How to Be Less Shy – Tips to Overcome Shyness even as an Introvert!

hey practitioners today we’re going to be doing a video on eight tips how not to be shot this was a collaboration with another channel the link is in the description and they’ll also be in the end screen so let’s get started many people want to reduce their shyness but people who are naturally shy also have gifts that they might not appreciate in themselves for example because I people may prefer listening to talking they sometimes become really good listeners people who are shy might also become a little bit more sensitive to other people’s feelings and emotions in a sense becoming more emotionally intelligent because of their sensitivity and listening skills many people with a shy personality are especially caring towards others and interested in how others feel people often consider them the finest friends of course some people want to feel less shy so that they can have more fun socializing and being themselves around others every trying to become less shy here are some tips number one overcoming shyness takes practice people who are shy him to give themselves fewer chances to practice social behaviors it’s no wonder that people who shy away from socializing don’t feel as socially confident those who are going because they have less practice just like that study where that guy had a wider face which made him more approachable and because he was approached more over time he became more sociable the more you practice social behaviors the easier they get the more natural they feel for you that number to focus your attention outward not on yourself this is one of the most important aspects of shyness and social anxiety most shy people don’t do this on purpose but often attention is consistently drawn to yourself during conversation this makes you self wearing the wrong way and keep you a vicious cycle rotating research has shown that made play a key role in why people might experience panic attack after relatively mild anxious moments show interest in other people and or the surrounding you may feel like everyone is watching you but generally people are not judging distorted perception is the culprit in this situation others are busy doing their own thing and in most cases are not have to get you a common misconception is that shy people are in Traverse introverts in fact enjoy solitude and recharged by spending time alone on the contrary people who are shy desperately want to engage with others but for scrutiny your judgment that number three is to take slow steady steps forward going slow is ok but be sure to go forward do not confuse movement for progress sitting back from any situation that might trigger you to feel shy can reinforce shyness and keep it at a level that’s hard to get past build confidence by taking one small forward step at a time aim to break the habit of negative thoughts by becoming aware of when you’re falling prey to them and by challenging their logic for example just because you’re nervous in a crowd or at a party does not mean you look off word others around you may be getting a case of the nerves to tip number four it’s okay to feel awkward everyone does this sometimes that awkward handshake that awkward half-smile people who are shy are often afraid to feel awkward or uncomfortable but don’t let that keep you from doing what you want you might feel awkward asking your crush on our first date that’s perfectly natural with your crushes yes or no is out of your control but not asking means you’ll never get the date so go for it anyways start small with people you know practice social behaviors like I contacts confident body language introduction Smalltalk asking questions and invitations with people you feel most comfortable rent smile and build your confidence it’s like when you can branch out to do this with strangers also tip number five think of some conversation serves often the hardest part of talking to someone is getting started think of conversation openers like introducing yourself hi I’m Chris run the same English class giving a compliment the jacket looks great on you for asking a question you know when our report is due to being ready with a conversation starter makes it easier to approach someone hears some conversation starter example you can talk about the location or the adventure at you can look around and see if there’s anything worth pointing out where you can use the form method also combine general remarks with open-ended questions Cynthia one of these might be awkward or out of place in its own combine them for the maximum effect for example that’s a nice handbag where did you get it this was the handbag owner talk about the day that they went shopping and all the funny stuff that happened as opposed to like your handbag I could get awkward for who where’d you get that handbag see that could also be awkward tip number six rehearse what you say i do this all off when you’re ready to try something you’ve been avoiding because of shyness like a phone call or a conversation write down what you want to say beforehand i actually used to do this my first job interview was actually on the phone and I wrote down most of what i wanted to say rehearse it out loud even in this in front of a mirror then just do it don’t worry if it’s not exactly like what you practice or if it’s not perfect now this can go the wrong way to if you focus so much on what you’re going to say that when you mess up you get anxious that’s bad learn to improvise few of the things more confident saving people do our perfect either be proud that you gave to go next time it’ll be even better because it will be easier that number 7 give yourself a chance fine group activities where you can be with people who share your interests it’s easier to connect with people who have like interest give yourself a chance to practice socializing with these new people and get to know them slowly people who are shy often worried about failing or how other people will judge them now for me a lot of this one away when i graduated high school in mind for you to tori’s and feelings like these can keep you from trying if self-criticism plays a role for you then ask yourself whether you’d be this critical of your best friend ditches are you be much more accepting to treat yourself like your own best friend encourage yourself instead of expecting to fail tip number eight is to develop your service because I people can be overly concerned with other people’s reactions they don’t want to rock the boat that doesn’t mean that they’re wimpy or cowardly but it can mean that they’re less likely to be assertive or state their own opinion being assertive mean speaking up for yourself when you should asking for what you want or need for telling other people when they’re stepping on your toes now assertiveness and authority to the topic for a whole nother video so most of all be yourself it’s okay to try out different conversational approaches you see others using but say and do what fits your style be self-aware and do it work for you being the real you and daring to let yourself be noticed is what attracts friends hope you guys enjoyed this video and learn something and if you did leave a like below and go check out their channel thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “How to Be Less Shy – Tips to Overcome Shyness even as an Introvert!

