How to Create Membership Site in ClickFunnels

(upbeat music) – Hey, guys, this is
Spencer from Buildapreneur, and this lesson is going to
be about a membership area. And I’ll be fully honest, this
was the most frustrating part of Click Funnels when I first signed up. I spent days trying to figure this out. They don’t have very
much information on it. And there’s actually a lot of misinformation out there on it. And so people were advising
me in different directions. I was so frustrated midway through this. And so I really, really
hope that I can explain it. Everything that I learn,
and finally figured out in a way that makes sense quickly, and where you can create
this membership area in your Click Funnels account very easily. So, feel free to reach out with questions at the end of this. I hope you don’t have any,
but I’m sure people will. It is just a confusing
thing, and Click Funnels is still kind of working
on how they do that. But, anyway, if you don’t know what a membership area is,
it’s basically just a part of your website, or in this case, a part of your Click Funnels account
where you can give access to video or courses, or written content, or any other kinda digital
asset after people purchase a certain product. So, if I was selling a course that was a whole course on how
to learn Facebook ads. Well, I need somewhere where they can go access
that course, right? I’m not just gonna email them
an entire bunch of videos. If I wanna actually have
it sitting somewhere, then I need to create a
membership area where I have all those videos, and as soon as they purchase that course,
they’re given access to those videos, that they can
login and watch those videos. So, that’s what a membership area is. And just like everything else in Click Funnels, there’s
beautiful templates already built out, they’re
really easy to work with, they’re really easy to edit, and they make it really
easy to give access to people based on what
they purchase, right? So you don’t wanna just
give someone access to your membership area and
have them have access to all the videos and courses, and
everything you’ve ever created. You want it to based on what they buy. Someone buys this YouTube
course, okay, when they log into their membership area,
there’s the YouTube course, but there’s nothing else. And you want it to work that way so that you can have one membership area, and as you continue to sell
the people further down the line, then you’re able
to still have them use that same single membership
area in Click Funnels, but just add a new permissions when they’re in that membership area. So, remember that you’re gonna hear from other people that they
should create multiple. In my opinion, you should always just create one membership area. And that way, people don’t have to login to different places all the time. And so, let’s start. We’re gonna dive right in and we’re gonna create
our membership area. And it’s just like creating a funnel. It’s gonna look like a little mini funnel. But just remember, there’s
gonna be no funnel. There’s not gonna be people going through anything to get here. This is just where
you’re gonna send people in any funnel that sells
access to a membership area. So, we start with the same
thing as always, add new. Okay, it’s gonna give you one of your three things that you want here. So, your product, our
product is a membership. Let’s name it Membership Area. Member, how about I group tag these? Member, we’ll build that funnel here. Okay, so you’ll create other funnels. You’re gonna create sales funnels, just like we’ve been doing all along, that are gonna lead people to this area. But this area works
individually, by itself. And so, as you can see,
Click Funnels just creates a membership access piece
of the funnel or page. And then it creates a membership area. So, membership access is like this, right? Where you go, either create your account, or you go to login. And so that’s all you really
need in your membership funnel, is once someone buys a
course, you send them to this membership funnel,
they create their account. Once they create their
account, then they’re taken to the next step in the funnel which is just a place where your
information is, right? So there’s nothing here right now. I don’t have any courses in this particular Click Funnels account, but this is a membership area
where they’d be taken once they had logged in and
created a login there. And so we’re gonna show
you how to do all this. Don’t worry if it sounds complicated. But hopefully you’re
at this point at least. You’ve created a membership funnel. You’ve got a membership
access piece to the funnel. And you can choose from a few
different templates from that. They’re all pretty basic. I wouldn’t over worry about it, honestly, because this is just
really a login, right? And then you have the
actual membership area and it’s gonna give you a few
templates for that as well. And so, let’s start looking at that. We’re gonna choose, well, I guess I have to choose a template for this. I always just choose the
first template right here. Okay, so we’ve chosen the nice, easy login/create your account. And now we’re gonna start messing with our actual membership area. Okay, the first thing that we really need to understand once we
select the template here. I’m trying to remember
which one I always go with. I think I go with the first one here too. To me, these are so basic, right? As long as it gives them access,
that’s what really matters. You can play it through some
of the funnels if you want, but they’re all very similar and they all give access
like they’re supposed to. So, when you create your membership area, you
can see here it’s not giving the box here and the box
here like it usually does, where it says you can split tasks and there’s no page that you
can actually go in and edit. It’s just a very simple template. You can edit a little
bit of it right here, but for the most part, it’s already there. It just wants you to
now start adding content to your membership area for people that are members of whatever
group you’ve created. And so, let me explain
these two right here. We have the login URL and we have the secret
sign up URL right here. And this is where all the confusion stems and what so many people
are confused about, and so you really need to
understand what those two are if you want to be able to succeed with the
