How To Accept Paypal Donations On Twitch

Need to know how to set up donations on
streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube and Mixer in this video right here I got
you covered let's go! Hey it's me it's wild coming at
you from my stream support playlist where I bring you the best tips and
tricks and if this is your first time here and you want to learn how to grow
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tick that bell so you know when my videos go live for you so you've been
growing as a streamer and you finally got to the point where you want to start
making a little more money through donations and tips and setting up your
stream for accepting payments is actually quite easy you only really need
two things you need an online payment service and you need an alert service
for the online payment service I highly recommend using PayPal it's widely
accepted it's easy to use and it's safe there are a few other online service
payment methods that you guys might be interested in and if you are let me know
in the comments below and I'll see what I can do to make a video on that if you
don't have a PayPal don't worry it's very easy to set up and it's free to do
so just go to and in the top right corner there's a signup section
just follow the step-by-step instructions and when you're all done
all you have to do from there is decide what alert service you want to use now
there are a lot of alert services out there and it's up to you to decide which
ones gonna be best suited for your needs but some of the more popular ones out
there are gaming for good, muxy stream elements, and Stream Labs but there
are a lot more depending on what country you are or what you're trying to do
these will be one of the more popular ones that I recommend for you for the
example of this tutorial i'm gonna be using stream labs now regardless of what
alert service you use they generally all work the same they generate a unique URL
that is designated for you and your stream that'll allow alerts to pop when
donations go through and since they're kind of all the same the setup is
generally all the same but like I said I'm gonna do streamlabs but if you
guys would like me to do one specifically for any other one out there
or one that I named earlier please let me know in the comments below and I'll
see what I can do to help you out now with that said let's go
the computer and I'm gonna show you how to do it from the streamlabs dashboard
let's go now that we're at our streamlabs dashboards click on the donation
settings click on the PayPal icon to connect your PayPal account to streamlabs as you can see here there's multiple different forms of payment but
we can save this for another time if you guys are interested in all these
different ones but for the moment just concentrate on PayPal because it is the
best and easiest one to use from the donation setting page click the setting
tabs and select your currency as well as your minimum and maximum donation limits
these are very important so don't skip over these setting the minimum donation
to $5 is a good idea for to discourage people from doing spams or troll
donations with smaller streamers out there click on the Save Settings button
at the bottom of the page the settings page will display your donation page
website address it should look something like for
example mine is
copy this address and put it into your twitch channel under your panels now you
can put it in the body of the section but what I recommend is actually putting
it so it's clickable on the panel header itself now when you're streaming and
somebody wants to toss you a little bit of extra support they can scroll down
through your channel see your panel that says donations or tips or whatever you
label to that they can click on that and they will be redirected to that unique
URL that is for you and every time that they donate stream labs or any other
alert service will fetch that information and push it your way live on
stream and cause an alert to happen that will let you know a multitude of
different things depending on how you set up your stream settings these alert
services allow you to have fun with these pop-ups they allow you to
customize them with unique graphics and sounds and a lot of different variations
that you can do so spend a little time have fun and play around with them and
as I always always recommend pick a style that's gonna work best for you and
your personal branding now let's address something that's super important kind of
a gray area and also a hot topic a lot of people always ask me when should I
start accepting donations or when can I start making money on twitch YouTube and
mixer is it okay to promote myself and my
donation link you know this is kind of a gray area and I actually have a lot of
thoughts and insights that might help a lot of you out there and if you're
interested on a video topic like that again let me know in the show notes
below now that I've added a new way for you to earn money on twitch YouTube and
mixer don't be afraid to inform your viewers on a new way they can help
support your stream just don't be pushy and desperate about it hey if you guys
like this type of stream and you want to learn more from me
don't be afraid to leave me a comment below and let me know what type of
streaming alert service that you like to use for donations if you want to go
above and beyond make sure you let people know why you think it's best so
that way you can help the community grow and if you want to keep up with me and
everything that I'm doing with streaming and painting and growing you can follow
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see you might even hit that sub button thanks again for watching this video I
will catch you guys all in the next stream support video coming up real soon
take care all peace

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