How To Get Summer Time EVENT Badge in Roblox FNAF Help Wanted RP

hello everybody and welcome back to a brand new episode today on roblox my name is digi and I'm gonna be showing you guys a brand new batch on phenom help-wanted RP but before we get started go ahead and like the video and consider subscribing down below if you haven't already because when you do all those things you'll then be part of the badge hunting squad that's correct you would join the squad well known across the world even people in area 51 know about it anyways let's go ahead and get down to some hunting all right and while we're in the game they're ready to go it's time to get ourselves the new badge that's been added which is called nothing other than summer time event and all this guy to say is find a sand castle and as the hint says find a sand castle does what we're gonna be doing today I'm gonna be showing you all how to find a sand castle in this game now however is not just any ordinary sand castle this is an indoor sand castle it's gonna be inside the pizzeria alright so let's go ahead and get started actually you know what let's go ahead and pick an animatronic to be and I think oh look it's our gates games of being gallant yeah it's awesome let's go ahead and become spring-trap hello everyone my name's spring-trap and yes I am from the Minecraft five nights at Freddy's Channel I am the one that serves apple juice to all of everybody and no I do not steal the kids or just simply employ them anyways though go ahead and walk over here into the pizzeria map and head on inside the pizzeria or Freddy fazbear's pizzeria and go in and it'll go teleport you inside now all you've got to do is head over to the right side and go to power it's Cove and as you can see there is a little sand castle in the corner and all you've got to do is simply walk on top of it and there we go you have now officially gotten the summertime event batch congratulations my little pod hunters you are now truly a summertime event badge hunter that's your title today a summertime event bad hunter or you can be just a summer badge hunt everyone it's up to you oh look his dingy they still cooking in the oven poor little bloke he's still cooking it's gonna be super fun to tell all so I'll just walk point out if you all did not know Lou is eight oh it's gone there was a pot in here there on the ground it would turn you into the a different kind of pony interesting hot but look over here is gallant gaming whoring behind the baby blush Oh gallant you silly old dog new silly oh look what what does this how do you give in there what do you do that Oh Jo in what does walk out up in there how does one get how do you do that how did you walk or figured it out so right here around the corner of the prize corner you just jump up right in short go like stick to the wall there we go and just oh there we go and we're in look at that look at that everyone I'm here what is this place roof cap for gallant and his morning craft ro play and because he likes to go on roofs oh talent I did not know this all right back up back to normal though so yeah all you gotta do is just go like this jump right there and you are in and on top of the world this is actually pretty cool though look at this this is awesome this is all Chilean play some minecraft why not all right now let's go ahead and check out the badge morph so if I am correct there it is right over here let's see what summertime event gives us it's over here and we've got oh look at that what's this a summertime Freddie oh look at Blas summertime Freddy oh you're looking good let's go out and get some Sun lotion on and get a tan on let's go is a Caesar there's nothing there just not even like a park with water I'll buy some buns enjoy summertime if there's nowhere to go tan my bread bread bear butt cheeks yes my bear bread bear butt cheeks that's not as a tongue twister shut man it's me Freddy yeah guys so we're like totally gonna go surfing like yep that's how it sounds now like that is summertime Freddie's voice I do not apologize oh man gosh they are adding a lot to this game which is really good I like that um I would suggest maybe making the badges just a little harder maybe just a little bit you know not too easy but not too difficult yeah you know somewhere in between like Goldilocks not too hot but not too cold all right let's go ahead and check out some of these I I won't become the Hulk Hulk chica oh my God look at this thing chica smash this is terrifying you should never ever have to see this thing in real life if you saw a chicken that was super big like the Hulk and had a babe on that said let's smash you turn around and you run you turn the other way you never eat chicken ever again because I'd be terrified to have this chicken find me buddy you eating my chicken boy just be like quack quack I'm a chicken not smash quack quack you better eat beef and not chicken oh look I can move me now yet so let's go digi we're going on a trip on a magic magic ship yeah let's go guys I'm taking myself around I wonder if I think insane through the portal let's see ah it Oh throw out of the way me God I'm gonna send digi somewhere come on Oh did it work no I take it I'm trying to get it on top of the teleporter come on please I just want to cover it up all right come on let's go move it jumping I think this is where it is guys is where it ends that's all she wrote folks I love this van this is too good I love it I love it digi it's like seeing myself in a mirror I don't know how I would feel about that hardmode duo can go ahead take it I cannot I cannot go into it lost I wonder what they're gonna do next though in this game it's gonna be super cool to see what they decide to add in because again I feel like there's there wasn't a lot of fun after that really expanded the I guess phenom universe I didn't really feel like there was a lot but who knows maybe there's something planned that Scott has in mine and we just don't know it yet and I that's what I hope at least oh their nature child of Oh a hold up hold up wait nope blonde character there we go all right where is it that little child go I've got a job for you it's called making apple juice hello come out come out wherever you want little child I've got a noise paying job for you it's actually quite free where are you I know I saw you somewhere here hello I'm out mate come on come on wherever you all it's just good Oh spring-trap whoo oh hello toy chica I love that noise curves you've got there they're quite curvy oh look everyone's staring at a green wall look I'm gonna blend in book what did I go tada look at me I'm doing it I'm now half in half Oh am I stuck in here oh dear oh dear I'm stuck here forever no oh there we go alright everyone well that's all for today thank you all so much for watching if you enjoyed think oh hey leave a like and subscribe down below and yes again I am spring-trap from the phenomenal that you know we all know and love very much but anyways as always don't forget to check out my Twitter and follow me on roblox I love you all is always say also thank you and I'll see you all in the next episode god bless the Queen

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  1. Nice vid! I only just saw this vid as i was on holiday for a week and i'm back now 🙂 And yes, don't worry the next big update: 'Not As It Seems' the badges will be hopefully a lot more harder 🙂

  2. OMG This news report by the cat is so true cats don't care about what there humon is doing well not all the time but they still love you #whenyourcatsdontnowyourrecordingthem

  3. Only 44 likes WHAT!???!
    I will support the vid by liking the vid
    Edit: can we talk about that cat though it’s super cute

  4. me: ah what a good summer:

    digitizedpixels: new video: How To Get Summer Time EVENT Badge in Roblox FNAF Help Wanted RP

    me: yay!!!!!!! a summer video! lets watch it

    phone: wet and broken

    me: :C i need a new phone in order to watch the new video

  5. XD digi or I can say Springtrap LOL funny ending godbless the qreen XD funny lol #stayyasome #stayyycool l

    XD Springtrap and DIGI both funny

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