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hello your holistic guardian I've come today to tell you how to get rid of some of these little pesky visitors that can infiltrate your home when you have some extra vegetables here this is something that you will want to see a way to get rid of them without having to pay any money watch look at these horrible little creatures little gnats that came into the house because I was blessed with some extra vegetables and I didn't eat them all so I to store them in the house and they brought in the fragrance of them brought in all of these nice little visitors and they're kind of hard to get rid of unless you know what to do and if you have a little infestation of these little gnats I will show you how to get rid of them we'll need a pair of scissors an empty water container a piece of paper bought the size of a larger index card some tape doesn't have to be the large tape it could be a small got to tape and for luring you'll need some apple cider vinegar and some kind of a sweetener like agave or honey or whatever okay let's get busy and make our insect trapper now let's get started on our little contraption here the first thing we want to do is cut off the top you can squeeze it now you want to take the top and put it inside the other part and we're going to take our tape and tape it down securely this tape was so thick until I cut it off and cut it down wait now I'm going to push this down and tape tape it so that it's very secure tape it so that it on here very securely now you see that okay now I'm going to get a piece of tape and I'm going to make a funnel a funnel that has a small hole to it and I'm going to tape it closed okay I'm going to kind of even this up a little bit we want an attractive silletti critters want to come in and we're going to set this sit this funnel inside the hole but first of all we have to put our baked in they like apple cider vinegar the smell is what will lure them into dairy little trap a little apple cider vinegar into the hole a little sweetener inside the hole now you take your sweetener and you pour some down that little hole also so now you have sweetener can you have your apple cider vinegar and we're going to put a little water in here just enough to have a nice little formula for luring now we're going to put these nice little funnel right inside and we're going to kind of tape it down so that it's stay down okay took off a piece of tape I'm going to just take part of it here and loop it over here just a habit das stay down I take another piece of tape I'm going to tape it here and I'm going to tape it here just enough to have bit where it's pretty firm and yes there's a little hole now when our little invaders smell the luring smell of the apple cider vinegar and agave they will fly on top go down go into the little hole and when they decide to come up they will come up on the side of the bottle which is encased all around and they won't be able to get out they won't have the mind or the mental abilities that we have that God gave us to go back to the hole and come out let's see what happens after a few hours or maybe overnight let's see what happens with our new inexpensive contraption my mind what have we here down in the bottom we have several of our little invaders swimming around in the nice formula and we have some that are a little more adventures that are climbing around the sides trying to get out climbing around the sides to get out but we have captured quite a few and as long as you have this here they will be lured into the top go down to the bottom get all of the nice formula that we have prepared for them and then try to come up with the full belly but they won't be able to find the opening and then when you have completed your capture you take your bottle put it in a plastic bag and throw it and your little invaders oh wait that was kind of like fun and on my channel I hope to give you lots of nice tips on how you can live the abundant life with very small amounts of money continue to watch my channel and learn how to live frugally have a wonderful day being holy and healthy wise and wealthy and give all of the glory to God who gave us Jesus his ultimate gift and don't worry about things because if he can give us his ultimate gift why won't it give us these small gifts he always does until next time your holistic guardian bye-bye

23 thoughts on “How to get rid of gnats by Holistic Guardian

  1. Thank you so much lovely lady for sharing. We've gone around and around with this problem for years. I made mine and had it setting on the counter 30 minutes after watching you video last night. Now at 1:33 pm next day still gnat catching. And I love your glasses. πŸ™‚

  2. you are the blessing ive prayed for…plants are my thing…i have so many & steadily growing…i am making my contraption now . Bless you my dear lady I have subscribe to you…patience is a virtue & The Almighty God is the way πŸ™‚

  3. First time seeing your channel. When you gave God the praise, I hit the subscribe button immediately! I also love that you seem so self assured about what you're saying. I'm going to make the contraption right now. These gnats are driving me crazy! God Bless you!

  4. Thank you so much for this, Ma’am. And just want you to know that your video was so soothing as well. You did a magnificent job.

  5. those look like fruit flies. Gnats are much smaller and constantly move – so fast, you can never catch them.

  6. I'm zapping these things with store bought bug spray, $6.70 a can. Does nothing to them. My daughter calls them Nuclear Insects! Ill try this….

  7. You have a kind God-fearing spirit I felt it thank you so much I'm bringing my baby home in a couple weeks and I cannot have these things flying thank you!!! God bless πŸ’–πŸ’–

  8. Very good helpful information, thank you.
    You said to place the plastic bottle/trap into a plastic bag and throw it in the trash.
    I would like to have heard you say, to place both the plastic bottle and plastic bag into a plastic recycling bin, instead of the trash.
    We all know plastic is a very harmful product to our environment.
    Thank you so kindly.

  9. Them traps nab only a small percentage compared to using the large sticky traps. Also you'd do well to put sand on the top of pots. For a 5 gallon pale it's 2 quarts of sand to make a 1" layer of sand.

  10. Freddie, I love you ,in the name of our Lord Jesus . Your video is the best . And so are you. Keep up the good work , God keeps his children busy, I pray this message finds you well. Thank You Pastor Paul D

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