How to Adopt a Pet from a Shelter

How to Adopt a Pet from a Shelter. You can’t wait to adopt a rescued animal. But there’s a lot to do before you bring your
pet home from the shelter. You will need Landlord approval Money A good
shelter Completed paperwork and references Patience and a pet carrier. Step 1. Pets need love, but they also need attentive
owners who are patient, available, and able to afford the expenses and effort to take
care of them. Since many animals—like dogs, cats, and
birds—can live for more than a decade, determine whether your schedule, lifestyle, and finances
will allow you to be a good long-term pet owner. Step 2. If you rent your home, check in with your
landlord to make sure you’re living in a building that’s pet-friendly. Otherwise, bringing home a furry friend may
violate the terms of your lease. To prevent future hassles, get a signed, dated
document from your landlord stating that pet ownership is permitted on the property. Step 3. Search online for a local shelter. Many sites offer reviews of shelters; find
one in your area that rates well, gets good feedback, and has the kind of pet you’re
looking for. If you can, visit in person to get a feel
for the place and its staff. Step 4. Each shelter has its own adoption process,
so find out what’s required in advance. You may be asked to provide documentation
and personal references to verify your income, home address, and travel and work habits. Consider assembling & filling out paperwork
you might need before you get there. Also, make sure you’ve got the funds
to pay for adoption fees. Find out whether your adoption fee covers
services like spaying or neutering, disease testing, and microchipping. Also, ask about the shelter’s return
policy. Step 5. Visit the shelter, and meet the pets. It’s great to find the fuzzball of your
dreams right away, but don’t feel pressured to adopt the same day or leave with a pet
that you’re not totally sure of. You want the one that’s right for you,
so take your time. Step 6. If you decide you’d like to adopt a
pet, let a shelter worker know. They’ll be happy to start walking you
through the process. They may also be able to provide some background
about your prospective pet: where it came from, if it has any issues you should be aware
of, how long it’s been at the shelter, and other information. Step 7. Once you’ve finished the adoption process,
congratulations! You’re a proud pet owner. Take your pet home, and introduce it to its
new family. Did you know On average, more than a quarter
of animals found in shelters are purebreds.

34 thoughts on “How to Adopt a Pet from a Shelter

  1. Man, if people only new how important it is to adopt animals from a shelter vs. getting one from a private breeder or pet store.

  2. @Brian567899 actually even though some leases dont allow,you actually have the right to own a pet,it says so on the SPCA website.

  3. @CandyCat957 there are actually a lot of pure bred cats/dogs in shelters but some people think they are no good and get one at a pet store or breeder instead of getting the same thing but also saving a life. I might get a cat from a shelter too I've been looking into cat breeds and i think a full of energy jumping siamese kitten would be great! I have a cat already but i wanna get him a little friend 🙂 so i would like a cat from a shelter

  4. Its really hard to get an animal from a shelter. Basically you have to have the perfect family… which no one really has.

  5. Hi, I know this comment is very old, but can you explain the importance to me? I'm a little confused.

  6. it sure is impossible to get any of these fine folks to set a price on a terrier puppy. so far no breeder, owner, or even animal shelters have given me even an approximation of what price they put on their puppies.  I already know how to care for, feed, train dogs.  I have owned many dogs during my 78 years on God's beautiful planet so what I want now is price not someone beating around the bush.

  7. So when you pay the fee’s for the pet, do you have to get the shots right away or can you wait until you have the time ?

  8. I can have pets in my neighborhood acept pitbulls they say they're "dangerous" but I ignore it so Im fine but I need to wait until Im like in my 16-20s (ikr and I had 3 boxsrs but they died but I have 2 younger brothers that are scared of dogs, and a big responsibility)

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