How to Create and Manage a Student Group on Campus Vibe 2

We’re just going to show you, as a Minneapolis College
student, how you can use
the new Campus Vibe system to apply and create
a new club on campus or a new student group
on campus. So even though
the system has a, you know, a smartphone component,
and you can browse through events,
browse through groups, and participate in forums
on the mobile phone version of the system, when it comes
to actually applying for a new club or a new group
in the system, that requires using
digital forms for submissions, so we ask you to do that
specifically from a computer or a laptop. So the first thing
that you have to do is come to
the Campus Vibe system, so you can come to it going to and then that will bring you
to the system. I’m just going to catch up
to my instructions here. Just one sec. So now we’re at and we have to log in
to the system. So we come to log in. We’re going to use
our StarID credentials that we use for everything else
on campus. So we put those in
and we hit “Sign On.” And now we want to go to the groups page
to apply for a new club. So you could go
to any of these pages. They’re really just different
versions of the same page. So you know, I come to clubs,
for example, or groups or any of these pages,
it doesn’t matter, in this specific
drop-down menu. And when I get here, I’m going
to see a “Create Group” button. So if you’re a student
applying for a new club, then you’re going to hit
“Create Group.” And this is where we come
into the group creation form. The first thing that
you have to tell the system is what type of group
you’re trying to create. Obviously, we’re going
to focus this example on a club creation;
that will be 99.9% of the applications
that happen in the system. When it comes to
Student Senate applications or campus committee
or course group applications, don’t apply for those without
contacting Student Life first because they have,
you know, very specific processes
related to it. So we’re going to come into
“Create a Club,” we hit “Create Group,” and now
we see a four-section form that we must create to populate a new club home page
in the system. So essentially, there’s
a two-stage approval process to get your club
live in the system. The first stage is to
make your home page visible and then the second stage
would be to complete any custom
compliance requirements that Student Life
might require for, like, submitting forms or waivers
or so on and so forth. So first phase is this first
à la carte form here, so you must fill out this form,
we use the information here to populate
your club home page, to populate your
club management dashboard, and also on the main clubs menu
or clubs directory page, there’s a little preview window
of your club, and all of those
pieces of content are automatically populated
from this form. So you got to
fill it out here. So first tell us what
the proposed name of your club is going to be. You know, in this case,
I’m going to say– I’m going to call it
the Test Training Club, but, you know,
maybe it’s Chess Club or, you know,
whatever the case may be. “Who should join”
is a mandatory field as well. You have to fill it out. It could be as easy as
just saying anyone can join and that satisfies
the requirement, or, you know,
“Anyone who likes chess,” or, “Anyone who likes” you know,
whatever the case may be. So I have to type
something here. We also say–
uh, highly recommend that you put in your club banner
image here as well. So please upload
your club banner image here. We use this to make
your club home page look good, so please upload it here;
you can always change it or edit it or update it
in the future as well. But, you know,
put up a banner here. Another mandatory field
is your group description. So if your club
has an overview statement or an objective statement
or a mission statement, then you would add–
you know, type all that in here and then, you know, I’m just
going to type something in to satisfy the requirement. But you can type anything
in here, and then feel free to use our formatting tools
that we provide to jazz up that content. If you want to add in tables
or if you want to add in links to other websites,
maybe you’re nationally affiliated
with a larger organization, you can add in links
to those websites, pictures, or whatever
the case may be as well. Then we hit
the “Next” button. This is where we ask for contact
information for the club. Now, this is your
primary contact information for the club, so, you know,
in the email field, we’re going to auto-populate
the email address that we have on file for you
as an individual user, but if you would like to have
a different email address specifically for this club,
then you could add it here. And when we populate
your club home page, whatever email
that we see here becomes the “Contact us” email
button for your club home page. So you could put something
in here as well. Does your group have
a national affiliation? If yes, you can put in
the name of the group here, update
the national group here with a link to
their website as well. And now we get into club-specific
social media links. So if you have a website that
you want to put a link in for, Facebook, Twitter,
Google Plus, those are all– copy and paste
the links in. For Instagram,
you just have to put in your Instagram account
user name. What this does is,
it creates “Follow us on social media”
buttons on your club home page
automatically. So if you don’t put anything
in, there’s no follow buttons. If you put them in,
then they become visible. Then we hit
the “Next” button. Because you’re not allowed
to charge fees for membership as a club, you don’t have
to worry about this page, so you won’t even be able
to type anything in if you tried,
so you can just hit “Next” and move on
to the last page. On this last page, we’re talking
about your club profile. So essentially on the front-end
main club directory, students at Minneapolis College
are going to be using the system to find the clubs
and groups that they care about and they’re going to be
filtering through the main directory
using a tagging system. So we highly recommend that