  1. I have a feeling like this video narration was rushed. I'd prefer you speaking a little bit slower. Nevertheless, good job as always 🙂

  2. +Practical Psychology Just passed a huge major test, and am going to be receiving my license for my chosen profession. I just wanted to thank you so much for the help. I listened to your material quite a few times over my courses. (took the practice exam around 110 times just to over come my text anxiety.) You really helped me take an interest in self improvement and taking directive for my own future. Thank you so much.

  3. I was a hard core introvert in high school, then I took a First Responder class.

    Now I'm an EMT and I can approach anyone and be kind of blunt lol and I can't say how I did it. but it was a long process. There are good examples in this video, good job

  4. Dude you are a give from the heavens. I watch all your videos over and over and over again. I don't pick up a lot coz there's too much info to hold but your FORD method has helped me tremendously. Cant thank you enough. we appreciate your work

  5. Being yourself is always good. Half a year ago i've started friendship by the internet. It was success. Then I felt in love in her. Said her (thinking that she's 1 year younger), but it wasn't
    true. She told me that she lied (about her age, she is 4yrs younger), because she wanted to keep up this friendship. If you were me you would possibly try to end this friendship, but for my luck I didn't do that. I don't care what people will think about me, because it's not her fault. For me it was so sweet act! Being shy 15yrs old guy with a bit crazy life isn't that bad. Now I just want to keep up this friendship. Have a nice day! 🙂

  6. My problem with tip number 7 is: I seem to have no special interest in anything, which means I just can't find any group or club to join around my town. There's nothing I'm really into. Is there something to do about that?

  7. Turned 26 some dats ago.. never had friends and since i got 2 years of university, my socializing possibilities are running out. My parents do not gimme so much money and im suffering every day. Maybe it's not wortg living.. not for me

  8. 8 Tips (with timestamps):
    0:47 Practice social behaviours
    1:13 Focus your attention outwards, not on yourself
    1:59 Take slow, steady steps forward
    2:27 It's OK to feel awkward
    3:03 Think of some conversation starters
    3:52 Rehearse what you say
    4:29 Give yourself chances to socialise
    5:02 Develop your assertiveness

  9. I feel like this guy just stalks me from far away with a video camera, binoculars, high tech microphones, and takes notes about how to help me improve myself.

  10. I wish people were more educated about things like this or mental illness, because people think they understand but they don't, and it's annoying 🙁

  11. my problem is, every time I step out of my comfort zone my eyes start tearing because I feel too nervous and too exposed, and people would call me a crybaby.
    and I hate my personality, I feel weak being shy.

  12. i hate myself that i am so shy. if someone talks to me, i feel surprised and just panic. i cant even talk properly and think of what to say. it feels like i cant control my mind and my mouth to say what i should say.

  13. I'm not shy around people I know…..but when it's someone I don't know to shrink inside. I'm really loud and crazy all the time and I just moved to a new town and I don't know anyone. when kids try to talk to I give them just short answers. I just scared of being judged by the way I act

  14. I love your videos because I learn stuff like this that can help me and my conversations and there is something in your voice that makes me feel like I can do it.

  15. last month the hottest guy in my year came to talk to me and tried to have a handshake with me
    I'm too shy and all I did was stare at his hand. it's so awkward ;-;

  16. I'm shy but I don't really mind because I don't really care for making friends or being popular I don't most of my important stuff alone

  17. Thank you so much for this. these are really good tips. you have no idea how much I've been struggling and any bit of this information really makes me feel better. thank you 💖

  18. I try to overcome my shyness but when i try to talk to my classmates, they ignore me because im shy. I try to talk to people but they just ignore me… very annoying

  19. You talk too fast!! Pls try to talk slow.. I had to reply the video as i couldn't catch everything frm the video

  20. I'm shy, I don't think I have social anxiety but to be honest, I hate being alone, but at the same time, I like being alone

  21. to be honest I kind of don't want to start conversations because if I need to present myself, it be so weird because I have a weird name

  22. I think i can get rid of shyness… but when you've been shy half of your school year, how can you deal with classmates that won't understand :/
    THAT is awkward heh ?

  23. I'm very shy but I'm rying to improve it. I feel shy when I have to interact with strangers around people that i know, I feel that they may thinks that its weird for me to ve a little extroverted. I know all of this is in my head but Im worred that I cannot be completely me when im around my best friends

  24. man i figured all this out by myself i guess i am not shy now XD its good to see i did not wrong because sometimes i questioned if this was a good approach to my problem

  25. If there's any1 left in the comment section, does this happen​ to you? When ever I'm in class and a teacher asks me a question idk the answer to I sometimes get really red and nervous I'm not sure why this happens to me. The thing is it can happen over little things for no reason, it's very frustrating as well as embarrassing… it's maybe because I over think and worry about people judging me.

