How To Become An Influencer With YouTube

hi there if you'd like to learn how you can quickly become an influencer in your marketplace so much so that you could have a rock legend judge your guitar competition then stay tuned watch this video all the way to the end as I show you how hi there David watch it once again from David Walsh and in this video I have a real treat for you I'm going to show you how you can quickly become an influencer in your marketplace so much so that one person who used what I told him has actually got a guitar legend to be the judge on his YouTube guitar competition so that further ado I'm going to hand her over to super awesome guy James rundle who's going to tell you everything he did to get a guitar legend to judge his competition so over to James hi my name is James rundle from rock licks guitar tuition in my youtube channel is dedicated to teaching the songs of Queen and the guitar styles of Queen guitarist Brian man in this video I wanted to discuss how David Walsh run lines youtube videos of how to make and be able to get Brian me off Queen to subscribe to my channel and also a great teacher guitar competition I run on YouTube which ended up being in the national press the first piece of advice was commenting on other YouTube videos interact with other youtubers I did this by comment on the comedian Russell Brand channel in this is what happened rock licks guitar tuition Russell is your bedroom or real brick or brick wallpaper brick wallpaper is hypocrisy in its purest form Rick licks guitar just for you I'll show you that it is genuine brick their bare brick are bare brick are you bourgeois this really was a huge lesson in interact with other youtubers it can have an immediate effect on your own YouTube channel and the story of me comment on Russell Brand and getting a show load that you made it into the law of paper which give my business a lot attention the second main piece of advice from David Walsh was that of using social media and current events to build up remote videos in your own YouTube channel and I did this when Brian May released his book about his guitar the red special i did a video review on the book and this was actually used on Brian Mia's website which he and a lot of subscribers and a lot of attention and she got a thang you let up from the publishers as well secondly on the release of Queens new album will released three new songs I did guitar tutorials for them and three songs posted them on Twitter and tagged and Brian his website in and along with the Queen fan club and that Brian Mears website actually tweeted them songs as well so that brought a lot of attention in to them videos as well and it was also having a rubber stamp of approval from the main man himself the first leg of Queens to i was here in newcastle last year so when along to that got front row videoed a lot of that started tweeting pair video clips of the shore any twitter feed went absolutely ballistic but a new followers people retweet in the videos an awful lot of intentional and jollity link back to the YouTube channel also got the official Queen fan club started following us on Twitter I'll start following them and not led to them asking me to report some music for a video they were promoting of funds on tour so that was really good and I got an awful lot of attention as well the third piece of advice I took was really was that at being in Venice and it's the tendencies father taught you as is to stick with the same old same old through guitar tutorials so i started doing competitions for the facebook twitter obviously youtube and to promote the channel and that's when as decided to do a guitar competition where subscribers who use a my channel send their videos in of themselves playing air queen songs on guitar and I would make a compilation video and pull it all together and would pick a winner from that and would win a bundle of sixpences such a brian may use as the plat groom i decided to email brian mears website and ask the people there whether they would judge the competition few weeks went past the email bounced at that yeah the wood that would be Brit what am I surprised a week later they said that they had a message from funny off Brian me and he said that he'd watched the video and that he wanted to get involved he wanted to judge the competition pick a winner in a runner and now he would provide went on the run home with the prize as well so that story I like the the local paper I know so they come at that story and which was really really gotta go full-page spread on an air on page three he wanted to cover the story again when the when I was actually picked and then it'll been in the national press I was a huge boost to the channel about an awful lot of attention an awful lot of good contacts in the guitar world who and wanted to do collaborations with the channel and things like that was really it was really positive effect in it hi it really raised the profile of the channel they do a level I could never imagine and the winners of the competition say that they were hobby was is an understatement everybody involved in the video was a huge boss channel had actually given an opportunity to the other play the guitar in front of one of their idols the winner and the runner up everyone in channel everyone Brian his website sorry who received the site an autograph book from Brian which I did myself so I got pied to the post and had a feeling that I knew what was going to be so i video'd myself opening the package and showing everybody and assigning the same book or rolled it up video in youtube uploaded onto facebook or not absolutely thousands reviews on facebook Lords of friend requests on facebook Queen farms and Qatar fans again it was all promoting the channel and the subscribers were calling in the views were coming and people who hadn't seen the channel and the Word was spreading and learned from David Walsh online a bit using social media started posting the videos in Queen fan club Facebook pages and with a huge audience so that was you youtube acquitted for me had reached the language and never imagined just working here from really a later thanked ever was from all of the advice it's really been able to help my channel be a lot more inventive it's made it a lot more interactive with its audience to be able to listen to what people want and as I said before I would have just been doing the same old same old tutorials and wondering why that the channel wasn't grown the way I thought it maybe should have done and its really it's made it be able to progress and to evolve into something that I never thought that inward so really the possibilities for to YouTube really are endless and that's why I'd really like a whole heart it's a different world all of his advice so there you go that's how James was able to become an influencer very very quickly in his marketplace so much so that he actually has people contacting him from all over the world wanting to visit him wanting to play guitar with him wanted to get lessons etc etc I want to thank James from rock licks guitar tuition for sharing the success he's had getting Brian May to become a judge on his youtube guitar competition now if queen is your thing and you'd like to learn some of those guitar licks make sure to check them out his channel is actually great the links are in the description below now if you're using YouTube in your business and you would like to become an influencer or you like just to get more traffic with the videos that you're creating then I've got a treat for you I've got some free consultations available for businesses who are looking to use YouTube and build their business get more customers get more sales using the power of video now to get one of those free consultations just click the button here or if you're on mobile click the little card on the top of their failing that click the link in the old description below you'll go through fill out a form fill out some information about you and your business I will set up a time with you that's convenient and we will talk about what you can do for your business using YouTube now this is one of the ways i use to get clients so if we are a good fit for each other and you would like to move forward working together we can discuss that if not we'll still part as friends so this is right if you go ahead click the button here or the card up there or failing that the link in the OL description below and then we will talk a timeless convenience to you to see what we can do to help you grow your

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  1. Good Stuff Brother! Question, How do I get the Verified check next to my name? I thought once I got it on my Google Plus Business account with is associated with this channel, that it would pop up automatically but it didn't.

  2. David Walsh, you are awesome and this is why, I've subscribed your channel on youtube! It's a very useful video. Yet, I wonder how I could apply it in my business.

  3. Hi David! Thank you so much for all the wonderful tips on your channel! I had a question~ since majority of my views come from Facebook shares, I wished to know how can I change the size of my YouTube video thumbnails as they aren't the same size on Facebook and hence it makes them difficult to read. Is there a way I could make thumbnails clearly visible on Facebook?
    Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚

  4. having problems signing in to youtube on my mobile, worked fine until 3 days ago, when I try to sign in using my google account, it says channel not linked, yet i can access youtube with my laptop. any help would be appreciated.

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  8. Pretty good job David. Thanks for your support to us musicians! Your suggestions worked about recording ahead of time and putting my videos on the schedule. I am so happy I asked for your suggestions. Thank you sir!

  9. Thanks for the great advice Guys. I love Queen. I will keep trying to use this awesome advice. It helped me to 100 subs in first month.

  10. I'm actually amazed to be the 18th viewer. usually the 100 thousandth. Anyway this is great advice as always. I'm not good at leveraging Social Media and current Events. Do you have a video on that or would you, Mr Walsh, make one pretty please?

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  12. Good on you Rock licks Guitar tuition! I had no idea commenting on other peoples video could be so effective!

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