How To Get A Influencer As a Closer (NO FLUFF OR BS)

oh it's late you're never going to have to worry about ever finding a high-ticket partner again if you are a closer because in today's video I'm gonna give you a no fluff no BS strategy on how to land a influencer what to search for what to look for the whole nine so be rest assured that by the end of this video you'll be well taken care of especially if you're a closer or someone who's looking for a high-ticket partner so let's get this video started in three two one okay so what's going on guys my name is joy rich and welcome to team live Rach where I talk about health wealth love happiness the whole nine – making sure you live a rich and fulfilling life and today's video I'm going to be talking about how to actually find hide to get partners how to find a influencer or just close high ticket deals for and if you guys see on my screen this is actually my private Facebook group that is completely free you guys can join down below because I actually give my first insights videos here first before I actually publish it on youtube so if you guys want to go ahead and check this out see I did a how to land an influencer no fluff BS what I'm teaching in this private Facebook group is the same thing I'm gonna be teaching today's video so with that being said make sure you guys join the Facebook group it's super lit a bunch of live live rich members and their team that I love it the first place you guys are gonna go to is where high-ticket partners hang out and if you guys don't know where hide to get partners hang out look at this group so it's called tu cama slash the members and if you scroll down here which you'll find is influencers who leveraged high ticket closers so if you don't know where to start don't know to where to begin start where a lot of people are already successful at and that comes with the 2 comma clubs so if you guys don't know what this is these are highly successful entrepreneurs who've done all the marketing who've done all the sales who've mastered all the copy all that stuff all the things closers don't have to do and they get a reward for it and all that means is they made a million dollars with one funnel one program one course from mastermind wherever it is so this is going to be a bun dn't list of people that use use closers so for example the person that I work with is Kevin David as you guys can see is right here another person I work with is right there Dan the Silva cool diamond actually it was texting him this morning but if you guys don't know where to start this is a good place to start so the next step I would do after I go to this website is I would decide which niche I want to go with so I used to be a lot into personal training I used to be a personal trainer so one place you got one thing you guys can do is command F on a keyboard and then click alright a regular keyword fitness right and if you scroll down going through here you'll see all the people in that specific niche so you have Jeff Sherman Carolyn saldo she uses closers I know that Brian Chen Brandon Carter right so there's so many people that uses closers and this is where it starts this is where it begins so like for example let's say I wanted to go ahead and be a closer for Tanner right so next step would would be is you actually just go to google search up his name and this is what I would do guys if I was starting from scratch and while that loads the next step – after you search up the specific guy you want to work for right and you want to have a blended list the first thing I do is I open up all of these literally all of these I do some deep research on him and from here the first thing I do is I message him say hey I'm a closer and if you guys don't know what to actually say to influencer actually have it in my five step blueprint to create a six figure phone sales empire so you guys can download this down below is completely free as well all you're gonna do is find a document you're gonna write script script give me a second script yep script and I have my general winning script right here the same things that I said to Kevin David the guy you saw in the two comma Club does the exact thing I said this is my exact conversation as you guys can see Kevin David right here in my messenger chat this is me obviously and this is what I said to Kevin hey my name is Joey I love your products and results your branks I'm a closer that specifically specifically focuses on closing closing deals for e-commerce I would love to bring value to you by closing deals based solely on performance and on Commission I stand by your brand product and want to help increase the impact you're creating which is for Kevin David is helping people escape the corporate slavery so I would say something along the lines like that I'm all in for helping you helping your business grow and help impact or creating so go ahead and leave a message below on what you think if you can decide for us to work together I'm excited to see you and your business grow and impact you create so you guys this is completely free guys can download it down below the script works because of the you know D seven reasons but I'm not going to cover that because I really want to just deliver straight value no BS practical actions you guys can take so definitely download this cuz it's where I have everything from A to Z scratch but back to tenor I say I'm a closer and I'll have a closed I'm not closure for anybody yet first thing I would do like all this stuff follow all this stuff send a message right send a message and then basically start a conversation from there go to his personal website write research or bottom see what he's doing see what he's all about and what I would also do follow him on instagram ID hat LD him DM him on Instagram excuse me and I'll just literally deep dive deep research on everything so that's what I would do if you guys don't know where to start for influencers the two comma Club literally one of the best resources next thing guys is go ahead and join the click funnels Facebook group because this is where a lot of influence there's a lot of high ticket partners hang out and if you're a closer all you're gonna have to do is this like looking you go into search bar do looking for closer you put that in a social bar and boom here you go there's people looking for clues a friend of mine is looking for a height to get closer to closer sales are any of them in here hi I'm looking for a height to get closer for one of my clients hi I'm looking for a few months or has passion for health fitness wellness what is the standard Commission guys like literally go to the Facebook group specifically Facebook groups and provide value I answer all the questions comment on all the post guys it's here it's literally here like this guy Raphael I'm talking to him right now he was looking for closers he went to the Facebook group to ask for some so if you guys don't know where to start click funnels is the best place to start the two common clubs one of the best place to start this is one strategy in the way I suggest you guys actually message these influencers is actually following the exact way I I landed my influencer which is sending a video resume which is actually picking up their smartphone putting it on record and recording a video on your phone to him and so they could see you and you can see who you are they could see how expressive you are and you got to understand if you're a closer you've got to separate yourself from a lot of other people because a lot of people order doing they're doing the same thing spamming people and knowing people not providing any real value so if you can come in with a slight edge knowing more information about them that they know themselves knowing their pain points know where their struggles knowing where they can improve their marketing this isn't going to separate you and how actually helped you land a influencer or a high-ticket partner if you are a closer so I hope you guys like that straight to the point no fluff no BS please this is a lot of practical stuff I gave you please go ahead and execute it and I know you will if you guys like this video go ahead and hit the subscribe button down below hit the like button you know joinder which fat man like this this team liberation movement is about to blow up I'm telling you this is about because Joey rich is here to deliver for you so go ahead and subscribe leave the like button leave a comment down below which want me to cover next and I'll see you guys in the next video peace live rich

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  2. lol crazy comments 😂 I have a question when you message these influencers how do you find there best contact number/method as I've kinda tried to message before and only had assistant's reply

  3. Being an adult is so boring and impossible to live without my dream girl . She won't even give me a kiss

  4. That's if they're willing to accept you to work with them no matter successful they are. I hate rejections.

  5. Last time I got an influencer, all of the leads are cold calling leads even though they're qualified. Which means I won't get paid via closing

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