How to Get Coaching Clients from Social Media

Do you want to get coaching clients for free
on social media? If so, then this is the video for you. Welcome back. So today what we’re talking about is how to
get coaching clients from social media for free. We all know that social media is free and
it’s free because we are essentially the product, right? We’re giving Facebook and Instagram and Linkedin
and all of these other places, our information so that they can sell them to advertisers. Sometimes you and I, we are the advertisers
and we are paying for those ads to reach the people who are already on social media. But sometimes you just want to leverage social
media the way that it was really intended to be leveraged. And that is to create an atmosphere where
people can find you and come into your coaching program. So how do we do that? How do we get coaching clients from social
media for free? Surprise, surprise. Majority of my coaching clients have come
from social media. I’ve had maybe one, I think one or two people
out of all of the hundreds of clients that I worked with over the past couple of years,
one or two people has been someone that I’ve known in person first before social media
that has become a client, one or two people. That’s it. So think about that. Social media has been instrumental for me
in running my business, especially as an introvert, someone who chooses to work behind the computer
and who likes putting systems in place and, and you know, creating a business that allows
me to recharge my introvert battery all day, every day. So social media is great for that. So I want to share with you some of the ways
that I’ve done that. Some of the ways that I’ve booked clients
using social media, I use some free and organic methods. I also use paid methods as well. But in this video I want to talk to you about
some of the free methods that I’ve used to get coaching clients from social media. Okay. So the first thing that you’ve got to do is
update your profiles. So when you are on social media, your profile
is like your billboard. It’s the, it’s the mini advertisement of who
you are, who you’re looking for, what you can offer them. And it’s a way for people to immediately get
to know you the same way that a website does it. But websites are really more like web 1.0
where you know, people will go to your website but then there’s no interaction or not really
a whole lot for them to do unless you have a blog with comments. And social media is more like web 2.0 web
2.0 is where we’re interacting with each other. We’re creating content that other people are
immediately consuming. And so the idea behind social media, the reason
that the word is social is because we are having those interactions. So yes, you do need a website that has your
information, all that. That’s not what this video is about. This video is about social media. So I hope you have a website before you try
to go to social media to get clients. So you need to update your profiles. The first thing that I would, that you do
is update your profile picture, so have a profile picture that is a professional shot
of you, only you in the photo, not you with three other people so we’re not really sure
which one is you. It needs to be just you and your photo. It can be you doing something fun or like
it really should show your personality. The next thing that I would recommend, and
I’m kind of thinking about Facebook in particular here, which is to update your cover photo,
so you do get a cover photo on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. I know in particular, so you can update that
cover photo for the cover photo. I usually like to do something that is, it’s
a nice photo of me, but it’s also kind of a mini billboard and it leads that person
into a free training or a free download. My opt-in is on Facebook. I think I have that for that also where I
say, Hey, here’s this free training. You can go and download it or I might just
have a quote. I think I have a quote in my personal Facebook
banner and then I have the free training in the business one. So that’s the next thing that you want to
do is update that banner. Next thing you want to do for updating your
profiles is you want to update your description. So talk about what you do, who you do it for,
and how you can help those people. So for example, mine is I help coaches create
and fill their coaching programs. So it’s what I do, which is marketing. I help coaches create and build their coaching
programs. Who I do it for, which is coaches and what
we do, which is create and fill their coaching program. Okay, so you want to have a sentence that
kind of encapsulates everything that you do. And this is your core benefit statement. It’s also what you can use when you introduce
yourself to someone at a networking event and they’re like, Hey, what do you do? And instead of saying, I’m a coach or I’m
a marketing consultant, I can just run right in with, I help coaches create a fill their
coaching program. Do you know anyone who’s looking to create
a coaching program or someone who’s looking to fill a coaching program? And that’s a great way to get a conversation
started and a potential referral. Okay? So you’ve got to update all your social media. The next thing that you want to do on your
social media is talk about your topic. There are so many people who just use social
media to share what’s going on in politics or things that they’re frustrated about in
life. And the thing is, is that everyone has an
