(upbeat music) – Hey everybody, this is
Roberto Blake helping you create something awesome today. Welcome back to the channel. Today, we’re talking about
social media content strategy. I’m gonna teach you to
dominate social media. It doesn’t matter if
it’s 2019, 2020, 2025. The method that I’m about to give you, is going to be a game-changer for your content and how
you build an audience and deliver value for them. Now this is something I usually teach my one-on-one coaching clients
and I teach in workshops. So, what I’m gonna give you here is a very powerful strategy that can help you really understand what you need to be doing when it comes to growing
in these online platforms. Grab a pen and paper, you’re gonna want take notes on this. So the method we’re using is called ICED, like iced coffee. So this acronym is I-C-E-D. I, stands for Identify,
C stands for Clarify, E, stands for Engage and
D stands for Deliver. (upbeat music) You need to start with
identifying your target audience. Regardless of what platform you’re in, identifying your target
audience is very important. And then you need to kind
of research and understand what it is that their expectations are. That is gonna be essential for
you growing in social media and being able to dominate in your niche. If you fail to identify who people are, what their values are,
what their habits are, what the culture is, how can you serve them properly? If you can’t answer some
very specific questions about who your ideal target audience is, basically, you’ll be
trying to serve everybody and thus serve nobody. So identifying your target
audience is essential and is really the first place to start. Let’s move on to C, clarifying the value. You need to clarify your
ability to deliver value to that specific audience. You need to do everything to eliminate the ambiguity,
eliminate the guesswork, make this simple for people. What do you offer? Why should I follow you? Why should I trust you? Why should I come back? You need to be able to answer these. And by the way, I work really
hard isn’t good enough. I think I make quality content
or I make quality content. That’s not a reason. That has nothing to do with
what we value or we care about. It’s not specific enough,
that is too vague, that is too generic. And I guarantee you, generic and vague is probably the reason
many of you are struggling when it comes to your content
and building an audience. Get crystal clear on what
people can expect from you. Make it abundantly clear
and obvious to them. Next is E, Engage. People really neglect
the power of engagement. Regardless of social media platform, when I go and I look up people, especially people who say that they’re struggling
with their social media, I go and I immediately go to the comments and I see no interaction
from the original post or whether this is YouTube,
whether this is LinkedIn, whether this is Facebook,
whether this is Instagram, I see no engagement with
the actual community of people who gave the
time to your comment. I see people write articles, I see them get 10 or 12 comments, and there are no replies
to any of them, Okay. So if you want people to commit to you, why aren’t you making
a commitment to them, especially in the early
phases when you’re growing. There is an excuse you
can make to some extent when you’re large enough and you feel overwhelmed
by that, that’s fine. But you could always
task that out to people. And if your concern is that, well, I want it to come from me, then you should still
prioritize doing some of it, especially after the initial
post, if you have time and you should also
consider that the fact that a team can advocate on your behalf and engage with the
community from a team account because, they would rather
be acknowledged by somebody and know that you at least facilitate that than just be left with no
interaction, no engagement, no acknowledgement at all. Replying to people matters
and by acknowledging them, that is how you build loyalty with them. That’s how you build
confidence with them, Okay. And I think that this is something more of you could stand to do. You also need to engage not just with the content that you post, but you need to be part of the community around the type of content you produce. Whatever the players
are doing in your niche, or in your overall, the
culture of what you do, you should be there and
you should be a player and you should be probably
one of the most interesting and engaging people in the community, ’cause that’s how you’re
gonna make a name for yourself and that’s gonna make
people curious about you and that’s gonna build your reputation. And finally, D, Deliver. Deliver on the promises that you made. Deliver on what people’s expectations are. Deliver maximum value, deliver
tremendous value to people. That is essential with
anything that you’re creating because you’re asking for people’s time, you’re asking for the
time out of their day, you’re asking for five or 10 minutes that they can give to
their personal development to their workout routine, to their spouse, to their boyfriend or girlfriend, to their kid, to the job. This is five or 10 minutes of their life that they’re never getting back. Why spend it with you,
you have to justify that. You justify that by making
the value very clear and then delivering on those
expectations that were set. You deliver by engaging with
people who give you that time. You deliver by making sure
that there’s an alignment between the audience
that you’ve identified, and then who you are and what the content is that you deliver. This is why the ICED method is so powerful because it makes you more
intentional about your actions. By identifying who you’re serving, clarifying what you deliver for them and how you give them value. By engaging with them
and listening to them so that you can make
sure you are continuing to clarify that properly,
and that you’re in alignment and that you’re better
prepared to deliver for them on the promise that was made. This is very straightforward. If you can master the ICED method, then you can dominate social media in whatever platform you
choose, whether it’s Instagram, whether it’s YouTube,
LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, it doesn’t really matter because this is about
how you treat people. This is about how you set
expectations and how you deliver. This is about how you
create alignment between you and the audience that
you want to follow you. This is about giving them a
reason to make a commitment to you and the content that you provide. (bell tolls)
So I have a question of the day for you and I want you to leave
this in the comments section in as much detail as possible. And I want more of you to respond to this and to ask people questions about this, even challenge them on this. So the question of the day
that we’re gonna go with is, who is your target audience and how are you going to serve them? Because I want you to kind
of take this as an exercise where you can communicate
these thoughts clearly and put them out there
in a meaningful way. And then I want you through the comments to give each other some feedback on whether you think that
was a clear message or not. So that’s what I want you guys to do in the comments section. I’m gonna chime in and give
you my two cents as well. You can also feel free to
just leave me questions about social media and videos
that you would like me to make and I’ll try and respond to those as well in the comments section. Like this video if you like it, don’t forget to subscribe, check out the other awesome
stuff here on the channel. As always, you guys thanks
so very much for watching and don’t forget, go out there and create
something awesome today. Take care. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “HOW TO DOMINATE SOCIAL MEDIA IN 2020 – 4 SIMPLE STEPS (Content Strategy)

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    MESSAGE: we all have value, we are more alike than different, and embrace our unique differences.
    CHALLENGE: posting during an emotional time in my life (recently lost my sister to cancer, just laid off this week, Dad's in hospital, sister's kids…). I have so many ideas, big visions and projects, and in attempting to do everything – I touch everything but finish little.
    Sorry – my point here is THANK YOU – this video has really helped me to articulate all this that I've just dumped on you. This is my kick-in-the-butt moment 💖 Keep up the good work, Sir!

