How To Donate To Goodwill & Receive A Tax Deduction

hey what's up YouTube today I'm gonna teach you guys how to donate to charity to receive a tax deduction so what you do is first step is to look for items to donate and to take pictures or make a video like what I'm doing here just for evidence here I have three bags clothes worth roughly three hundred eleven pair of shoes that's about 100 so we thought my $400 worth of item right here here is the pile of clothes which I'm gonna donate to Goodwill it's good to itemize and record the value and which will Adams you are donating this is evidence or proof in case they question you so I have a whole bunch of name-brand stuff here Tommy Hilfiger Levi's American Eagle here are the rest of my donation items which are 11 pairs of shoes of course these are in good condition wearable and here are the three bags of clothes this is roughly three hundred dollars and plus these we're talking about $400 worth of clothing right here second what you wanna do is log in to your local charity store such as goodwill and click on this download our donation value guide to see what each item is worth third what you want to do is input all your items with the value in Excel spreadsheet here's just an example the item stem donating and with this value and condition forth just strive to your local charity store I'll be going to this goodwill in the Lynwood area hey what's up YouTube I'm driving to Goodwill in the Linder area this is 40th Street Southwest just made a left turn Eddy I don't know Norfolk South 196 make this tie right here 198 Street Southwest and bam just like that that's good will on the right let's donate my five bags of goodies here we go goooo donations right here yes sorry in the back entrance and this is where people donate their goods let me take you guys on a journey a goodwill journey see a guy in the life vest I'm at the somehow vest whoops showers in the wrong spot so that's good will doing great things for people I give it a 95 percent and they help you one of these generic receipts they don't put anything on it and this is the back so it's simple like that goodwill and yes I'm part lastly what you want to do is log into TurboTax go to federal taxes deductions and credits explore on your own and then under charitable donations update edits enter the date that you donate the item and other items in here yes category so what which items you donate and with a value so let's say for example clothing we're gonna say men's clothing so here you just go down this chart and just put how many qualities of what each is worth it's basically simple like that so it's simple like that I hope you guys enjoy the video you

19 thoughts on “How To Donate To Goodwill & Receive A Tax Deduction

  1. Please don't donate to Goodwill, they are a shit company that pays shit
    and uses community service to avoid having to employee people full time.
    I used to work there and they had guys busting their asses in 100+
    degree backroom for years part-time so they have to have a second or
    third job. They use community service as free labor so they never have
    to give anyone full time. Oh, and they almost never promote white
    people, just saying.

  2. HELP A GIRL OUT—————————————————————-

  3. This would probably be a wise site to check out regarding donations

  4. I don't get that piece of paper that they give you all they do is just sign their initials and that's it but it doesn't say anything else about how much you gave or even what time or day. But I wanted to know do they even wash the clothes before they put it in the store? Anyone

  5. Job sucks balls I would quit if I could, Its not entirely bad I mean you get to sit around but it still gets busy as fuck on Saturdays at our truck, I'm just glad I only have to work two days a week on weekends or I would go insane!!

  6. Dont give to the good will give to the Salvation army instead if possible. The biggest scam of all time. Not only do they rip 
    their employs off by not even paying them minimum wage but they also have an online auction
    where they rip the public off with shipping charges. I bought a Guitar from their auction from Orange County  Ca 
    store. You have the choice of shipping or picking an item up. Shipping was $33  to ship the guitar 40 miles. They go
    dimensional weight and they came to the conclusion that it weighed 70 dimensional LBS. Funny because 
    I came to see it only weighed 28 Dim lbs  so did UPS. So scamed me for the shipping cost of 42 Dimensional LBS. But to 
    make sure you dont pick an item up and you have it shipped ( so they can over charge you on shipping ) 
    they have an 8 week waiting list to pick up an item. that right 8 weeks. You have to schedule an appt and wait
    8 weeks to pick up the item you bought on line but they can ship it to you that day. I bought a guitar From Texas
    good will and had it shipped and it only cost 26 dollars. So not all the good wills are in on the Shipping scam. 
    I will make a video and show proof of how they are ripping people off for the stuff they get for free that we give them. 
    They do nothing good with the money they make from the Items we give them. They say they create jobs 
    Well I looked and could only find that the only jobs they create are jobs for disabled people to work at the good 
    will and they rip them off.  Unlike the Salvation Army where it was easy to see the good they were doing. 
    good will is a Major scam. Even when you go in a buy clothes they charge $10 -15 dollars for jeans 
    as where the salvation army sells them for $5 go figure. Dont believe me do a little looking you 
    will see what I see. 

  7. So if I donate a "hugo boss" dress shirt it will only be $12? Or a "Brook Brothers" suit it will only be $30? The math isnt all that its crack up to be..humm

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