How to get 9 FREE Empowered gem boxes

take those the – if I can welcome back to trove in today's episode we are going to be talking about how to get 9-3 empowered gem boxes every single week with hardly doing any work whatsoever so this is very simple there's going to be a very quick video there's going to be the fastest video we can think of it's very simple most easy simple method to do now there is a few things with this method though so I'm going to start basically how this works is you go to the weekly contest the top three are always classes now these classes if your top 10 of this class you will get the top tier rewards but that's what we're not we're not looking at the top tier rewards we're not worrying about that now if you look down at the bottom here basically what this says is if you have 2,500 power you will get one empowered gem box if you have 5,000 power rank you'll get two so that's three for that class now if you do that for all three classes that's a minimum of nine empowered gem boxes now I didn't have the night the two major or the can be bar at 5k so what I did was basically got them up through a system of leveling gems put in stellar gear from my main character on to my alt characters that's another thing you can do this one has 1014 power rank this I put this on this tomb raider it then helps the to measure out gets above a fire gate if a text up she's under five K now the candy bar was a little bit more effort what I had to do was level up some gear that had found also putting some gems on him and just leveling those gems up the highest gems possible this was made a lot easier by the fact that I have a high level character and again with the night he was the same thing he was just leveling up the gear he's got a crappy helmet on him again having the gems in and getting the gems on him now there is a simple thing that once you've actually if you craft gem boxes from this the empower gem box – this was all give you an automatic stellar gem so if you chance to grab those grabbing that out there will give you an automatic cell gem now my thing would be this right even if you is the gem isn't perfect for the character but you never play that character put it on the character you can always take it off with the regenerator which yes you do get some in daily chests and things like that but this is 90 power gem boxes for free that will cost you 0 mana so how about that cat not I mean it's very easy to do they go get that simple video simple go how to get free empowered gem boxes 9 in total all for nothing yeah so check me out now obviously this gets a lot harder if you don't have a character of the highest level to help you farm those gems but just getting that one from that list and 9 power rank 5,000 power and even if you can get them to 5,000 powering 2500 will give you an automatic 3 empowered gem boxes soon as you start getting those in power gem boxes are going to give you gems out of them as well which will then in turn help you for the next week which will then help you empower up for the next week in power for the next week and then you'll always be guaranteed 9 empowered gem boxes every single week without fail which is what we want guys which is how you're gonna get the highest power ranks in the game now one thing I have been doing it with Medano Tama now we have got 1000 less power rank because of I've took the celebrate up to put on to murids assault and get the 9 boxes for this week now if we're discussing these gems in next episode of trove which will be tomorrow we're going to discuss the perfect gem rank how you can tell if it's a perfect what numbers you need and we're going to go for all the numbers of the gem so thank you so much for watching if you're excited for tomorrow's video leave me a like if you need to channel any of runs already don't forget subscribe don't look in YouTube but I will see you all next time good bye

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