membership area in Funnels. This is where someone logs in
once they’ve already created a user account for themselves. So, if you look at this, I hope it works. I don’t think I actually set anything up. Yeah, I’m already logged in. So if you look at this, it’s
where, they’ve already created an account and so it’s
just the place they login. And this is the place where
they go to create an account. And so, this one should, let’s see if it logs in automatically. Yeah, it’s gonna login automatically because it’s saving them,
because it’s got cookies. Let’s pull open a new incognito window so you can see what I’m talking about. Boom, see, this is where
they create an account. So, secret sign up URL,
create an account, login URL is where they go once they’re ready to just login to an account,
they’ve already created it. And so it’s very important
that you understand that. When somebody purchases your
course, they need to be sent to the secret sign up URL every time because they’ve got to be
able to create a login. And if they already have one, then there’s a button there they can click
that takes them straight to the login URL. But if you send them here
first, they have nowhere to create a login. This is just where people that already
have login details can login. So, I hope that makes sense. I know that sounds, actually,
maybe pretty simple, but they don’t really explain that really well in Click Funnels. So, just remember that and you’ll be set to go
for the rest of the time. Okay, let’s explain these two things. We see a section and a lesson here. A section would be something like in the example we used
previously, Facebook ads Course, so that’s the entire
section, the entire course, or an entire product that you’re selling. And then within that section,
you have multiple lessons. And so we’ve got lesson one,
we can add a new lesson. Let’s do that real quick just to show you. We’re gonna add it in our first section. We’re gonna name it lesson two. It says, “Which template
do you wanna use?” There’s two templates, so
I wouldn’t worry too much about that, video lesson, and then the last option,
you can actually have it so they don’t get access for
a certain number of days. So, maybe you wanna give
them one course access a day for 14 days or something like that, maybe I’m actually
doing that with this course, so I can’t remember what my
plan was, but you can do that. We’re not gonna do it on this one. We’ll create the lesson, there you go. So, lesson one, our first
lesson, and lesson two. And that’s all in my first section which would be my Facebook ads course. You can open the editor
here and it’s very simple. I guess we should peek in there, just so you understand
what I’m talking about. Okay, and so here’s where you can add a little, teeny, video, or
this is for text lessons. Sorry, I’m gonna actually
do a different one so you can see what
video lessons are like, because that’s what
you’re watching right now. So let’s add a new lesson. Let’s do a video lesson, lesson three. Add it in the first section, there it is, open an editor, oops. Open an editor. Okay, so here’s just
a simple video lesson. When they go into lesson
one, you add a video here, the same way you do in the other editor. You click on it and it
looks a little different, but it’s fairly similar, right? You add your YouTube
video or your Vimeo video. And I would pause here and
say Vimeo’s the way to go. Definitely, Vimeo is the way to go. It’s like five bucks a month, I think. And you’re able to embed, and
you’re able to do a lot more as far as preventing people
from sharing your content, whereas YouTube is all about sharing. So, anyway, you add a little
video, you add your text here, and then you can add any resources
that you want right here. And it probably should be noted that this is just a link to a resource. And so you don’t actually
add any resources here. You add resources, let’s close that so I can show you, you add resources in your account and digital assets. And you can upload resources,
and then it’ll give you a URL and then you can link to
that URL in each lesson. Anyway, that’s how that works. We’ve got three lessons here. We’ve got a section. And you can only restrict people based on sections, not lessons. So you can’t say, “Give this
lesson to people that purchased “the YouTube course, but not this lesson.” You can only restrict based on sections. So, let’s add a new lesson section. So let’s call this the
Google AdWords course. We actually, probably are gonna have all of these in the future, so
let’s call that that section. Let’s call this Facebook Course, so you see what I’m talking about. All right, let’s peek real
quick at our restriction. So we want people that purchased the Facebook course to be
able to get access to that. And we want people that purchased the AdWords course to be
able to get access to that. But we don’t want them to be able to get access to each
other’s courses, right? And so that’s all done right here. We restrict access. It’s gonna say, what’s the name here? Facebook Course, product requirements. Now this is blank here because
we haven’t created a product. We don’t have any products, right? None of our funnels actually
have products associated with them, so it doesn’t have any products that we can link it to. But we’re gonna go create a product, and we’ll dive back in here
to show you how to do that. Okay, but there would
be products right there. Anyway, so I hope that makes sense. We now have our membership area. We’re gonna go create a funnel
and show you exactly how a funnel would interact
with that membership area. So, let’s go. If I have to save it, I
think we’re good to go. So let’s go to Funnels. Okay, at minimum, we need
our funnel to have some kind of place where they pay for their access. You’ll need some kind of landing page, a sales page, maybe an upsell page. We’re not gonna create all of that. At minimum, you need
a place where they pay for access to the course, right? So we’re just gonna add
that to this funnel. Add new, let’s choose a sell
your product, and let’s say… Actually, let’s just create a custom funnel since that’s what we’re doing
here, membership funnel two. Okay, so pretend this is our sales funnel that
we want to sell people on. And once they purchase and pay in this funnel, they get access to, let’s say, that Facebook course. Let’s say we’re doing this
for that Facebook course. So we’ll go to our sales page. We’re gonna go to an order form. So an order form is
