How to Create SEGMENTS/ GROUPS In Mailchimp & Add New Subscribers To The Segment 2015

hey guys this is Dora here with how-to and in this tutorial I want to show you how you can create segments as well as how you can add new subscribers to an already existing segment in MailChimp so as you can see I am in my MailChimp account and I've got two segments students and teachers and this is because on my website I offer teaching materials for teachers and conversation lessons for students so I want to differentiate between who is a teacher and a student you'll see that some of my subscribers are called students whereas others are called teachers and the way that you do this is literally by customizing your signup form right at the beginning so if I go to signup forms and general forms here it is now this is the form that subscribers can fill out and then get added to your mailing list and to access this form you can literally put this form in your website somewhere so if I go to my website just to show you what I mean this is my website and if subscribers or if people click on this picture they can fill out this signup form and then get added to my mailing list so this is how I get people to sign up for my mailing list another way is through the through a widget on my right-hand sidebar so if I scroll down here is another embedded form that I've put em as a widget and if people complete the information here and then again that will be added to my segment so it's pretty handy to create these extra fields if you want to create segments later now how do you create an extra field as you can see I've got teacher and student as well as age I'm going to delete age because I don't actually need age this is just to show you how to delete a field if you want to remove something so if you want to remove a field just click on that and then click on the minus sign and just capital letters right delete this is how you can delete a field now to add a field into your signup form so that you can then create a segment later I'm going to just create the same one here again so to add a field you just want to click on add field click on this and then click on text so if you scroll down now you'll see this additional field that has been created and if you want to edit the on title here all you need to do is just click on it like that make sure it's highlighted and then you will see this box appear here where you can edit the title so I'm going to again write the same thing and you want to leave this field tag here where it says merge just leave that as it is and that will ensure that you can create a segment later and then click Save field alright so I know I've got two but again this is just for demonstration purposes once you have created or customized your signup form the next thing that you want to do is actually create a segment and the way that you do this is you can access it in two ways you can either go to you all your view subscribers which is here click on the number and then under where it says view subscribers you've got segments and then you can create a new segment this is one way to create a segment another way is by where it says manage subscribers click on the arrow pointing downwards and then click on segments and this is another way to create a segment which is here just create a segment now if you want to delete an existing segment like I've got here all you need to do is check this box and then click or hit delete and that's how to delete a segment but we don't want to do that of course and so let me create a new segment so go to create now word says subscribers match any of the following leave any that will ensure that all of the different options are included in the search or in the match now next thing you want to do is click on this arrow pointing downwards where it says date added click on that and here you can choose the different possibilities to create a segment so this is the extra fields that I created on my signup form just to show you what I mean yeah this one here so as you can see it is showing on my different options here to choose a segment and the great thing about this is that when your subscribers or people sign up to your signup form it will automatically add them to either the category student or teacher so you don't need to manually do that every single time that's the brilliant thing about doing it like this anyway so I'm going to show you now how to create a segment so let's just choose teacher or student and if I write in here teacher now all of the people that sign up to my signup form and chose teacher if I click on preview segment you'll see that it automatically now adds these people into a segment and then you can even save that segment and once you save the segment it will then show as a segment like you saw earlier so this is one way to do this and I'll show you what I how you can again let's just add new segment and if I click on teacher and student and if I type in here student for example now click on preview segment you see that there are eight subscribers that match the word students and these are the people that have said they are a student when they sign up for my signup form so this is one way you can really segment your subscribers now another way to do it is now let's just go back and cancel this and let's create a new segment now you can also segment your subscribers by name for example so first name if I click on first name and if I write John in here and I click on preview segment you'll see that one subscriber matches the name John and I'll actually want to create a segment for this name so I'm going to click save segment and I'm going to call this segment John so save Walla so here we've created an additional segment now to add subscribers to an already existing segment and this is what you do so let's go to student for example and as you can see I've got eight subscribers in my student segment now to add an additional person to this M list all I need to do is go to add a subscriber and I'm just going to type a random email here so I'm going to put zola and we're going to write zola as the first name and we're going to say that this person is a student for example okay and now this person gave me permission to be added to the list yes they did and subscribe this person okay now as you can see I've got 35 subscribers in my mailing list now if we go to my segment to my student segment before I had 8 subscribers in my students segment if I go to students so as you can see I've got 9 subscribers and Zola has been added to my M student segment now for the final part I want to show you how you can send a newsletter or campaign to a particular segment so all you want to do is go to campaigns and I'm just going to replicate one of my previous campaigns that I sent so let's go with this one here and replicate all right so at the moment it's going to send it to all of my subscribers but I don't want that I just want to send this campaign to a particular segment so what I want to do is click on send to saved segments all right and then I can choose from all of the different segments that I have already created let's just click on students all right and then if I click on confirm it's only sending it to nine recipes so I hope this video was useful guys if it was don't forget to Like and subscribe for more videos on how to YouTube and website better thank you

