in decision making things like the right to full knowledge and a patient now these are a lot of ethical principles that we often understand the doctor but we very rarely talk about them so we're not used to explaining these things and discussing them in detail supplements have to be a little bit before you can discuss and debated you've got to understand the core issue of the case now we will never ask key for medical ethical principles Irving's beneficence and on maleficence autonomy and justice it would have understand these four things really well if you decide to work all those other side context to the issues are when a case comes up in terms of medical ethics now how can you work out whether it is a case of testing ethical good a little bit goes down to something what sort of question the patient asks of you say for example stop it is this right or wrong doctor am I allowed to do this doctor was that other doctor right and do it doctor it is the right way of thinking about these on those sorts of questions come then you start saying why this is and may be an ethical sort of cases but the future base will need to happen that perhaps No but going back to your four key core ethical principles are really important and understanding measures where you go through the essay is really key to doing well in that little case and also when you're looking at issues of a case make sure you're very clear on what is an ethical issue and what is a legal issue now there are difference between legalities and what you can do from xx point of view so one is very clear-cut yes or no what's right or wrong what's possible or not well as a legal achievement so where's your ethical stuff is a bit more debated is often no right or wrong answers this openness in sort of markers will be a different way to another to understand the core issues in the case listening to the questions that are coming understand the key four principles of ethics that you know yourself and working out what the legal issue was nestled issues are really important that understanding expertise is early the because debated ready and adequately in the second okay secondly remember you don't have to always make a decision or give an answer to someone right here right now often we think we're pressed into making it very difficult decisions are often a lot of debate a lot of thinking a lot of sort of in a reflection sometimes before you come up with an adequate plans that don't feel that you have to give an answer right here right now and just also feel that you have to come up with the answer yourself you know we are as you read have access to logical people or people compasshealth of entire situation so you have other colleagues that you could talk to you have your medical defense unions that you can talk to you have specialists and hospitals and on your own GP colleagues you have people within social care social services health visit for so many things so you can think about before you have to make that right right here enough now often we feel 10-minute pressure patients come in with a question we need to know what to do right here right now but often like I said this birthday it's about understanding issues and working those through not necessarily what exact answers do you get up obviously those are some cases where they ask to push for an answer to the things are quite pressing is quite kind of dependence and obviously want to make a call in those cases and a lot of ethical issues are not going to unravel as basic three minutes unravel over the space of three weeks three months sometimes the opposite gathering all the dancers understand the issues having a good base about the possibilities and then maybe coming up with a plan that allows you to look into it further get some advice is often a personally I different way to go don't feel the pressure to give an answer right here right now if it is not easy now one of the most difficult things often that we find an ethical case is trying to convince the patient or show them why the ethical principles are so important for us as a doctor that can be quite difficult to do so what do we try and we try and explain the principle behind ethics announcer we'll talk about the principle of confidentiality we'll try and explain the principle of capacity or competence or autonomy now we understand the principle so when we explain it it makes sense to us which is related to that situation now a third party like a patient or someone else or a relative or a Care Act's may not understand that vegetable and you understand the principle when you explain it there's still a lot of personal feeling going on that's that it may not let me understand this it may not be enough to convince them we didn't want to do MonaVie job to be done for one of two reasons for example so one thing that we found very useful is try and flip the ethics back on the other person if the situation backward then and make it personal for them so they understand the situation or the debtor so for example with confidentiality if someone comes in and asked for information about their brothers notes for example probably explain the principle Kentucky a mrs. Logan magic and then your brother came in and asked us for information about your medical record and the same ways I would be able to give information to them without your consent we should calmly given information about your brother to you by now and I should go to the proper process now straight away that brother will understand that implications with as possible to them eucalyptus you've made it more realistic for that point of view st. another liver doctor you'll be pushed in to make an excellent decision now rather than explain the principle of ethics we'll explain the principle against your line flip the situation now imagine the stress if you came in and want to see another doctor who have or your brother went to see another doctor and I wanted to get these arms out of their doctor why here right now because how you can imagine that that doctor would be able to give an answer is probably not looking at all of the key aspects of getting that information not discussing with the right people the nice and usual I'm sure your brother they let the doctor give them an answer without all the information and looked at profit on the same way I wouldn't want to do you disservice by giving you an answer right now and the situation clearly has a lot more thing to talk about are local people to get it back so again look the situation make them understand from a different point of view this is more personal to them and often it may come out the other side again tables are going to care a coming in who wants a particular investigation being good for their mother or for that Harlan sample rather try to explain the principles of capacity or autonomy or right to be involved in decision this only other person imagine if your son or daughter came in and asked us to do a test on you without you being involved not just in the same way you'd really want to know about that discussion and get involved with it before make a decision on your behalf the same applies for mundane are commonly go and make a decision on their behalf without talking to them again you've flipped it on them make it personal very hardened to fly marks to explain the principle of these things medical ethics point of view I'm going to get the same question back again again the main or hit them as hard as it may confess so think about flipping ethical cases making things personal turning around on the other person the apply mosquitoes a job quite well for you I advise you have on your crackers the s locator with all sorts of change sides and all those upset all sort of different annuals and you can never feel fully prepared for ethical situation is all slightly unique slightly different but understanding your poor poor principles and also the little ethical things that go in and around them to make a big big difference to the confidence that you have when you're dealing with such situation in the CSA now we know ethics also written our course example we were lots of ethical scenarios because we know the people smuggle this stuff you don't forget in real life you'll also get it in your practice because you come in or rather but if you're practicing with study groups make sure you get the best score possible in there and make sure you push you the person a little bit that says any ethics really have to think of work will next be because operable not used to doing that like you said now personal values use a lot for the videos have a look at in terms of CF a whole other aspect achieve training on the chance prescribe if you find it useful if you have any other query or any of those videos that you want make you Sofia say but for anything to keep you waiting just want realign at we want our water details down below hope you'll get to meet some of you guys in the near future if you are taking the exam in the next three months once again good luck I look absolutely fine take care and we'll catch up soon

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