How Marxists Hijacked Our Culture

hey books first of all a little disclaimer I never know what level of knowledge I'm speaking to with my audience it's kind of been an ongoing problem I'm trying to get better at it but I don't want to bore or insult you so if you've been in the thrall of YouTube for a while or you studied Marxist influence before much of this is common knowledge and I'm not sure you're going to get any new information from this video but you will from part two of this so just hang tight for another day and go ahead and just skip this okay so the mood here in America feels like it is shifted and I believe that this is because we as a nation have reached the tipping point and the behavior of students and staff and the police at Berkeley illuminated for all to see the oh so predictable pandemonium resulting from mass Marxist indoctrination and academia and this particularly deranged left of silence is no isolated event it comes on the heels and many like it and has been cheered on and bolstered and fueled by a completely compromised mainstream media and a disconnected lofty Hollywood elite for those of you that think that our work is done because Trump has been elected I would like to remind you that the left has unequivocally won the culture war and Trump is merely our first step in cutting out the malignant Marxist cancer that has infiltrated every level of our society legacy media still reaches millions Hollywood is reaching even more and on a deeper level subconsciously and American colleges are still turning out useful idiots on a daily basis I was born in 1987 so I've only really experienced in America deeply entrenched in Marxism and when you grew up in this environment and it's all you've ever known there's a tremendous incentive to stay the course you don't have to admit your own responsibility and adopting a destructive worldview or destructive behavior but after unraveling the Marxist education that I received at Mizzou I really wanted to know how this happened to our country I wanted to know who was responsible for eroding our values and forcing upon us this malaise and cultural pessimism that is so palpable particularly amongst Millennials and baby boomers I've discussed this a little bit on my channel but I read the communist manifesto at Mizzou and I remember being inspired by this concept of the unified international proletariat and it's a nice idea to entertain you know pretending that people are capable of putting their in-group reverence aside to protect others and comparable socioeconomic spheres irrespective of their nation or their religion whatever but of course this was going to be impossible because without fail people are loyal to their race to their religion and to their nationality above all else Marxists were disillusioned by this because it shattered their classist worldview and disrupted their globalist agenda of course when war broke out the proletariat on their uniforms and got out there like they do in all wars and the remaining and subsequent Marxist scholars were left wondering why their theories were so wrong and then they came to the conclusion that Western democracy and capitalism had polluted their working-class and until these things specifically were destroyed communism was impossible to implement so they had to find other ways to institute Marxism in the West without exploiting the plight of the working class which they knew would fail as a result the Frankfurt school of thought developed naturally the Nazis forced these Marxist out where they relocated the United States and more specifically Columbia University so the Frankfurt School developed critical theory which is the principle that states that all aspects of life should be viewed and reevaluated through the lens of Marxism its core tenant is that morality is a social construct entirely and there really are no absolute truth it was meant to encourage the young to view the West with a critical eye questioning all traditional teachings and our shared sense of morality if there is no absolute truth then why should one accept the teachings of their culture or the long-standing traditions and when each individual has a different set of moral standards and there's no uniting sense of moral duty a complete breakdown of a nation social fabric is all been inevitable Antonio Graham she was a key figure in 20th century Western Marxism he wrote thousands of pages of Marxist instructional literature while he was in prison and in these prison notebooks correctly explains that in order for workers to unite which was the objective of the Olin and Marxist first institutions need to be subverted the long march through institutions working against the established institutions while working within them but not simply by boring from within rather by doing the job learning how to program and recompute how to teach at all levels of education how to use the mass-media how to organize production how to recognize in a shoe planned obsolescence how to design etc and at the same time preserving one's own consciousness and working with others so basically a Marxist needs to infiltrate all Western institutions by learning how they work for the sole purpose of exploiting and undermining them all the while quietly preserving the tenets of Marxism the West is guilty of genocide 'el crimes against every civilization and culture it has encountered American and Western civilization of the world's greatest repositories for racism sexism xenophobia anti-semitism fascism and nazism American society is oppressive evil and undeserving of loyalty I think the revolutionary destruction of society is the one and only solution a worldwide overturning of values cannot take place about the annihilation of the old values in a creation of the new ones by the revolution and gram show you who we just discussed said quote the Western world has been thoroughly saturated with Christianity for two thousand years any country grounded in judeo-christian values cannot therefore be overthrown until those roots are cut but to cut the roots to change the culture a long march through the institution's is necessary only then will power fall into our laps like ripened fruit the Saudi clearly stated objective of the Frankfurt School subvert Western culture by infiltrating media Hollywood literature art and academia and when the chaos overtakes the stability of the nuclear family and other core Western values there will be pervasive government dependence and communism or socialism can be erected Marxist were already successful once they permeated academia which happened the very second the Columbia University became a safe haven for the Frankfurt School they were able to write influential literature teach courses and train other professors in critical theory and other methods that are effective in initiating a complete societal collapse it was during this period that we saw encouragement of sexual liberation that we saw the nuclear family be disparaged in film and literature and that men were painted as irredeemable inherently oppressive abusers the marxist influence in film literature art and academia quickly erode the wholesome mentality of previous generations in favor of pessimism towards marriage towards men and more generally towards Western culture in our generations your average person just wanted to get a stable job be with a nice lady and have a quiet life with a happy family this was the breath of the middle-class Marxist knew that if they destroyed the traditional family the middle-class would come undone completely they knew that with sexual liberation and the death of marriage there would be children out of wedlock that needed support and in the absence of fathers the state would have to step in although there were many tactics employed this particular objective was largely achieved through no-fault divorce laws because of a lack of social responsibility to stay with your family and in fact a financial incentive for women to get divorced an entire industry of folks in the business of stripping men of their wealth was created establishing new branches of our labor and legal infrastructure rooted in cultural cynicism specifically as it pertains to marriage and a family horrible custody disputes and to own families were the direct and intended result children is split between their homes often bribed with consumer goods by their guilt-ridden parents and then because both parties now must work the kids are put in daycare or public schools where their values are formed and established by the federal government and academics which we know are overwhelmingly Marxist it was such a slow burn that no one even seemed to notice Millennials have never experienced any other phase in our country's history and also are woefully ignorant of world history all we were taught in schools was the horror of Nazism and communism was largely skipped over just check out this NYU professor and the absolute tizzy she has worked herself into while protesting Gavin McInnes I don't think we feel right then your mind is not near here you can get there fast imagine they are going to be painful coming from asbestos ha ha am I dreaming this is an NYU professor NYU that is purportedly a good school and also is very very expensive if professors like this are administering your education you have just come out of a school with a worthless piece of paper that only indicates that you've been indoctrinated and now you have two hundred and forty thousand dollars of student loan debt that will not get paid off because no one wants to hire a whining crybaby Marxist with no skill set and a strong sense of entitlement so this is why I say the left has won the culture war until we can take back higher institutions of learning the mainstream media and Hollywood conservatives can hold every position of power in the federal government and it does not matter doesn't matter it is the influence especially over the young that we need so thank you for watching check out my video tomorrow on how we can take back our culture and I'll see you then bye