what would happen right before anybody bought anything, right? They would fill out an order form. So we’ll select just
a basic template here. Okay, and you can edit how
the order form looks within the order form itself, so we’ll kinda peek at that real quick. There it is. They fill out their contact information, and you don’t have to have them fill out all this if you don’t want. In fact, I erase almost
all of this, just get an email address and the
credit card information. People tend to not like
filling out lots of forms. I’m sure that if you’re watching
this, you’re the same way. But, anyway, it’s all set up,
it’s all integrated right. This has everything that’s set up to complete an order and make a purchase. And so, we just need to
attach products to this form. So, it doesn’t know yet,
well, if somebody puts in their credit card and buys on this page, Click Funnel
doesn’t know what that means. What did they buy? I don’t know, I don’t have any products. So, if you’re in here, you
have a product section. So if you’re ever on a sales page and sales purchase page, we have a products section right here. And this is where we add
products so that we can then associate those down the
road with our membership area. So let’s add a product. Let’s say, on this page, if they got to this order form page, I am selling them my Facebook ads course, okay? And if you’ve integrated your billing, which we had a lesson earlier on integrations, then
it’ll let you select it. It looks like I haven’t
integrated on this account. So let’s pretend I’ve
integrated Braintree. It says, how much is
this product gonna be? Let’s say, $100,000, that’d be great. Okay, and then price display override. I don’t understand
totally why this would be an option because you can make
it actually cost $100,000, but then you can have it show
that it only costs $10, right? So, that’s a very dangerous option that Click Funnels gives you. I would recommend just ignoring
the price display override because you could find yourself with some very unhappy customers. And then the last thing is a bump. And let me explain what
bump is real quick. So it’s saying, should this
product get bump on the page? So, not a product, but a bump. Let’s peek at the page to see what they’re talking
about there with that bump. Okay, this particular
page doesn’t have a bump. A lot of, maybe I can
actually add it here. Let’s check real quick and see
if we can add an order bump. An order bump? So, you see, you know what this is? You know when you’re purchasing something and you’re kinda going
down, and then it’s got a little check mark and you can say, “Yes, I also want this.” That’s an order bump, right? It’s a really good idea too. Let’s say you’re selling
something for 25 bucks, “and you’re like, “I wonder if
I can get five more bucks off “these people, add this little thing.” A lot of people will buy it, especially if it’s somewhat cheap. They’ve already pulled
out their credit card and it’s kind of a small price. In fact, my very first course
had 100% of people purchase the YouTube bump, a little YouTube course
that I had attached to it. So, that was really exciting. I always do an order bump. But, anyway, so this is what a bump is. So when it says, “Should this be a bump?” That would mean you would need to add a product that would sell to them if they ever selected that,
checked that bump box. So I hope that makes sense here. We’ll peek at it. Oh, I didn’t save it. But, anyway, if anyone
selected that bump box then they would get access to that product, that’s what it’s saying. So let’s add that product again. Facebook ads Course, we’re
gonna do it through Braintree. I usually go through Stripe, I would just recommend Stripe, honestly. Anyway, so let’s create that product. Facebook ads course, right? And so that’s what they’re
buying when they’re on this opt in page and they’re
putting in a credit card. They’re buying a Facebook ads course. Let’s add a bump. If they bump, we’re gonna
give them one free ad. So I’ll write an ad for ’em,
maybe, something like that. So let’s say that will be
five dollars, I’ll do that. And it is a bump. Okay, if they click a bump
button on that opt in page here. If they click a bump button, they’re now gonna get access to this as well. They’re gonna have purchased this, and it’s gonna charge them five dollars. If they just go through
and fill out the form, it’s gonna charge them $10, so
let’s peek at it real quick, and make sure all that worked. I really hope this is
making sense to everybody. This is one of the nicest things
about Click Funnels, right? If you created a website, it’s hard to get all this stuff set up. You gotta make a secure
site, you gotta get everything set up so that these credit card processors
trust you and are willing to let you run credit cards on your site. But, Click Funnel has
this all done for you. I could run credit cards in
five minutes on this site. Save that and let’s go back. I wonder if it really saved. Okay, let’s preview the page here. There it is. So, if somebody fills out all this information, it says it now knows what you’re buying is
the Facebook ads course. And we can add other products as well, and have them select those. So they enter in their card
information, they fill out this giant form that no
one ever wants to fill out. And then they could go to complete order. In fact, I would add a bump up above complete
order so they see it. But anyway, if you select that, now it’s gonna charge them $15, right? So they put in the information,
they complete the order and we’re good to go. So, I hope that makes sense. Let’s go peek back at
our membership funnel, so I can show you what I’m
talking about, those products. Back here, membership area. Okay, membership area. Okay, now here’s our
Facebook course, right? We wanna restrict access to people who purchased
in membership funnel too, which was the funnel, we’ll purchase that. Okay, now it’s attached
to their email address. So, as long as they purchase
and they use that email, the same email address that they use to create their account, as
they do when they purchase. Anybody that buys the Facebook
course will not have access to the Facebook course, but not access to the Google AdWords course, and any other courses that I have. So, I hope that makes sense to you how we’re working now, okay? So, now we’re gonna do one more thing. Now you need to know how to
