How to create a PayPal donate button 2018

just wanna quickly show you how to create a payment or donation button on paper in order to do that you need to have a business account so if you have a personal account you just need to upgrade from your personal to your business accounts it's pretty easy to do that now sort of create your donation button you didn't need your donation all your payment button you need to go to tools and click all tools now you need to scroll down to the PayPal button style and click open now there are some preset options as you can see a sample Buy Now button Add to Cart button they already preset so you could create your own new button so come to the right hand side and just click create new button now you have various options so to choose the button type that you want do you want a shopping cart which is in the preview here or do you want donations button subscriptions whereby there are recurring payments automatic billing different types of buttons and and customization options so for this tutorial I want to create a donations button so click donations I need to know the interface for me so what you do is you choose the country you know the Kingdom that's what I'm going for the language English language use the paper PayPal button style you might choose to go with this choose if you want a small button which is just a button without the card options or a large button which is the one obviously with the card payment options or you might decide you don't want to use PayPal button style you might choose to use your own image so click use own button image and then just click the URL and paste the URL which lets see okay I want to use okay I'll use this as an example so I'll paste here then your image appears in the bottom preview but I don't want that so I'll just stick with a PayPal button stop and then click continue now you have to personalize the organization at the logo I'm just gonna place the URL that I copied so that's my logo what's the name of the organization let's just say animal charity let's say sorry let's say eben and I'm animal charity see now there's an option for you to allow your donors to choose specific programs for their donations so for example like I said this is an animal charity so for example if I wanted my donors to to donate to different causes I'm you I would have to choose yes and then add the different causes so for example the first cause is polar bear polar bears you know starvation and that's one cause you can do need to put polar bears to prevent them from starving you can also donate to prevention of the extinction extinction oh I don't know the dodo which is obviously an extinct extinct so that's those are two causes for this animal charity yeah click continue now you have to set the donation amounts that's the next thing to do you might choose to have your donors donate any amounts ranging from one to a billion or whatever you can also choose to have them donate an exact amount so for example twenty pounds so they don't be able to donate less than 20 points or more than twenty pounds is an exact amount or you could choose to have three different options so maybe five pounds 10 pounds 20 pounds so I'll just choose an exact amounts I'm sorry I'll just any amount and then do I want recurring donations you can choose yes or no leave it as yes and then you might decide you want more information from your donors so maybe the address you could choose yes or no you could choose to send an optional notes you can choose to have them send you in notes probably regarding donations whatever you can choose yes okay choose no should they decide to cancel their donations before completing it you might decide to put a URL to send them you know to probably encourage them to make the donation you know little pointers like this and then just click finish and get code that's how code right here I'm just gonna copy the code here it is I've copied the code now we're gonna go to go to the page that I want to add the code so I'll just delete that so in order to add your code just go to the open the WordPress editor and click tools now not all editors have this extended tool you need to download the plug-in to have this extended option for you on your WordPress editor so just click tools and click click source code and it brings up this box and then just paste in the paypal code and click OK so there you go so I'm just gonna click publisher updates then go now let's view our page now that's our page that's just a sample page hence the reason why it is so scant so let's click on this to see where it takes us so it should take us to PayPal page where you can donate as you can see last logo we added and us to the animal charity called eben and we can donate any amounts of a same donating five I remember we have the options to choose what kind of course wanted to Nate too so I want to do need to pull a bit starvation there you go and then click donate and there you go that's how to add payment or donation buttons to your accounts I hope this has been helpful please subscribe like or comment thank you very much for watching see you next time bye bye

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  2. An easier way is to just not even worry about a donate button and create a non-hosted donate link. Read how here:

  3. Hi, what info does the Donator see when donating? e.g Do they see Business name only or address / personal details?

  4. I'm on business account, but i can't find Donation button, there is only Buy now, subcriptions, shopping cart. Should i go for the PROFESSIONNAL account?

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