what's up you guys it's me Juliana so today I'm here to make a video about something that people ask me about all the time which is being an influencer in general just whether it's making videos on YouTube or mostly Instagram so by any means I'm not trying to be like I have a huge influence or because I'm not but I have been able to experience some pretty cool things because of Instagram or YouTube or Twitter or whatever so I'm basically going to go through some tips and tricks that I've used to help grow my account and just become a public figure I guess I'm not really sure like I said before I don't think I'm any big influencer or anybody super important or ever even considered myself Instagram famous but I'm going to help you guys hopefully grow your accounts a little bit more because I wish someone would have told me some of these tips so it wouldn't take me so long to find out for myself so I'm just gonna go right ahead and share with you some tips and tricks to help you on Instagram so stay tuned number one is pretty self-explanatory but it is to have your profile on public and I know for some of you guys that might be kind of scary cuz you want to monitor exactly who's look at your stuff and whatnot but being an influencer honestly that is probably one of the best things you could do for your account if you're worried about people knowing where you go to school where you live I would just delete all the things that would make it obvious and make it where people would know if that makes sense so if you're on any sports teams I would possibly delete or blur out any names that you guys would want to hide but it is really I think crucial to have your account on public so that you're able to count the explore page and people are able to share their posts amongst their friends and tag them but I think that is super important number two and honestly I think this should have been number one but I think it is just being yourself don't be afraid to be original and just be genuine I feel like those type of influence go a long way because if you are able to make genuine connections with your fans or followers and make friends and even make friends with people at the companies that you work with will take you very far and to get you a lot of opportunities so be nice you guys being nice is cool number three is having good content and by that I don't mean you need to go buy an expensive camera to take your photos or even work with a professional photographer you could literally just take a photo in front of natural light like how I am right now on your iPhone nothing too fancy obviously it's going to vary your content is going to vary depending on what you want your Instagram to be based around whether it's your artwork or selfies and fashion like me but I think just having a good content that people don't have to squint to look at make sure you focus on what you want to make your main focus and make it very visible and well lit number four is making your account believable and by that it kind of is contradicting because in the beginning of this video I said to be original but you can still be original and relate because I feel like everyone no matter who you are can relate to someone else and making your captions relatable or asking questions and your captions first people's opinions or whatever they think will really help your account because the more that people comment on your photos your engagement goes up which is more likely for your photos to be on Explorer pages or people will type their friends and your photos and it will just be really easy to share your pictures if they are relatable so I definitely recommend adding questions into your captions for people to engage on them five is being consistent I feel like being consistent it's so important it is so easy for you to fall off of Instagram honestly like if you're used to posting every single day or every single other day or multiple times a day I would just make sure you stick to it if you're gonna post every single day post every single day even if you have to see a bunch of content in the beginning of the week and post every single day throughout the week it will help you if you go days without post sometimes the algorithm the way that it is now it will mess you up and people will not see your post so whatever you do just stay consistent and don't give up you might not gain followers for literally months but do not give up if this is something and that you are super into just stick with it and I promise good things will come what's up you guys my camera actually died so if the light is different in this clip but that is why but I'm going to go straight back into the video I also lost count on what numbered tip I was on so I'm just gonna lose the whole counting at the deal and I'm just gonna go straight back into the tips so the next tip that I have is to follow whatever accounts inspire you don't let your ego get in between you and the amount of accounts that you want to follow just make sure that it is accounts that you genuinely love for me I know that in high school that I did not follow like anybody from my actual school and people gave me so much crap about it but I didn't even care because for me I didn't find people's homecoming dresses inspiring I didn't find people going to football games or basketball games inspiring I mostly followed accounts that we're about makeup or about fashion or photography whatever is into because I know that whatever I submerged all my energy into is what would come back to me and I think that is super important you guys follow whoever inspires you I'm talking about like whoever they don't have to live near you if you do want to I mean to each their own if you do want to follow people that inspire you and people that are local or your friends or whatever I still follow my friends I'm I don't want you guys to think I didn't follow my friends but people that were close to me and also people that inspired me or who I followed so I feel like the whole making money through Instagram type deal would be a whole nother video just because there's so many things that you can do to lead you to making