How to Become an Influencer on YouTube — 6 Tips

opportunity is missed by most people because it's dressed in overalls and it looks like work the reason that people are gonna miss out on this is because it takes work I know it can look glamorous on Instagram we show off that you've got the lifestyle and you're traveling and you're doing this cool stuff and being an influencer is amazing but the thing about it is that there's a lot of that goes into it behind the scenes that is hard and there's a reason why some people they kind of just want the lifestyle but they don't necessarily want to put in the work as we get back to our week next week and I know that you have other jobs many of you are doing this on the side and you want to do this so you have to work even harder most people when they get done with work they go home and just sit on the couch maybe they turn on TV they turn on Netflix which is fine that's no problem at all but if you want to build your influence and do this you got to put in the work and here's six quick things to keep working on as you leave this conference keep working on your skills keep studying keep reading keep watching videos master your platform master whether it's Instagram Facebook whatever you're trying to do keep working on your skills keep studying watching videos reading books you got to work and level up your skills because in this new economy what's happening around the world there's new skill sets that we have to learn keep working on your talents talents are different than skills talents are what you were naturally born with but even though you were born with it naturally keep making your strengths stronger you might have said I already I'm a singer I already have a great voice keep working on it you know I'm a writer I already write well keep working on it whatever your talent is and each of you in this room has incredible talents in specific areas tons of things I'm not talented at but don't settle keep working on your talent always keep working on your brand ask yourself how can I make my brand stronger how can I make my branding better what is my branding like right now and how can I improve it how can I level up my brand keep doing the work on your relationships your network you want to always be building that's why this conference is so amazing I hope before you go home before you leave that you connect with other people here you know that the people in this room could be future business partners they could be future collaborations they could be the future person that's the key to unlock your breakthrough as an influencer but what a tragedy would be a few left without meeting them if just because I know it can be hard to walk up to people and talk to them sometime or we don't know what's gonna happen keep building your network and always be building your network always be building your relationships always beginning to know people because nobody succeeds alone teamwork makes the dream work keep working on your business if you don't feel like you have a business right now I'm here to tell you that you are a business you're a business you are the business keep working on you to say if it's a personal brand it's my business well how much money do you make I don't make any money yet but I'm still a business so be thinking about how you can keep working and thinking about how do I make my business better my you know a more productive more efficient how can I think more like a business owner as an influencer and then the last thing that as you go home and next week in this weekend and for the rest of your life as an influencer so that you can break through have an impact make a difference is keep working on yourself you know sometimes we think that influence being an influencer is about the things that come from the outside but really success as an influencer starts on the inside it starts with who we are as we get more confident as we master our talents as we really know ourselves that we tap into our greatest strengths you know what your greatest strengths are you know what your talents are keep working on your self leveling up yourself and that impacts every area when you grow your influence grows when you grow as a person your social media influence will grow because you are getting better thank you so much

23 thoughts on “How to Become an Influencer on YouTube — 6 Tips

  1. This was incredible, Sean! I couldn't agree more. It's not enough to want fame and success. You have to really earn it and pursue it with all of your might. It takes ambition, curiosity, dedication, diligence, drive, endurance, perseverance, persistence, and luck all rolled into one.

    I always think of that old Greek saying, "Fortune favors the bold."

    Watching this video makes me want to keep going as an actor, artist, and businessman. Like you said, we're each a business. However successful we become is all up to us.

  2. Wonderful video! I like the beginning about work showing up as overalls. Please make more videos like this!

  3. this is GREAT stuff, Sean. I think the format is an excellent addition to your normal armory. More of this, please. Perfect complement to the more technical and practical fare for which you are already The Man. 😉

  4. This is brilliant
    Keep doing the work, if you love it will never seem like work or a job 💪🏻


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