    P.s I've been trying to boost my confidence for a long time 👍 and become more sociable especially with people idk or I just met etc… thanks to Practical Psychology I'm slowly reaching an important goal and I know I'm nearly there👍.

    For all the other people with a similar goal to mine I know you can do it, because after all it is possible and it is easier than you might think, Enjoy your day and don't stress!

  26. I'm the shyest in my class it's not easy to deal with it I am afraid to smile in front of people. I mostly don't get a group partner Just because I mess up people just gets angry easily

  27. At soccer or my youth club I am the most outgoing kid there but at school I'm pretty shy. I just get embarrassed. I have plenty of friends but they don't hang with me much since they have a squad with like more then half my class. They say we are besties but they barley talk to me. It's harder even since my BEST BEST friend goes to another school and it's EVEN more hard starting middle school. I am also scared about how I look. I'm five feet and weigh 116 pounds but I'm better!!!

  28. It's especially true with the final tip. I had an interview months ago and the experience I gained from the interviewer was that I should be more assertive and sometimes argue with what I believe is true and not always try to comfort everybody's opinions.
    Great video!

  29. Bullying in primary school destroyed my confidence for the rest of my life. For all of you who are constantly picking on someone, just know that you could be changing their whole future.

  30. I just can't seem to make friends I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I'm a 22 year old with no friends. I try to talk to people and they don't ignore me but they never want to create a friendship with me.

  31. Am not shy but since I came to England I become shy and less talk active cause of my English I try hard to learn English but nothing work ….. I go to school but the school didn't help me as they supposed to do so…..

  32. the best info that ive ever had was with the Seans Shy Program (i found it on google) – definately the most helpful idea that I've seen.

  33. that's me, emotional, sensitive..shy .. Intelligent lmaoo I'm also caring and all that the video said, ty! Now I love myself better!

  34. What about if you don't like talking to people and don't really want to not because you are nervous about it or anxious, just because you yourself don't have any motivation to do it or don't see much sense in it. It's not like I don't like people I just don't get how you would want to always have people around you and that is not because I'm scared of talking to people; I prefer being alone. When I see people in my class they always search for someone to do something with or talk to and I don't get that, I'm much happier being by myself than with other people. (But I wouldn't mind being with others as long as it's not for too long.) The only person I never get tired of talking to is my sister

  35. I used to be really outgoing until I was in 6th grade, I became really shy and wouldn’t talk. I’m now in 8th and I’m a lot more outgoing then I was sin 6th grade. But I still struggle with worrying about what people think of me but I’m trying to get over that.

  36. All of these are good but i think instead of starting out with your friends, start with strangers. When I was socially awkward i put myself out there by talking to people i didn't know because that way they don't know you and you don't have to feel like they are judging you and if you end up making a mistake its okay because they are a stranger to you 🙂

  37. I got bullied almost my whole life so that's why im shy I feel like no body likes me and I also have depression and im suicide

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  39. Thank you I really need to brake up my shell everyone is starting to recognize as the "shy girl" it's deffenetly gonna be a challenge

  40. There are several factors in reducing shyness naturally . One resource I found which succeeds in merging these is the Seans Shy Program (google it if you're interested) it's the most helpful guide that I have ever heard of. Check out the amazing info .

  41. I’m shy and an introvert I crave the social life but as soon as I get to much of it I need time alone cuz I start feeling drained. Is this possible???

  42. There are several tips worth trying

    Work out why you suffer from shyness – the first step to solving an issue is understanding why it is there.

    Be at ease about yourself – this makes it less difficult when you meet other people.

    Challenge youself – you will become more confident by doing things – especially by doing activities that push your boundaries.

    (I read these and more ideas from Sebs Shy Remedy website )

  43. this video is really great ! its very hard for me to start a conversation especially im so shy at eye contact,but i will try to improve my confident

  44. I have spent months researching best cure for shyness and found a fantastic resource at Sebs Shyness Tactic (google it if you are interested)

  45. Awh man, I used to be so damn shy that even writing a youtube comment for me felt like a quest. I would actually get palpitations from it. Getting better now!

  46. I’m shy myself and I’ve been told this many times, but this is the best thing I’ve got.

    Just do you, most people don’t care what you say and if they do, it doesn’t matter, focus on people who care about you. Accept that some people will not like you. Also, good practice is doing silly things in public. I do it all the time. I’ll ask someone if their name is Larry or I’ll wear stickers on my head.

  47. It no longer serves a purpose to be social. There is no need to force yourself to socialise. Being social served humanity very well when they were sharing hunting grounds with wolves, bears, wildcats, and rival hunters. It was either be social or die early. Today, those times have passed and being social is no longer needed. It is actually a hindrance and rather dangerous to be social in today's time. It is safer, more predictable, more stable, more affordable, less emotionally painful, and more peaceful to have no friends nor a mate in today's time. The old survival tactic of being social to survive no longer applies.

  48. Am I the only 1 who has already watched 100s of videos to overcome shyness and failing miserably to practice those in life? 🙁

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