How to Draw a Dinosaur

How to Draw a Dinosaur

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  1. lol what dinosaur is this, its not trex, it looks like an allosaurus but idk

  2. So what exactly is this dinosaur, if it’s the T. rex it’s inaccurate because it has a huge toe claw if it’s a velociraptor it’s supposed to have feathers🤨🤨

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  4. I wanted to learn about how to draw it all the time this video is confusing though you didn’t have a sketch so I have no idea about the actual anatomy of the thing please don’t make this a tutorial if it’s just lines you have to make people understand how it works not just how to draw it once

  5. Where is it called a T-Rex? It has the appearance of a Velociraptor or Deinonychus more. When I am teaching I find using shapes i.e. circles cubes and cylinders, it helps children to understand the anatomy of living things and the proportional shapes of objects, otherwise they will be trying to draw free hand.

  6. Id suggest learning how to be accurate, I am a Paleoartist (someone who draws dinosaurs)
    Your teaching kids to draw inaccurately, I’ve been drawing dinosaurs for atleast 2 years but have been researching about dinosaurs since I was 4, so please, PLEASE try be accurate

  7. It’s so hard to draw jeezez I almost gave a dislike because it’s so hard plus you should have done it by steps


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