send them to our sign up URL. Copy and paste here. So we need to send them, as
soon as they’ve filled out that order form, we want
them to go and do what? We want them to make
and create an account. So let’s go to Click Funnels here. We’ll do two things in
that membership funnel. Please remember, before this
opt in page, we have the rest of our funnel, normal, that we create. So I would add a few more steps that were, a landing page where I maybe sold them, and then got their email address, and then I’d have another page where I started selling
them on the next product. And if they clicked, yes, I want that, then maybe I’d take ’em to this page. So this was actually the
third step in the funnel. I’m just not building
out the whole funnel, because we just wanna focus on the membership area right now. So right now I’m showing
you how to send them to that page where they
can create a login, okay? So we’re on it right here,
we’re on that product page. And you remember we talked earlier about how we can go into our settings and we can send somebody to a different page after
they fill out a form? So not necessarily the next step in the funnel,
but a different page. That’s right here, on submit, go to, boom. We wanna go, and once they
submit, we wanna send them to where they can actually create a login. To do that, we click save, and now when someone fills
out this whole form, okay? They fill out this form, then it’s going to take their money, one, and then it’s gonna take
them to this page right here. Actually, let’s do
incognito so it makes sense. It’s gonna send them here
and they’re gonna create an account, and then they’re gonna be able to sit in their membership area and have that access we talked about. The very last thing we wanna
talk about is email, okay? When someone buys something online, you
always get an email, right? They send you everything that you need to know about your purchase, and then usually they’ll
send you kind of a, if something goes wrong,
here’s another way to login. So let’s go back to products. So when they purchase
that Facebook ads course, we set up this part, but if you look, there’s
other things as well. So we want to send them a
fulfillment email telling them thank you for their purchase, and then what we wanna do is say you may access, well, “Thank you “for your purchase, you may
access your,” we’ll write out your email here, something
like course here, anytime. And then we would add the
URL for people to log in. So that would be, I can’t remember what that was, URL for a login. Then we would say if anything went wrong, and you were unable to create an account, you can create
your account here, right? Boom, there it is, and
that’s where people go to create an account, okay? So I’ll kind of explain these other tabs. Email integration, we talked
about how we wanna capture their email address and we don’t wanna just sell them this one
thing, we wanna keep selling them for weeks and weeks to come. And so that’s where we have these automated email
auto responding programs we integrated one called Active Campaign. This guy right here, earlier. Action on submit, we wanna add
to a list in Active Campaign. And I’m gonna create a list
in Active Campaign right now where I would say this is a list for anybody that’s created my Facebook, or that’s purchased my
Facebook ads course. And then as soon as they get added to that list, it’ll start
emailing them once a day, or once every couple
days, but it’ll say things like, “Hey, I hope you loved
that Facebook ads course. “Here’s some more
valuable content for you.” It’s clear that you’re
interested in Facebook ads. And then maybe further down
the road, it says, “By the way, “if you like Facebook ads, you would love “this course on Google Ads. “And you can purchase this “for a limited discount right now.” And it’ll send them that email
and so that’s how it works. That’s how you make the most money off a person that comes to your site. So we add ’em to a list. This is the current list we have. Let’s just pretend there’s one that said, purchase YouTube course, or purchase Facebook course. For now we’ll go, purchase YouTube course. Okay, now as soon as they purchase, I’m
gonna click up the product. It’s going to do a bunch of things. It’s going to charge their
credit card, it’s gonna send them a fulfillment email, it’s
gonna send them to my create a login page, and then it’s
gonna add them to my email list. And then from now on,
my email list is going to start emailing them
whatever emails I create. And we’re gonna talk later about that. I think it’s in lesson,
maybe eight or nine. And I have a totally separate
course, actually, that I sell that teaches you how to
automate email campaigns. So let’s pick update product. We don’t have to ship anything,
so we’re not gonna worry about that, and we’re good to go. So, I hope that whole
funnel process made sense. You can kinda see maybe
why it was confusing for me, having no resources
to be able to figure it out. I eventually was able to figure it out. If this course doesn’t make
sense to you, please reach out and I can help you get your
membership area set up. Or you can click down here. Where’s my mouse, right here. Click Funnels will help
you get it set up as well. They’re very responsive, though not quite as fast in their response
as you would like. That’s how you create a membership area. I hope you’re interested
in this at some point, even if you’re not selling a
membership area right now, down the line, I’m sure you’ll want to be able to teach other people what you’ve learned as you’ve made money in Click Funnels. And the way that you
teach people is you create a membership area and
then you bring people to that membership area, charge them to have access to your courses. And it’s a great way to make money, right? Because once you’ve created a
product, once you’re done, you just have to send people to it and you can just keep
making money off people. And you get that warm,
hearty, cheery feeling in your heart that comes when you help somebody learn
something that you learned. So, good luck, good luck
building your membership area. And I think, our next
course, we’re gonna talk a little bit about analytics, and we’re gonna get some pretty cool stuff where you can see how users
are reacting with your site and really fix problems that you may not realize
your site is having. Thanks a lot, guys.

