How to Deliver a Baby: Police Officer Training Film (Video of Live Birth)

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interested meaning five aa go ahead to seven limited spaces out and a half minutes license number your seven hours aaye why not let alone i’m going to have a baby and they have a baby well please help me looking out for i’m glad you got an ambulance executors now i think i lost my schedule she was then i remembered monday that we’d be
far after first being plants instructor gave his his most important advice hilo hee haw hee haw keep calm there are more question back to ordinate last minute we appreciate it biochemical that jack kilby invention to jen the bond market byron wien i have a question well mark has been one mein abhi tu i got to thinking for what i do if i had
to deliver a baby seems to me p to that question who delivered more
babies than most doctors that’s right which is called for me and
i’ll be very much rusty anyway but what if he doesn’t get to a sometime wedding bands it’s the same advices are busy chalo hurt days to convey up
feeling up reliability to deliver the trial what would you say there’s next big get the mother to be to a hospital
before she delivers that’s right are there any other question yeah how do you deliver a baby microwave answered your questions all right i know you’re worried about techniques
and so forth right okay so you can get it to the hospital on
time your country around here and you’ll have it by calling her making her comfortable you ask her to remove you’ve already asked for the ambulance and nature is about to take its course from there on this mostly what you don’t not what you do you don’t interfere with a natural
sequence of events that’s right for example you don’t want to uh… remembered by calling on the baby directed into the babies neck muscles and possibly on
monday i mean that’s all there has to do just
received a baby there must be something else jones you
support the baby and keep the glare of anyways manhole longer what they’re
slippery about the cutting of the car and all the other things the doctors do well first of all you’re not a doctor and if you don’t have a receiving one
hundred none of that men in your car and i’d say your job will be to get the
mother and baby to go that the mother is able older baby give
it to her for the moment should replace it face
down on the mother stumbling based on the line includes in the baby’s
mouth or go to drink just make sure the baby can breathe and
israel headshot in trying to tell you lacking materials inability that is mostly is that what you don’t if you can see a brother firsthand overcome your fear by
witnessing it washing experienced person point p here receiver child cut the cord if necessary
you’d also learn what to do with the materials weak areas but lacking that opportunity then you should receive the baby any other questions yeah i’ve got a lot of questions for
that is that we’re not doctors bailey that he died yeah i got to go into jeff garcia led
remember hee haw remembering all this was a big help and he said to put into action clear
problem want to go out there in time going to
have somehow they then a minute til seven zero seven go ahead with that that suspicious daughter turned out to
be announcing attorney as the direction and then she claims
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comment medicare and it goes off i’d like to move my car gets a
blacksmith guard at the gates policy what’s the situation but they
could be one i think what we did defender scared of that why don’t you flag to go after the aesthetic i’d try
to keep her calm you’ve gone to your here and you’ll have it by calling her dad died right leg everything is going to be all right now
why don’t you calvary let that be comprehending aunts now it’s up to nature an out of the
mother here interfere with the natural sequence of a
man you’re doing fine will you please come down wife therefore had baby’s head is coming you don’t want to uh… remembered by calling on the baby long-term wong you support a billion cubic wherever
anyways he seemed like every day is going ok he kept trying to testing katie seat but you do in a good
job you’re alone pierce this to clean the baby’s mount up eat that bob he said it see if there’s still the not worrying nikhil don’t dwell on the card despite the abn
amro take it supports europe is where the basin would be helped hope that
helps catch anyways what your hand on the mother’s stomach
and massage it gently that’ll help reduce any hemorrhages although it usually under these
conditions they seldom have such problems locating that ought to do it congratulations walk back to me better job than the average recorded when i remember about that’s not your
job let’s take a look now jordan to get the maturity cryptic well as the new mother and how that new phase everything objections well above in charlotte better late than never here jim carrey
cantv okay bob asia chance to practice
medicine i’ll show you how to cut the cord and here’s the uh… trying to eight times square knot try the next not three inches from the other now all you have to do staff in the center of the two tapes that employees are doing fine would you like to hold you danny all right now tell me the baby and get the mothers
when we come up will get them to the hospital robbie robertson rhino indexed operation is three percent
of the after birth and event in which to place a personal
so we can make it to the doctor the league’s aman at hand and telling all of the came out things i guess but this between her legs like a
sanitary napkin cocaine that’s fine i let’s get moving got you covered plan to go with the fastest they’ll take it to the hospital with
your friend box you travel a great deal elevate correspondent dr relating it netting when the all hands your t_v_ movie over
and over it and beyond and that everything and i
wanted to believe that there is going to the following don’t want you to ensure that doesn’t
give a big smile qualities we are not going to work but
you’re doing you’re applying for jobs i had to get married part i don’t even have the name of the mother
when i got mostly information from the major their mississippi’s u_s_ five and so she may be more old appetizer remittances based his own
attorney bert boundaries museums as kids i hope this doesn’t prevent you from
being a good literature and tell me what happened market with just yet and remember and i will massaging and kung contradicted uh… resentful of other problems as
well i didn’t do anything wrong depends perhaps you are generally a professional conference if you’ll excuse us from olympia doctor
here and i are going to have the unanimously paul please do i’d probably all be done tell me how they deliver the grandbaby
dr that the radioactive i didn’t do anything i did receive a van was born and trying
to keep them out of the brain for you to the right thing and you get
yourself combine comida mother and you let nature take its course it’s everyone’s tendency to try to do
more than they should such as traders speed up the group by pulling on the
baby when all you have to do with this loaded
into the hands and hold a great many ways into providing expertise in person say dr just before the baby was born there was
something that scared me for a moment big splash of water but sometimes happens but it’s quite review the policy good morning marc klaas activity came i didn’t know what to do all these docs not had the sticky
commonly see today is about to engage a rag indiana you’re going to be the main job went to see when i write the baby was
already delivered try to help out by a showing how to use
the uh… here’s a range through movie amniotic fluid from the
baby’s mouth well you can also use the integrity of
the biggest about but the syringe is much better findings agree and the only during the
program elisa trouble doctors we don’t have all
of this equipment in the car uh… what would you carry human patrol
car number one i think here sir rural area i’d want strolls scissors sometime case across the world by storm hamstrung she was among before the
delivery that they would do it measles and threatens to use it out all of these items can be used in other
words it as well and of course you must know what you’re
doing before using heavy equipment and nothing to do it possible that the
grandmother to a doctor accorded in fact it might be best a_b_c_’s jim wooten up unless you can probably true baby clones well i better get going oscillator thanks very much man my tax many of you right home and i want one i guess i was just plain interacting that was that i come back you said person experience at never forget and one i wouldn’t want to this event gross and net in-service you’re seven status on bicycle at twenty six fourteen
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22 thoughts on “How to Deliver a Baby: Police Officer Training Film (Video of Live Birth)

  1. I have not yet helped a woman to give birth but Now I am able to help if ever needed .. I really am thankful for the posting of the birth…however I hope I don't have to help a woman ever … God Bless…

  2. for a 1950's pregnant woman she has a finely trimmed bush and a big ol' clit 🙂 
    That and why did the placenta 11:19 remind me of one of the pods from invasion of the body snatchers?

  3. What on earth? I can't figure this video out. It seemed so staged, with the mother calmly saying out the window "I think the baby is coming" but then there was a real birth. How did the filmer know to go on this cop's route to film the birth?

  4. At 11:24–11:25 what on earth was it i think it was the womb but if not could someone please tell me what it was 😃😶

  5. It is so sad how little people know about reproduction and birth. Our education system has gone down hill, over the past 30 years.

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