How much $$$ it cost to Turbo my Civic

alright guys what's going on Justin from 79 productions and today I'm gonna be talking to you about how much it costs to turn Pacific so before I do that guys the Instagram the t-shirt giveaway winners are already picked on Instagram so you know if you get your message great you know let me know and I'll uh I'll send a t-shirt to you I'm gonna send you guys a message on Instagram tonight so you can get your t-shirts whoever the winners are so but before you know before I start guys if you want to help support the channel I got t-shirts they're already available you can go pick them up on Big Cartel the link will be in the description for those so yeah guys that always helps the channel out but like I said I'm gonna talk to you about how much it costs to turbo the car so let's get to that alright here we go guys now the turbo kit was five hundred dollars now the turtle came what the man up the turbo kit came with the manifold the turbo the downpipe the wastegate it came with the all the intercooler piping the intercooler and the blow-off valve what else did this thing come one yeah I came with the boost controller and all the little vacuum lines it came with the feed line it came with the drain line it came the turbo kit pretty much came with everything you need two turbo the car now guys that was five hundred dollars the turbo kit was five hundred dollars and you get my paper out real quick the turbo kit was five hundred dollars so that was a lot of stuff that came with the turbo kit now the fuel pump was $30 it was a Kem's Oh 340 lph fuel pump I believe that's liters per hour now guys here we go the injectors I picked up these injectors from Hunter tuned you to these injectors were $100 those were $100 so the injectors were $100 these are Chevy LS truck engine injectors and HIDA caps them so those were $100 now in order to make these injectors work I had to buy top hats the top hats were $13 on ebay the top hats were $13 on ebay but let's talk about the some other things now you can't see it from here but when I got the down pipe down pipe I had the weld of fitting in for the bone I had I had to weld these two fittings in for those buns and I had to get this welded this is a ugly weld by the way but you know this well was $20 these two wells were $40 and that well down there was $20 now I wish I would have known about the guy who welded the valve cover for me for these bones before I did this because I would have just took it to him because he does a lot better work so yeah those each of those welds were $20 apiece so that was pretty good I can't complain about that now in order the the exhaust the two and a half inch exhaust from the down pipe all the way back that was a hundred and fifty dollars so you know that was a hundred and fifty dollars now I hooked the feet I've kind of skipped this but I hooked the oil feed line up to a sandwich plate the sandwich plate was $25 now the sandwich plate was $25 I also got a catch can system this catch-can system the complete system was a was $98 it was it was $100 on ebay it came with all the fittings it came with the hoses it came with the catch can the filter for a hundred dollars I cannot complain about that it was a great vibe I thought that they were a lot more expensive and I believe this catch-can is a 750 milliliter Ketchikan I'm not 100% sure on that but I mean I thought it was gonna be a lot smaller than it was because I bought another one for 15 bucks but this one's actually bigger than that so the cat scan system was a hundred dollars now the map sensor I changed that I don't need I don't think that I needed to change it but that that map sensor was $85 it's a four bar map sensor I think the stock Honda map sensor can run up to 10 or 11 pounds of boost I am only running 11 pounds of boost on this engine so you know I don't think I needed to change that but either way that map sensor was $90 so the map sensor was $90 now into the car it's a little messy in here but the ECU I picked this ECU up for $60 on Facebook marketplace and the Xena cron chip was $30 so so further ECU was $60 and the chip was $30 now all of you guys won't be able to find a $60 ECU I find them all the time for $60 50 60 $70 on Facebook Marketplace Craig's List or or you know offer up I find them all the time that are already chipped they're already socketed for the chip but if you can't find those like I found them for $60 usually on ebay they're gonna run you about 125 to 150 dollars now the chip is $30 and I picked that up at Xena cron so yeah so let me uh let me think of if there's anything else now the kit came with all the gaskets everything the bolts all the hardware so it was it was a complete kit now for everything that I have on this kit I also picked up a boost gauge from Harbor Freight that was fifteen dollars now but for everything that I have on this kit the total the total of everything that I already described to you guys ever that I already explained to you guys that was twelve hundred and