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    2. I want to be able to publish videos more frequently. Doing pedagogic films takes time, and the fish are sometimes unpredictable, which means that I often end up doing the same filming two or three times just to get some proper fish on film.
    Any ideas of how I can improve would be appreciated. I have been thinking about publishing "less pedagogic" films (because they are quicker to make) in between the pedagogic videos, just to get videos coming more frequently. Would that work? Do I need to speak english in my videos to reach abroad, or will people think subtitles are enough? If people think subtitles are enough, why is it so hard to get views from other countries, is it the thumbnail and title of the video that matters?

  69. I've been thinking about this a lot. I'm sure my target audience is movie lovers. There's so much content for them so I'm struggling with finding my lane of what content to provide. I see so many other channels that provide content regarding a specific movie genre(horror,action,etc) but I like really good movies no matter the genre. I suppose I'll keep searching for inspiration. Thank you for your content, Sir, you're always on point!

  70. Hi Roberto, I've just found your channel and loving the content your putting up at the moment! I've only just started Youtube and trying to soak up as much information as i can, currently im just trying to find ways to give a professional look to my videos with only my phone and no proper editing software, but im sure ill get there if i keep trying! So… in answer to your question. The content i want to create is to help people that are in a depressed or anxious state of mind, and aspiring to do something bigger than themselves but feel like their stuck. So i suppose my target audience is exactly that, people who feel like they're in a rut and want to make a difference to their lives! I've recently come out of a 10+ years of being depressed and lost in life, and ive had a lot of time to think about how to improve my life, and i came a very long way from the start of those 10 years. Now i can finally say that im no longer depressed and actively pursuing my goals! 😀 So how i serve my audience is by making them feel okay about the feeling they've been having and relating that to where i've been in the past, and what things i did in myself mentally and physically in order to make myself feel happier and work towards my goals! Day 1 of youtube completed, hopefully a long way to go and ill keep chugging on! Keep up the great work dude!

  71. My target audience is teens and young adult girls and women who love creativity, writing and a story that isn't over saturated with gooey, sticky 'romance' or the awful 'she don't need no man' trope. (I am a lady, and I hate these things.)

    I am going to be writing adventure books about a young girl who becomes a hero on her planet. I am also toying with the idea of either blogs or videos talking about the writing process and how to create female characters that feel and act real. I also do art, which could help to illustrate my points while I analyze characters in popular shows and movies.

  72. My target audience is people that need a boost in confidence, who have trouble sleeping, needing help with concentration(studying) and many other elements. My commitment to my audience is to upload weekly with the best content I can deliver and to keep learning, keep replying to all the comments & keep pushing harder to bring better content to the table as our journey continues.
    Thanks for the awesome content Roberto!

  73. Huge value here man. Super direct and real and pithy. Thanks for this. Quality is looking better than ever.
    My audience: Millennials wanting discipline and inspiration to get their money and fitness in order.

  74. Target audience is gamers of DragonAge on this channel, and I've committed to delivering one theory, analysis or lore video every week, with fun extras later on in the week, so 2 videos a week. I've been doing that consistently. On my other active channel, Green Healing, my target audience are people who are healing from abuse. I deliver (also in podcast format) one episode per week, and I do things more like seasons. So I take a break between the holidays and March. That is how I can manage having two active channels. Should I try to have shorter videos on that channel so that I have more?

  75. Great video! You explained it very well what to do to grow a channel. I started the channel to record my game development work. As the channel grows every day, I would like to make more valuable content for the audience. My target audience would be people who want to start game development or coding. I will share my knowledge, experience, and advice from my over 10-year experience in programming. 🙂

  76. I have not started my channel yet. I want to start well and help people who are really hurting after domestic violence. I know how I start will make a big difference in how it grows. I have been watching lots of your videos and Video Influencers. I appreciate all the tested tips you give. I just have to finish the rough draft of my next book before I start the channel, in the mean time I am getting all the equipment together. And organizing my thoughts.

  77. Teachers that are new to the profession. I will help them with techniques, ideas and the correct mindset to have to become an even better educator. I might niche down even further to focus on ESL teachers.

  78. Hey! Love this vid! I am approaching two platforms differently.

    On youtube, my target market is 16-40-year-olds with Crohn's Disease. I am going to bring value by sharing my experience and knowledge of defeating the disease.
    On Tiktok, my target market is 20-30-year-olds looking for positive content (broad as of now, still testing). I am going to bring value by sharing snippets of my life that are interesting, fun, or inspiring.

  79. Roberto…
    I wish to do affiliate marketing andr target the alternative health niche.Any advice on topics for videos ?

  80. Great 4 steps!.. I think these are going to be extremely helpful..

    My target audience is graphic designers or aspiring artist who like to make digital art.. tips and tricks for creating digital art in photoshop and illustrator..

  81. My target audience is around Trombone players, brass players, and band kids who also would like to start producing their own songs, beats, etc. I will share what I've learned so far, and take you along my journey of becoming a full time musician/creative, to show people who chose the wrong career at first can course correct.

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