money or getting jobs through Instagram if you guys want to see a video how to make money through Instagram and make sure you comment down below and I would be happy to share with you all the ways that I have been able to make some pretty good money off of Instagram or getting opportunities through Instagram just make sure you comment down below so I know you guys want to see that with that being said there are a lot of third-party websites that will help your engagement or increase traffic to your channels or your pages or whatever and you're able to connect with a lot more people and that also brings me into networking and networking is so important if you're trying to be somebody on Instagram or just gain followers I would recommend going to maybe like a beautycon if you're into like makeup Beauty condos and make up convention where there's so many brands and a lot of like makeup artists and beauty gurus youtubers like all types of influencers go there and they kind of just talked to everyone you're able to learn more about brands more about the people and who knows what kind of connect so gain from those type of people you guys like just being genuine making connections making friends at those type of events you can make more influencer friends people that are more like you I know that growing up I was really like the only influencer try it like I was the only person trying to be an influencer at my high school which is funny because so many people from my high school are now trying to be influencers but talk to crap on me before I don't know that's funny how that works but whatever there is really no one that was trying to be an influencer the same time I wa and that kind of set me apart from everyone people bully me judged me to the max and so it was really hard for me to connect with those people if they were so mean to me so going to these events really did help me make friends and like just helped me feel more comfortable and being myself and pursuing exactly what I wanted to do which was taking Instagram pictures okay like just styling fashion I was into makeup so everything along the creative side it really helped me and opened up my eyes to more opportunities by going to those events like I said Beauty cons a good one I think there's a VidCon and I think if you just type in any type of like influencer conventions on Google and where you're located you should be able to come across them so you could do that and I also know that there are like certain hubs or something where you can find groups on Instagram and they do like meetups and stuff together so I know that there's some photographer ones and like Southern California I'm sure there's some all over now since it is such a big I don't know it's such like being an influencer is such a big thing now that everyone's trying to be it or my friends in the same another tip is to not be scared to tag brands in your photos if you went out and bought a shirt from forever21 and go ahead and tag forever 21 of your picture they're not gonna think you're weird they're just probably going to more likely look at you as being interested in collabing with them or potentially working with them in the future so I would say top brands in your photos I'm not saying to tag every single brand in your picture is because that's annoying and people probably won't even like your pictures but go ahead and tag whatever you're wearing which will also help you in the future and people probably ask you what you're wearing anyways so hi it's me who even links up the tags when you tag a company so it could come up on their profile and people can find you through there or even hashtags but honestly hashtags are like really overkill sometimes and kind of out of style tag brands and your pictures I think the last thing that I wanted to say in this video was don't let your ego stop you from your opportunities and by that I don't want you guys to feel too cool or be afraid to email brands whether they are big or small I feel like it's their baby yes they might be harder to get in contact with but if they find in your email weeks after you Sunday they already know that you're interested in promoting their product and it is more likely for them to send it to you so I would just say something along the lines of introduce yourself and then say that you've genuinely loved their product and their brand and you would love to promote whatever you want to promote and that you would be willing to exchange a post or posts and exchange for the product so yeah I think honestly it can't hurt you so I would try it so that was the end of this video I know it's kind of all over the place and may be hard to follow I hopefully explained everything pretty clear I know I probably have some more tips in the back of my head that didn't come up while I was filming this video but I'd be so happy to do a part two part two if I remember there are the tips and tricks which I probably will if you guys wanna see a part two comment down below and if you guys also want to see how I make money off of Instagram video comment that down below I think that'd be really fun and useful for a lot of you guys because a lot of people ask me that too but I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I love you guys so much and if anybody is sitting there telling you you can be an influencer don't listen to that month follow your dreams that sounds so corny but seriously like just do it it makes you happy do it and do it with pure intentions you guys don't go into it thinking I'm gonna make a million dollars do it because you actually love it it makes you happy and you enjoy creating content and sharing products that you like so I hope this video was helpful and I love you guys so much make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next one bye

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  7. Hello everyone I am CatVlogs, a very small creator, and my goal is to achieve something where I can build up a community.  I hope you enjoy my content and I hope I can make you a part of a community and a happy audience in my channel

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