opinion and they’re like, armpits, we’ll have a couple of them, right? And they usually stink. I don’t care about your opinions, you don’t
care about my opinions. It’s the reason why they are opinions. So no one really cares about why you do or
don’t like the president, why you do or don’t like what’s going on right now? Why are you do or don’t like somebody dancing
in the middle of the floor and like maybe they shouldn’t be doing that. No one really cares about that. What they do care about is what you can do
for them. And that’s what talking about your topic does
for them. Now I’m not saying not to share pieces of
your life, which I’ll get to actually in the next thing, but what I’m talking about is
you should be talking about your topic. So share, you know, for example, for me it
might be something like why it’s important for you to have a website for your business
or three ways that coaches can get started with Linkedin or five tips to market your
coaching business. Those are the types of things that I can share. It’s similar to when blogging was really big
and everyone was blogging and people were creating really good content for their blogs. Now you can take that same content and you
can put it on social media. So if you’re writing one blog per week, take
that, chop it up into little snippets, create some graphics, maybe like a tiny little video
or do like a little mini live stream and turn that into your content for your social media
platforms. Okay. It’s gonna be that much easier for you to
fill them up and keep the conversation going. Every platform is going to be different. So what you share on Linkedin versus Instagram
versus Facebook is going to be a little different. What I would recommend that you do is just
start with the platform that you enjoy engaging on the most and start conversations with people
there. Then you can branch out to other platforms
from there. For example, I used to really, really like
Facebook and now I can’t stand it so I’m barely on there, but I really do like Instagram. Yes, I realize that Facebook owns Instagram,
but I prefer the fact that I don’t have to scroll through a bunch of people talking about
politics. It’s just pictures and I can unfollow you
if I don’t care to see your pictures. So Instagram is really my jam right now and
it’s a great way for me to chat with people who are interested in my programs and who
want to send me a DM. I can do IG stories. It just, it loads a lot faster than Facebook. There’s just so many reasons that I prefer
it. Linkedin is really good. Linkedin is great for prospecting and meeting
potential clients and I haven’t really used Twitter in a long time, but I still keep things
going and keep things active on there because there are people on Twitter who are searching
for different hashtags. All right. The final thing that I suggest that you do
to get clients from social media is to be a human, not a spam bot. So what does this mean? We’re not just posting flyers about what we
do, who we are, who we help, and why they should book a call right now. But we’re also sharing pieces of our life
and being human. So, for example, the other day I made a new
burger, which was a lamb and beef burger and I used an eggplant as a bun. And I shared that photo like, Hey, here’s,
you know, here’s something new I tried, which was an Eggplant Bun Burger. I’m actually shared it on Facebook and it’s
something that it has nothing to do with me helping coaches create and fill their coaching
program. But it’s me, it’s something personal and something
that the people who follow me and who have me as a friend that they might relate to and
might be able to chat about. And the idea is that you want to be a human,
it’s still social media. We’re not just talking about business. I mean imagine how boring a happy hour would
be if you went to happy hour and everyone just talked about their job and their business,
like what they do. It’s so much more exciting when you get to
chatting about life and then you learn like how many things you have in common with all
these people. I mean if I went to happy hour and someone
even mentioned anything about CrossFit, like I would enjoy being there. And even as an introvert I probably will stay
for several hours. So you want to be a human, not a spam bot. And I will include one final bonus tip on
how to get free clients or how to get clients for free from social media because we don’t
want free clients, right? You want them to pay. How do get clients from social media and that
is to actually ask and create a call to action. So whenever you’re doing a content post and
you want someone to give you a call or a book of discovery call, say that, say, “Hey,
book a discovery call”, or “here’s where you can go get a free consultation call.” If you want them to sign up for your webinar,
say, Hey, sign up for this webinar. There are five steps that I use that I share
with my coaching clients in order to help them create and fill their coaching program. And so if you’d like to take a look at that
training where I share those five simple steps and that strategy, you can get that by going
to or click the link that is in the description box. It’ll take you right there. It’s a great training and it will help you
to get coaching clients no matter where you are on social media, walking around in your
house or just happen to do a live stream. Thanks so much for watching today. Don’t forget to smash that like button and
subscribe and I’ll see you guys the next one. Okay, bye.

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