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  1. Blonde: I agree with what you say but I thought communism was over after the collapse of the Soviet States in 1989. For the past 20 years in New Zealand I have witnessed the global agenda unfold with its 'free' trade and union bashing. I would hesitate to call it communism.

  2. You will never win against the globalists the globalist is a Judeo/western product it was made from you by you to you it was custom made for you this new culture is taking over all over the world from Asia to America and the only people who could resist it fight it and kill it are the Muslims Islam is the last stronghold and the safe haven of warriors we will liberate the world from this madness so convert now and win this world and the after life or die with the jews and their gentiles
    Allahu Akbar God is the Greatest

  3. JP Morgan funded the Jewish Bolshevik revolution and used communist slaves in genocidal gulags to mine gold and other minerals via no bid contracts. Communism is the international system of slavery run by crony capitalists. "The goal of socialism is communism" -Lenin.

  4. I was born in 81, and I saw the humble beginnings of Marxism in my elementary schools in Wa State. Climate change, over filled landfills, deforestation, the Ozone layer, were just a few of the mandated subjects in science we had to learn. The other big thing that happened is the promotion of behavioral sciences that gave us nice purple social studies books and a class that had to be included for the class years, all the way up to HS; we also were forced to take a baking and cooking class in High School, while only the girls had the option of taking body sculpting classes most likely to get outta P.E. I saw it change drastically for the few I knew in grades below me, however, lucky for the schools, cliques from higher grades rarely socializes with those in lower grade levels.

    I'm glad you made it through Miss Blondie.

