How "Selfie Culture" Took Over the World, According to New Yorkers | Fast Company

everyone's like oh if it's if you didn't take a selfie did it even happen both these are more popular than ever but lately this trend has turned deadly with people falling off the Grand Canyon and being struck by trains it begs the question just how far people willing to go for their personal brands why do you think people are taking those selfies I see it for Instagram I'm like you take pictures that you post them or social media in general and you want to get all those likes you know cool you you were so closer you know you did that essentially you want to up the ante so you take more and more amazing photos in more and more riskier places because those draw views with social media and stuff it's kind of people were sort of always trying to one-up each other that was once you build this up over you put months weeks years all these pictures of you doing a certain thing then all of a sudden it's like oh I can maybe market this and you got usually you know do a little funny face okay okay duck face duck face are you a brand if you're not a celebrity I have a brand like anything that I love it's I consider my brand and I just I showcase it like I posted a picture of us that a cute brunch place be for me so I'm a dancer for a living so I obviously post like every job I do which feels very narcissistic of me but I feel like I have to do that to get more jobs what you're selling is your market value so people recognize you that's why people you know the companies pay you a lot of money to put your face on the fire their products to draw a market attention why are you taking a selfie I think for us we have sort of a reputation online like oh we travel here we travel there like we have to look good like we actually carry a spare bag of like changing clothes makeup it's the norm now to pop a picture to wherever you're at mostly with your face in it and it's like how interesting are you are you no are you a are you a traveler or do you just sort of like stay in your sort of comfort zone and and sorry yeah it's like everyone's branding themselves because I feel like people like value social media and their personal brand is like everything to that like they don't know who they are outside of their Instagram is that unhealthy yes get rid of the chin are we cuter ugh we're cute okay

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  1. It does not 'beg' the question, it 'raises' the question:

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