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    My plan would be to have them start at Bronze and go to platinum level but if I’m understanding how this works here in your tutorial they could have purchased level 1 (Bronze) and level 4 (Platinum) before they purchase silver or gold. Is this true? Would there be any way to hide levels 3 and 4 until they purchased level 2 to be able to open level 3? And then purchase level 3 to open and be able to see level 4?

  22. Glad to see this video I almost started with kajabi but there's no need for a course builder and click funnels if I can do it all in one place and that is in click funnels I have been paying for multiple software's and didn't realize I can do those same exact things in clickfunnels right on for the info brotha

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  24. This answered the important questions I could not figure out from any of the Clickfunnels videos or documentation. Not just what to do but why your doing it. The why is completely missing from the Clickfunnels training videos.

  25. Hi, question: after they purchased the course and registered their email addresses, where can we find the list or names of people who joined my course? And is there any other mode of payment or only credit card? Thank you!

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  28. I Watched your videos…. My question is
    can i upload my audio to membeship area so them can download

  29. Great info – thank you. One thing that I just want to point out from your video is that the function of "price display override" allows you to say additional things like "charged every month" or do strikethroughs and demonstrate that they are getting a discounted price. Sure, it could be dangerous if you accidentally typed in another number… so just double check.

  30. New viewer here! And I must say, ALL your videos are so easy & I love your webinars! Very informative unlike some of these other people out there! A lot of them try to teach you the “mindset” and you actually SHOW how it’s done. I’m slowly building my business and I’ve been having frustrations especially with click funnels, overloaded with information. But your videos help me take it step by step! Keep up the good work! Definitely will be following along the process! Thanks a lot!

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  32. 1 more question, what is the person uses a different email address to create the account to the on they used to pay with, do they still get access

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