you make your club visible on that page using the tags
that are available. So please tell us, you know,
pick from the group type list, what type of group are you. You can pick from one
on the list. What category of group
are you? You can pick from the list. If your group is, you know,
related to a specific– specific faculty of study,
then you can do that as well by picking from
the faculties of study. If you’re specifically related
to the Student Life world, campus committee world,
or Rec and Wellness, then you can use that
as well. If you want everybody
to see you regardless of program type,
then you can just leave it at the “None” option. Then we see an option
for notes. So if you want to pass on notes
to Student Life or questions or suggestions
with your club application– you can type those in here
as well. And then the last option
we give you with the club application is,
do we want– you know,
do you as the club leader want anybody to be able
to join your club without your permission,
or do you want them to apply to join your club
and then either get approved
or rejected by you? If you want them to get approved
or rejected by you, then you can make sure
this is selected. If you want anybody to join
without asking permission, make sure it’s deselected. And then you submit
for approval. So now I’m going
to submit for approval– oh, there’s a little something
that I forgot here. Just one sec. No, it’s not actually
affiliated. So I’ll just–oop. Sorry about that. Now we submit
for approval. Once we submit this for
approval, the Campus Vibe system is now going to send you
an automatic email that you can follow
the instructions in the email to complete
your club registration. As you can see,
the next page that loads up is your club management
dashboard. So this is a dashboard
that you as a club leader have access to and as you
nominate other leaders to run the group with you,
they would have access to this dashboard as well. So, you know, right now
this thing is pending approval. I would have gotten an email
with my instructions. So I’m just going to show you
the example here, let’s say…
the Student Life team comes in, they look over
your initial form application, so they click “View Details,”
they think everything looks okay, so they can
give you what we call stage one approval
or provisional approval. Once the group
is approved provisionally, you’re also going to get
another email with the final instructions
that you must complete to get fully–before you submit
for full approval. If you ever need to change
information on the form that we just filled out,
you can always come in and hit the pencil button
for section one, two, three, or four, and you can go in and
update your club profile there. And as you can see,
you’ll now have a compliance checklist
that you have to complete before you submit
for full approval to get fully registered. For example, maybe you have to
submit a constitution. So you can upload
your own constitution here. As you can see,
you need to have six members to have a club registered
at Minneapolis College. Obviously
you’re member number one, so once you get
five more members, you would complete
that compliance requirement. How do we use this dashboard
to get these steps done? So let’s do a quick overview
for the dashboard in terms of how you manage
your club moving forward. So now that you’re up
and running, you’re going to want to invite members
into your system. So you can go
to your club home page. You can share the club to
Facebook, Facebook Messenger, or Twitter to help
get the word out that way. Have people
click on the link and then come in
and join the club. You can go into
the dashboard and use the
“Invite Members” feature, or you could come in, drag
and drop an email list in here with people that you want
to invite to the club and then we’ll send an email
out to them as well. It’s just column one,
email address, column two– or sorry,
column one, first name, column two, last name,
column three, email address. And then we can customize
an email and then send them an invite
to join the group. If you’re not sure
how to build this list out, you always have
the “Need Help” button which will tell you
how to create that list to send the email out. Once you’re up and running,
most importantly, we want you to be able
to do email communications with your members,
so once everybody has joined the group, then you can
email people on the fly. You can always add
your own email address in so if somebody on this–
one of these recipients are going to reply to my email,
then it will come directly to my email inbox directly. I can apply for events
from my dashboard, so whenever you want to create a club event,
come into your dashboard, hit “Create Event,”
and off you go. You can manage
your leadership here, so as members
are joining your group, if you want to upgrade certain
members to leadership positions, you can type in their name, give
them a title, and off you go. And most importantly,
this is also where you’re going
to apply for forms. So if you ever
are going to submit a form on behalf of your club,
then you’re going to do so from the “Leader Forms” section
in your club dashboard. You click on forms
and off you go. And anything
that you’ve submitted, you can manage
from the submissions section. You can also create forms
that are specific to your club so if you want to create
your own forms, you can come in here
and do so as well. And then those forms
would be visible on your club home page. So the very last thing
we’ll show you is, on your club dashboard,
if you ever have questions that you need to ask as you’re
going through these approval processes or submitting forms,
there’s a chat box feature here. You can always click on
the chat box, type in a note in the leader notes section and then the Student Life team
will come in and respond to your notes
and send you emails with updates or answers
to your questions. That’s it for this video.
If you have any other questions, please let
the Student Life team know, and I hope you have
a great day. Thanks.

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