How To Add The Paypal Donate Button To a Facebook Page

get a few more steps to add a paypal donate button to your Facebook page the first thing you need to do is sign in to your Facebook account and then in the search bar at the top this type of static iframe tab iframe tab static – tab and then she'll see suggestion there looks I like this it's an up she selected so once I select it's going to be presented with a page like this which will allow you to cuss to add a custom page tab to your Facebook page so click on install page tab this will open for you another page in our new tab in which you can select the page on which you want to add a new tab or the page in which you want to add the donate button so just select the page you want to add a donate button on and then click on ABS I click on add page tab so this is a page you're gonna get in front of you so you just need to first of all check this to make sure that whatever a table you're creating is going to be shared it's going to be public and then this section here make sure this HTML section is selected then you can paste the code which you should have kept at a reachable distance this copy and paste it into that space so it should look something like that and then you can leave the rest as default and you can give it a tab name and call it maybe donates just like that giving it the name donate you can use the tab you make the default tab image but if you don't like you can also upload your own file I'll share a sample of this file in my my article the website so you can use yours like that one too click open so it can have a proper image so once you're done with everything just click on save settings we are created should see something like this to make changes to the tab name tab image and default landing tab settings I need to grant permission to the application Zurich you click on and I love and I should be able to see now your tab I know when you click on your page and open your page in a new tab I should be able to see at the paper I've done hit tab or the people donate button at a reachable distance in your page as you can see it's right there so every time someone looks at your page the first thing they're gonna see is photos then lights and then they get to see as a PayPal donate button on which and they click on I should take them to a where they can click another link to take them to the PayPal donation page and so that's how you can add a PayPal donate button to your Facebook page thank you for watching you can ask any Christian have in the comments below I don't forget subscribe my name is Chris with predication or hug as you guys soon you

31 thoughts on “How To Add The Paypal Donate Button To a Facebook Page

  1. i added a paypay donate button to my facebook page but donors cannot access it with their cell phones. help!!!

  2. I am trying to integrate paypal account connect to donet button it is ahowing below error . how to fix this

    Sorry, this feature isn't available right now: An error occurred while processing this request. Please try again later.

  3. Thanks for this information. Very helpful, but although I have a PayPal account, can folks who DON'T have a PayPal account still use the Donate button to make a donation through their Visa or Mastercard?

  4. has this been updated from a year ago. I don't get the options after the page install. I go to my facebook page with the installed app but don't see where to add the html. So what is the updated version

  5. Thank you for this tutorial it was really helpful. Although I was unable to copy and paste an HTML I still just used my URL.

  6. I would really appreciate if you send a donation ( no matter the amount) on my paypal.
    I have a financial emergency that I REALLY need to fix.

  7. Ok, I generated the code through paypal button creator and copied it in the html secton of the app but when I check it on my page it just looks like about 8 lines of code.

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