26 thoughts on “How to Create SEGMENTS/ GROUPS In Mailchimp & Add New Subscribers To The Segment 2015

  1. Why is mailchimp so annoying and awful to learn? Thank goodness for people like you! Thanks for helping me finally understand segments…. now if I can just understand "Groups" and so on!

  2. What id I need to create a form with the possibility to subscribe to different events in a drop down menu? Is there a way to do it?

  3. I watched your MailChimp tutorial that was an hour long and tried to go in the description and find this video and the link didn't work. I had to search your videos to find this one about segmenting vs groups. FYI you may want to check the link in the description on your Long Mailchimp Tutorial.

  4. nice video about the MailChimp &Add New Subscribers keep come back this amazing videos

  5. Thank you so much… simple and powerful tutorial. For best keyword research of your niche check this out

  6. Great video. I'm having a problem though. Can you tell me what might be stopping my sign-up form from sending the opt in confirmation to an email? I did a test run, and the system is not sending the confirmation email.

  7. is there any other way instead of using a field to capture student and teacher, can I use option button in the opt-in form? Or do you have video of that already? Thanks

  8. By the title of your video, I hoped to see something about GROUPS. Is there another video somewhere creating GROUPS?

  9. Hello! This is very helpful.. Thank you! Could you make an "Automation" Step By step Tutorial please……

  10. I followed your instructions on creating a new segment (although it say static after it for some reason). I have two people in this segment i want to delete from the segment only but not the MAIN subscribers group. How do I do that? Also, how do I add new people into this segment… I can't seem to find an "add" or "Edit" button 🙁 driving me nuts!!

  11. Is it better to create a segment or to create a list?

    My example. We have direct customers as well as customers that come from multiple distributors. I want to separate them all because I will send different emails to each group such as Direct Customers, Customers from Distributor A, Customers from Distributor B, etc.

    Would I be better off creating segments, creating a list for each group or is there a better solution?

    My guess is there may be times I would want to email everyone on the list a general email as well so I'd love that option too.

    Thanks for all your videos…they are awesome as are you for your detailed care in describing it all.

  12. So basically the only way you can segment is if you already get a controlled list from your website that splits the people in two groups! this video doesnt show you how to create segments if you already have a list created

  13. If possible, how can you add segments (like teacher / student) to a pre-existing list that did not previously have that field?

    What about the subscribers you already had before making the change?

  14. I watched a lot of video and yours brings something more about Segments, thank you.
    I a m questionning myself about an improvement:
    In your example, the person has to type "student" or "teacher" but I'm wondering what would happen if they typed "stdent" or "TEACHR"? Would it work?
    Probably not: a value added for your tutorial would be to explain how to avoid any typing mistake and by maybe managing Radio button or checkboxes to inform my listing who would be a student or teacher without any possible mistake…
    Dunno if I'm clear…
    Any way thank you!

  15. Thanks for sharing this great tutorial..! It helps me with the issue.. but I have 1 question, I want to receive an automated email the list of the subscriber in the segment section and also the upcoming subscriber.. is it possible to send them an automated email? If so, then how?

    I will be waiting.. thank you! 🙂

  16. Thanks for doing this tutorial! Question. when I send out a campaign and i get new subscribers after, how do I send out this campaign to new subscribers?

  17. Why did you not use groups to differentiate between students and teachers?

    It would allow you to add a dropdown-select list, which is much more convenient for your subscribers and also ensures data integrity (because nobody can mess with the input).
    You could then create segments, based on the available groups.

  18. I need send newsletter to my multiple lists (ex: List A, List B, List C…). However, Mailchimp does not allow me to click (or check) all these lists whenever I send a campaign so I can send it all-at-one time. Do you think I need to create segment to achieve my goal? Any help from you will be helpful…Thanks!

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