  5. Sad thing is that Marxism makes people ignorant, deeply and profoundly marginally useful idiots. It destroys Communism ultimately even Chinese Communist supported Democrat Party Marxist Capitalistic/Communism! Globalist Totalitarian RINOs very much allied by greed w/Chinese Communist!

  6. If there is no absolute truth, then that is an absolute truth and logically anyone has just contradicted themselves. Liberals are insane

  7. Ever notice how they never transcribed Hitler's speeches? We talked about Starving Russians and grainhouses of seed stock in an ethics class and the professor never went into why the famine happened and how it was engineered. Totally unethical to skip that portion.

  8. Marxism needs victims to thrive. It always fills a spiritual vacuum though. Christianity is it's antidote. A nation heavily influenced by Christianity can't be heavily influenced by Marxism. Do you want to be saved?

    1.Realize you're a sinner. "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God." (Romans @)

    2. Realize the penalty for sin. "For the wages of sin is death…" (Romans @a) "…All liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death." (Revelation 21:8)

    3. Believe Jesus died and rose again for you. "Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; and that he was buried, and he rose again the third day…" (1Cor. 15:3-4)

    4. Trust Christ alone as your Saviour. "And brought them out, and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved? "And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house." (Acts @-31) "But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." (Romans @b)

    Sadly, most professing Christians are unsaved because they partially trust Christ plus something else, usually their good deeds, which leaves them unsaved. Those that trust in Christ alone as their sin bearer are saved.

  9. I'm honestly not that worried that socialism will take over any niche in America outside of colleges and universities. It's just a bit difficult to believe that the college kids we see screaming their lungs out in support of socialism will ever be in any post-college positions in which they hold a great deal of power. There just aren't a whole lot employers interested in hiring over-educated, under-skilled, high-maintenance individuals with degrees in gender studies who are likely to sue you because you expect them to work for a paycheck. And SJW themselves don't like to scream nearly as loudly when they find themselves in an environment where individuals on the other side can actually voice their own opinions.

  10. It's amazing to me that some people exist in such a conspiratorial world as to think there is a cabal spanning most of first world modernity and all run from a secret set of doctrines birthed in a prison cell…. No wonder politics is as irrational as it is.

  11. We can only operate constructively outside the dominance of tribalism by becoming more conscious, individually. If we don't engage with that process we will continue to behave from a stunted ego whose highest aspiration is the survival of the group, and lowest the survival of the gross individual.

  12. We can only operate constructively outside the dominance of tribalism by becoming more conscious, individually. If we don't engage with that process we will continue to behave from a stunted ego whose highest aspiration is the survival of the group, and lowest the survival of the gross individual.

  13. We can only operate constructively outside the dominance of tribalism by becoming more conscious, individually. If we don't engage with that process we will continue to behave from a stunted ego whose highest aspiration is the survival of the group, and lowest the survival of the gross individual.

  14. We can only operate constructively outside the dominance of tribalism by becoming more conscious, individually. If we don't engage with that process we will continue to behave from a stunted ego whose highest aspiration is the survival of the group, and lowest the survival of the gross individual.

  15. great desription & its fantastic going to countries like Philippines and Thailand and seeing nationalism, strong family ties and values and a belief that its families that take care of their elders and not the government

  16. Very very informative! Thank you so much, and yes our social cohesion is being destroyed quite quickly.

  17. The online aspect of the culture war is moving towards the conservative end & more kids are starting to grow up with conservative opinions, even things like dank memes joke at the expense of communism/Marxism. So there’s hope for reason yet

  18. Can she back any of this up with legitimate documentation or confessions from a spy?

    I'm open to this having truth, but can a connection between communism and the Frankfurt school actually be demonstrated?

  19. That NYU Professor defines the term ideologically possessed. If the communists do take over , people like her will be made Commissars. Scary.

  20. The interesting link between the Nazis (National Socialists in long form) and the Communists, is that Hitler believed he was bringing Socialism to Germany, so he was working from Karl Marx's ideas!

  21. "Destroy what you cannot control" is their motto. Their end goal is not a "workers' paradise". Their end goal is nihilism, no values, no life. They are fuelled by resentment and vengeance. They hate life and want to destroy all life. The only reason they don't commit suicide is spite.

  22. Youre giving marxists all the credit for these events without even one mention of the true culprit: 

    Rock and Roll music.

  23. I have come to the conclusion that the world should be run by intelligent beautiful young women such as youself.

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