thirteen dollars so to terpil this car with the five hundred dollar kit with everything else the fuel pump the injectors the injector top hats the boost gauge all of that stuff the welding how much they charge for me to to get everything done the labor on the welding and stuff like that everything was twelve hundred and thirteen dollars now that was to get the car running driving so you know for all you guys who are acting asking me that's how much it was twelve hundred and thirteen dollars now I took the car to raw performance in Lenoir North Carolina to get the cartoon and guys I got to tell you raw performance is will he really knows what he's talking about and he helped me he guided me on everything that I needed to get done before I took the car there and you know he explained stuff to me he sat down talked to me but if you guys are looking to get your cartoon take it to raw performance he does really good work if you're in the South Carolina North Carolina area you know or two three hours away that is a great tooling shop to take your car now raw performance they charge $400 to tune cars so it's a great services I highly recommend so if you guys are looking to tune your car take your car there but yeah so guys this car in total just to get the the parts and everything the labor done was $1,200 this is awesome the the kit I can't complain about it now I have been driving this car right now and I Drive it pretty much four or five times a week I Drive the car four or five times a week and it has not let me down it runs it drives great you know I cannot complain the turbo kit is holding up everything is holding up you know everyone was like oh you know you're gonna start your car and the turbo is gonna blow and well it's still running great so I can't complain now one thing that I do need to do I need to change this fuel filter that's a paper filter I need to get a still style fuel filter I believe I was told that would be more compatible for e85 so I have to change that filter out and that's gonna probably cost me about 50 bucks so you know plug guys for what I have into this car I really don't have a lot of money into turbo in the car it's an awesome car I cannot complain I love it now for you guys who don't know a dyno that 301 wheel horsepower and 267 foot-pounds of torque awesome completely stop be 20 there's no head bolts there's no I didn't change the gasket or anything it is completely spa 301 wheel horsepower and 267 foot-pounds of torque it's awesome I can't complain about it guys um yeah once again this is just awesome I love the car and you know this is my first time installing a turbo kit and to install this it was pretty easy if it took me a couple it took me three days to install this now it took me three days to install it but I only worked on the car for two or three hours a day because that's all the time that I had in those days so so installed it totally was about eight hours eight to nine hours so you can put this kid on your car and you know on a Saturday you know if you got a full Saturday you get up in the morning and work all day and you got 9 hours 8 to 8 to 10 hours to install it the kit can be installed now keep in mind guys this is 8 to 10 hours for me some of you guys might work slower than I work and some of you guys might work faster than I do so it's just all up to you but for me it took from about 8 to 10 hours so I mean you know some of you guys know how to work on cars some of you guys that's all have you done that's all you've done and it won't be your first turbo install so you know there's gonna be a lot of guys over well I can put that kid on in 3-4 hours I'm I'm not saying you can't I'm sure you can but for my abilities it took me about 8 to 10 hours some of you guys it could end up taking you 1520 hours you know it just depends on your skills so but for me it took 8 to 10 hours but guys that's it the car is awesome I'm gonna wrap the video up here if you aren't guys follow me on on instagram at 79th productions i thank you guys for watching like comment subscribe and i'll catch you guys on the next one god bless you guys

24 thoughts on “How much $$$ it cost to Turbo my Civic

  1. Adding forced induction, more fuel, and more heat into the engine compartment. With a radiator from a CBR600, nothing will go wrong…..

  2. Hey what exhaust are you using on this build? Love the color and everything you are my main inspiration for my new ek d16 build.

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  4. I just picked up a 99 civic ek hatch for my first car less than a week ago. I’ve been non stop watching your videos, you seriously gave me lots of inspiration when it comes to possibilities with my car.

  5. thanks for these videos giving me an idea on what to get fir my new lil 99 civic.
    to bad i dunno how to do everything labor wise like you lol

  6. What are u safely running boost at, to daily drive? I would love to do this to my 2008 outalnder 3.0l but it's an automatic

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