How To Differentiate Between An Original Breed And A Mixed Breed Dog?

31 thoughts on “How To Differentiate Between An Original Breed And A Mixed Breed Dog?

  1. Aapke 14 dogs hain mere paas 6 lac liye aur quality sab low main to case karne ki bhi planning kar raha garewal tujhe expose karna hai ab

  2. This is very useful vd for the first time dog owners!! Am not a first time dog owner but i really appreciate this vd.

  3. Sir 2007 me muje dog ne bite Kiya tha Maine 2009 mai injection liya tha fir Maine 2019 me liya .mujko rabis hone ka chance hai kya

  4. Sir gsd female ka c section Hua tha for delivery uske bad first heat pe usko mate Kara sakte he ya nahi plz reply

  5. I have noted that from ₹20/- then ₹/-40 now highlighted answer to the question is being given at rupees ₹100/- in your live shows. The amount is given for charity of stray dogs ‼️ request let the amount of charity be decided by the view was not by your management, since it is a matter of charity otherwise it gives a very bad impression about the channel and the management which is running the channel and it looks very cheap that for or answers to general questions of your loyal viewers you are charging as per your whims and fancies. Just an honest thought of one of your viewers regards good luck. 😊👍🏽💢🔴‼️

  6. Bhai business kese badhaya jata inse sikho… chahe woh mix ho ya pure ho koi farak nahi padta farak padta he to bas ek bejuban ko ghar mil raha he… isliue to mix breeds k rate kam hotey he.. Sir ji.. so yeh advetise mat kijiye ki yeh pure he aur ye mix he. Apko to bas apke business se matlab he aur aab apne to har us chij ka fees bhi lena shuru kar dia Sir ji

  7. Sir Rottweiler puppy buy krn de time kehri gall da dhyan rkhna chahida, jive sir us D marking, Or the quality ka kaise pta lgaye… 🙏🙏

  8. हैवी बाॅन और शोकावलिटी मे क्याअतंर है।

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