How to Deal with Family That's Not Disciplined – Jocko Willink

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  1. i live with a bunch of dysfunctional, depressed people with addiction problems who live on SSI, barely leave their rooms, make messes, aren't accountable, get into screaming fights with eachother, and im over here meal prepping for everyone so they eat protein rather than sugar 24/7, im trying to get family meetings going so that people can address issues on a consistent basis rather than avoiding eachother, im inviting people to go for walks with me or to have a lunch date so we can be in a situation that's fun rather than stressful, im trying to constantly suspend my irritation, anger, and resentment and show grace and love instead, but it's really difficult to take the diplomatic approach when i am bombarded from every direction with pessimism, childish tantrums, passive aggression, drug use, lies…its pretty crazy that this appeared in my feed, it's not like i typed 'how to deal with family' into google and triggered an algorithm.

    the thing about being in control of myself and not them, i needed to hear that. i have to stop trying to wrangle them and mold them into mature, functional adults – i just have to be that way in the face of their shittiness, and that will bring me more peace than the futile attempt to help them.

  2. Yes yes yes that is RIGHT I AM a STRONG WOMEN and he is RIGHT so happy you said this thank you one man that. IS Right

  3. Lol mother teaches my kids depend on everyone but your self expect everyone owe you something and if you do not get what you want from one person you go to the next and appreciate nothing, and anyone that takes care of you , you treat like dirt,, guess what it didn't work out lol

  4. dang……. I did learn this as well after trying to get them on the path. they are watching. you don't have to say as much as you feel like. you cat make someone want it. they can be shown the benefits of it though and take off themselves. keep them coming boys. GOOD.

  5. Nice Joco you are 110% right, life is a learning lesson, and you break things down to a level of things should be done and the way life should be lived /Have to learn how to work with your pack aka family

  6. I have a problem and i wonder if anyone could help me if they have any experience, there is this sensational feeling in my mind that makes me want to bring something interesting with me to school the next day, to impress someone i don’t really know for no absolute reason, i believe it is some sort of mental feeling that makes me feel like it is interesting to other people but i keep telling myself that i should worry about what i need for myself and hence want to detach from having people in my mind that are unnecessary, does this at all make sense?

  7. I’m afraid my partner will keep screwing up behind my back and the sons I’m trying to grow up as strong young morally good men will screwed up in the process.

    What do I do I’m afraid

  8. Wow this is extremely good advice in my opinion. It's the essence of "ju" – the philosophy behind traditional Japanese jiu-jitsu and every martial art derived from it which states that you should use your opponent's energy against him by going with his flow – applied to relationships, thus "do what is in your partner's interest and you're gonna get your wishes – or transform your wishes to be in your partner's interest".

  9. In my marriage, I expected a partnership… unfortunately, my wife expects something very different. Demands my attention. In other words, besides work…my time belongs to her and what I want doesn't matter. This has to change…

  10. Jocko, PLEASE get Robert Greene on your podcast. His knowledge of history, war, power, and human nature is second to none. The following books are life changing:
    48 Laws of Power
    33 Strategies of War
    50th Law
    Laws of Human Nature
    The Art of Seduction

  11. I keep asking my 13 y/o daughter who's going to flush her crap down her toilet when she goes to College or into Military Basic Training!? ~ My wife wants me to quit eating garlic & go work-out at the YMCA more often…Yet when she goes there with a certain g/f guess what they do together? ~ Smoke a few cigarettes!! ~ Why should i quit eating GARLIC?!!?

  12. I',m going to a psychologist in a few days for help with my tendency to not always be able to sleep deeply because when I do I will at times get nightmares or worse, night terrors. I have to gradually work on overcoming my anger issues.

  13. Jocko…. I WEAR the Pants in my family! But my wife tells me which ones I can wear… 🙂 I love all your videos and Thank you Sir for giving us lessons to live by and to improve our lives!

  14. I wondered about Jocko’s family. After listening to this, I like him even more. Oh and I love the “meathead” voice.

  15. Sure, no doubt…but bitches be crazy.

    In all seriousness though, some people are very low in agreeableness & are happy to lie around and have you make yourself a slave to them because why should they own anything if you'll own it all.

    There's a baseline presumption here of the other people being at all reasonable.

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