How MMS Membership Helps Give You A Voice

When I first joined the Mass Medical
Society, it was a number of years ago. I wasn’t sure this was a place where my
voice would be heard. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be the people that
would be my comrades to work in the field of health and public health and
global health, which I’m particularly interested in. I’m really proud to say
that I found out I am wrong, that the Mass Medical Society, in fact, is an
organization that is built on the people who are part of it and who are willing
to speak up. The Massachusetts Medical Society has a platform. It’s a very
powerful organization and it is an opportunity to use this platform to
reach out and create change, and this is oftentimes on difficult issues that are
mired in controversy, have powerful opponents, and yet it gives us a chance
to have our voices heard to help protect the health of the people we’re caring
for. It makes it very important that if you have strong, passionate beliefs about
health care, about public health, about access to care, about populations that
have been marginalized, you need your voice heard

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