How socialization helps Mike Adamle fight probable CTE

Stay in touch.
I've got a lot of friends. We keep in contact with each other, I said "hey Jack
whatever has happened, please call me anytime anyplace"
and I said "as long as you do the same for me." The one thing makes the biggest impact where I see the biggest difference in not only his mood but his functioning
overall is after he's been with people. And the contrast is, if he hasn't done
anything with anyone for a day his affect is lower, his energy is lower, his
his outlook is doomed. So simply getting out making those contacts, phone calls,
getting out to his exercise classes calling a buddy. Mike's lucky, he's
such a likable guy. Mike he's easy to love, so through the years,
through the decades, he's amassed this huge you know pool friends that he
can draw from. And at times like you know Mike's going through a hard time
and man his friends have just been the best. They're calling they're emailing,
they're texting. You know you're not who you used to be and I think for anybody but I
think especially for men, especially for big strong macho football players,
I think it's really hard to face that, to admit that and so to be able to reach
out for help is hard, but it's so important. That social component
maintaining that and making the extra effort to reach out that's one of the
the biggest things that make a difference.

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  1. I've been a brain donor to Concussion Legacy for a while now. I don't have much left for friends from going away from others a while ago. I understand the frustrations with people having seen CTE symptoms and not understanding why I feel so different and have no energy. My wife tries to help but I feel trapped and alone. I played college football and have had a lot of concussions. My daughter helped me sign up for trying to help others with my brain. I hope you'll find a way to test for CTE soon. God bless you.

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