How to answer: Team based project with a member not doing their share.

Here is a popular behavioral interview
question: Tell me about a time when you worked on a team-based project when a
member was not doing their share of the work. When thinking of your own answer
you want to show the interviewer that you have excellent leadership abilities
by discussing how you redistribute the workload when a team member is not
pulling their weight. Avoid speaking negatively about anyone and keep your
answer focused on the solution you’ve created and the positive outcome of your
actions. Perhaps you’re able to step in and
reallocate the work among the team members, maybe you took on the extra
workload yourself. Interviewers will be looking for a candidate that works
harder, rather than becoming deflated around underperformers. Here is an
interview answer example that will help you craft your own answer. I once worked
with a team member who never came to meetings. It turned out that he did not
want to be on the team. A regional director transferred him, and we talked about
his situation for a while. He decided the best choice was for him to step down
from his role. We did have to take some of his assigned responsibilities and
shift them to other team members after that. It was an unfortunate situation but
better to have this happen than have to continue employing someone
who didn’t want to be there. Thank you for watching for more interview answers
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