How to be an Influencer | Benito Skinner (2018)

hey you guys I know what you're all thinking just kidding you're wondering how do I become an influencer so today I'm gonna break it down for you number one list your passions number two crap your content this one is a bit more complicated so let me break it down for you first you need to wear what every other guy on social media is wearing see an art wall take a mother fellow in front of it when taking a photo for your content never look the camera in the eye eyes are the windows to the soul and remember you don't have one anymore surround yourself with friends that make your life look like a lookbook don't worry you don't actually have to be friends with them [Laughter] boomerang literally everything post everything to social media with at least sixty-six hashtags which brings me to my next point sell your soul before anything else even if you hate a brand's product that doesn't mean you can't make money from them and lastly building meaningful relationships with your fanbase well that's it you guys that's how you become an influencer and don't forget to follow me on snapchat Instagram Twitter Facebook Vimeo LinkedIn Pinterest my tumblers dope make sure you do all of those things subscribe comment like share everything you guys are the best I love my fanbase so much thank you so much

20 thoughts on “How to be an Influencer | Benito Skinner (2018)

  1. Tumblr died a while back haha. Thought this was actually a how to video, nope just usual laughs from Benito.

  2. 1:21 only after watching it twice I’ve realized you aren’t boomeranging it, you actually do those stupid back and forth motions 😂👌🏽

  3. “Eyes are the windows to your soul and remember, you don’t have one anymore.”

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